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How To: Setting up a Blindfold Test


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We have had some requests for a written directions for preparing the Blindfold Tests.  **UPDATED May 3, 2024**

Setting up a blindfold test: Choose your songs, and rip them to MP3 or record them to a CD-R.

CD-R:  This will automatically strip the song info and is the easiest way.  Then mail the disc (I will provide my mailing address on request via a private message).

MP3:  Please strip the song info (metadata) so the songs are not identifiable to the listener.  You can do this in most MP3 management programs (iTunes), or you can use a tag stripper (that’s the name of the program).  I check them before I share them, but if you strip them first, I get to take the test.  If you don’t, I can’t.

Please name the tracks in the following manner:  bftxxx-01.mp3, bftxxx-02.mp3, etc.  No spaces, please add zeroes before track numbers 1-9.  This is so they will appear in the correct order in the online player.  If you don’t do this, I have to rename the files or the test doesn’t play in the correct order.  It sounds like a small thing, but it is actually quiet time consuming.  This really isn't to make anyone's life harder, it just allows for easier management of the data.

Getting me your MP3 files.  You can always send me a disc with your tracks.  Alternatively, if you're comfortable with ftp, you can upload them directly to my server.  The other option is you can use a file transfer host such as dropbox.  Please note, if you choose this option, you need to provide me an explicit list to download your test (not individual tracks, the WHOLE test, and the link must be direct -- I've gotten viruses from DL sites and I'm not interested in playing search games to find the link, sorry if that seems harsh, but thems the rules). 

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Here are some instructions from my side of the Blindfold Test administration. 

Two weeks before your Blindfold Test is set to start, please send a private message to Thom Keith (tkeith) about how you are going to get your music to him. 

On the first day of the month in which you are presenting your Blindfold Test, post a thread called Blindfold Test __(with your BFT number there) Access and Discussion. Then post the link that Thom gives you in the first post on the thread. 

On the last day of the month post a new thread titled Blindfold Test __(your number) Reveal. Then provide the answers. Please do not do this until the last day of the month. Many members post their comments in the last few days of the month, so do not get impatient.

it is better to have a Blindfold Test of 80 minutes or less, the length of one CD-R. The members seem to get somewhat overwhelmed by more music. Save the rest of your ideas past 80 minutes for next year’s Blindfold Test.

Your musical content is up to you. I have noticed that some variety in styles of music seems to be appreciated.

if you ever have other questions about your Blindfold Test presentation, Thom Keith and I are happy to answer them in private messages. 

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