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Radio still has the greatest reach.

GA Russell

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6 hours ago, Ken Dryden said:

I don't know if WCMU is a joint licensee with a local public TV station, but that kind of crap happens a lot. Local programming is sacrificed and they either run repeats from earlier in the day or rebroadcast audio from TV programs. A great way to turn off donors to radio. I have never supported the local public TV station, they've pulled too many stunts, including trying to sneak around us to get the university to give us away o them. It would have been an idiotic move, as the broadcast frequency alone is worth a small fortune.

When I was a kid CMU also ran the TV station, probably they still do but I haven't had a TV in so long now I'm not sure.

I was mistaken that they pulled ALL music programing; there is still some on the weekend. Even so this is a massive change.

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