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Blindfold Test REVEAL: Sept. 2022


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     Blindfold Test REVEAL: Organissimo Sept. ’22


     1. Barbados (Charlie Parker) -1/31/57, J.J. Johnson DIAL JJ5 

         (JJ Johnson/BobbyJaspar/Tommy Flanagan/Wilbur Little/Elvin Jones)

     2. Moonlight in Vermont (Suessdorf/Blackburn) -5/13/59, Lee Konitz MEETS JIMMY GIUFFRE

         (Lee Konitz/Hal McKusick/Warne Marsh/Ted Brown/

          Jimmy Giuffre/Bill Evans/BuddyClark/Stan Free)

     3. Milestones (Miles Davis) -3/14/61, Walter Bishop Jr MILESTONES 

         (Walter Bishop,Jr/Jimmy Garrison/G.T. Hogan)

     4. Where or When (Rodgers) -’54, Lucky Thompson ACCENT ON TENOR 

         (LuckyThompson/Billy Taylor/Oscar Pettiford/Osie Johnson)

     5. Poinsettia (Andrew Hill) -8/1/69, Andrew Hill MOSAIC SELECT

         (Benny Maupin/Andrew Hill/Ron Carter/Mickey Roker plus strings)

     6. Bacon and Eggs (Goldsmith) -’65, Walt Dickerson IMPRESSIONS OF ‘A PATCH OF BLUE’

         (Walt Dickerson/Sun Ra/Bob Cunningham/Roger Blank)

     7. The Queen (Dick Griffin) -’79, Dick Griffin NOW IS THE TIME

         (Dick Griffin/Clifford Jordan/Bill Saxton/Don Smith/Hubert Eves/

          Calvin Hill/Billy Hart/Freddie Waits/Laurence Killian)

     8. September 23rd (Billy Bang) -3/8/88, Billy Bang VALVE NO. 10

         (Billy Bang/Frank Lowe/Sirone/Dennis Charles)

     9. Afro Blue (Mongo Santamaria) -5/23/02, Roy Haynes LOVE LETTERS

         (John Scofield/Dave Holland/Roy Haynes)

   10. The Wedding (Abdullah Ibrahim) -’76, Abdullah Ibrahim THE MOUNTAIN

         (Abdullah Ibrahim/Carlos Ward/Ricky Ford/Charles Davis/

          Dick Griffin/Cecil McBee/David Williams/Ben Riley)

   11. Soft and Furry (Johnny Griffin) -2/7/61, Johnny Griffin THE LITTLE GIANT 

         (Johnny Griffin/Julius Watkins/Bill Lee/Larry Gales/Ben Riley)

   12. Gulf Coast Groove (Hugh Ragin) -10/19/01, Hugh Ragin FEEL THE SUNSHINE

         (Hugh Ragin/Assif Tsahar/Craig Taborn/Jaribu Shahib/Tanni Tabbal/Bruce Cox)

   13. Nocturne (Ralph Burns) -10/6/55, Ralph Burns PERPETUAL MOTION

         (Joe Newman/Billy Byers/Jim Buffington/Bill Barber/Davey Schildkraut/

          Herbie Mann/Danny Bank/Ralph Burns/Milt Hinton/Osie Johnson)

   14. Little Rabbit Blues (Johnny Hodges) -6/26/57, Johnny Hodges THE BIG SOUND 

         (Ray Nance/Clark Terry/Quentin Jackson/John Sanders/Britt Woodman/

          Johnny Hodges/Russell Procope/Jimmy Hamilton/Harry Carney/

          Billy Strayhorn/Jimmy Woode/Sam Woodyard)

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