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Lennie Tristano centenary events at Berklee

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Evidently Lee Konitz was supposed to attend but won’t be coming. For Boston-area and New England board members who might be interested, here’s the schedule:

Presentations by Eunmi Shim and Neil Olmstead
“The Life and Music of Lennie Tristano
Monday, March 25, 1-3pm
Berk Recital Hall (1140 Boylston Street, Boston)

Presentation by Lewis Porter
“How Lennie Learned to Play ‘Out’: the ‘Avant-Garde’ side of Tatum and other pianists before Tristano”
Tuesday, March 26, 1-3pm 
Berk Recital Hall (1140 Boylston Street, Boston)

Conversation with David Liebman* and Jimmy Halperin
*Berklee Global Jazz Institute Artist in Residence 
“Tristano’s Teaching” 
Tuesday, March 26, 7-8pm
Media Center Lab at Stan GetzLibrary, Room 106 (150 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston)

Conversation with Dave Frank and Jimmy Halperin
“Tristano’s Influence”
Wednesday, March 27, 1-3pm
Red Room at Cafe 939 (939 Boylston Street, Boston)

Performance by Dave Frank and Jimmy Halperin
Wednesday, March 27, 7-8pm
Oliver Colvin Recital Hall (1140 Boylston Street, Boston)

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