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Blue Lake In Session

Lazaro Vega

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Hi Gang,

A couple of recent live recording sessions from our studios here in the Manistee National Forest at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.

On November 14, 2023 The Bridge, a transatlantic network for jazz and creative music, brought Cancel Rescue Mission to the radio station. With Corey Wilkes trumpet, electronics and a table full of sound makers; Justin Dillard with his signature sounding Hammond SKX and a couple of smaller keyboards, as well as a vocal interface, representing for Chicago. Then from France there is Quentin Biardeau on tenor saxophone and synthesizer; and Etienne Ziemnaik, drums. At one point, you will hear excerpts of Hubert Reeves discussing The Big Bang (in French) as well as a sample of Saul Williams’ poem “A Toast to All People.” And we speak to the musicians.

Here’s the link: https://bluelake.ncats.net/ondemand/Studio%20Performances-Cancel%20Rescue%20Mission-0-2023114.mp3

On October 17, 2023 pianist Mara Rosenbloom was lead in getting the New York based collective XXE into the station, with Gabby Fluke-Mogul on violin and Tcheser Holmes on drums. Fluke-Mogul studied under Roscoe Mitchell at Mills College and is a Roulette 2023 Jerome Artist in Residence, and Tcheser Holmes is percussionist for the band Irreversible Entanglements. Hearing the trio play shorter pieces is unlike the majority of their performances that usually stretch, uninterrupted, for up to an hour. And it was good to speak to all three musicians.

Here’s the link:



Thanks for listening!

Lazaro Vega, producer and host

Steve Albert, engineer

Thanks to Dave Postma Piano Tuning of Hudsonville, Michigan.


Jazz From Blue Lake airs Monday through Friday beginning at 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. eastern time via https://www.bluelake.org/listen


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