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Best Digital Sheet Music Subscription Service?


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Do any of the musicians on the board subscribe to a sheet music service? I'm interested in hearing your experience with Nkoda, Virtual Sheet Music, Sheet Music Direct, Musicnotes, 8notes or other similar services. I will always look for caring, sharing people, but sometimes it would be nice to have one place to go for accurate, well-printed and transposable (!!!) titles. Thanks in advance.


Eastman AR810CE-SB (my current #1 tool for mangling jazz) 

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I arrange for sheet music direct! That's like being a self published poet.

Muscore is the one I would recommend, with some reservations. They have a huge active community and a ton of good quality user created scores, everything from lead sheets to ensemble and big band charts. The price is reasonable, and they often run special discounts on the subscription, but be aware that you are only able to freely download the user generated scores, the 'Official Scores' of which there are many, still cost a few bucks each.

For me the great advantage of Muscore is all the scores are downloadable into the muscore app, which is the best non-professional notation software out there for my money(it's free), where you can transcribe, edit, etc all very easily. 

My tip: don't sign up right away if you are going to. Go to the site several times over the course of a week and you will notice the price they are offering for the subscription goes down. You should be able to get it for just $50 or 60 for the year if you are patient.

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