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  1. Florida woman sues Kraft for $5M, saying Velveeta shells & cheese takes longer to prepare than packaging claims
  2. Lyrics by Margo Guryan, Bob Brookmeyer's ex. Nutty by Sara Serpa and Ran Blake.
  3. Man dancing on top of 18-wheeler knocked off and killed when truck drives under bridge
  4. Nah. It means you're the sheriff around these parts.
  5. The National Park Service wants humans to stop licking this toad
  6. Today is Bandcamp Friday. For Chrissakes, buy something! https://destinyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/plainsong
  7. Nose Picking Could Increase Risk for Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  8. Italy, eh? He wouldn't be one of these guys, would he?
  9. So what happened when you contacted to Migliori's widow?
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