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  1. Mosaic website discographies

    You can find the NKCT sessionography, as copied from the Mosaic set, here: This was created using my Brian program. Steve Albin
  2. Data Base for lp/cd

    Hi, I'm new to Organissimo. I received an email telling me that there was discussion of my program, Brian, on this forum so I decided to check it out. I see that Brian has been mentioned in this thread, but that is geared toward discography. I have another program, Beyond Category, that is more geared to inventory. It works similar to Brian and has many of the same features. Details can be found at my website, The main point of my post is to let everyone know that I will be happy to support anyone that wants to get started using either of my programs. I admit they are not as intuitive as some simple programs. Part of the reason is that I'm not an expert at developing a user interface. But I think the main reason is that the programs handle a lot of information - these programs are not for a casual user. They are for someone that is detail oriented. OK, your wife may call it anal retentive - but I digress! :-) I have no financial incentive to plug these programs. They are both free for non-commercial use. I wrote them for my own use and enjoy sharing them with others. Steve Albin