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  1. If I could only remember my name is THE rock record of my youth, I still think is the best record of the so-called west coast sound after 45 years. Maybe there are more important records from an historical perspective, but none of them are so enjoyable like IICORMN. edit: and probably one of the best sounding records of the period.
  2. Very happy for Demon’s Dance, if I will remember to buy in October 😊
  3. I started re-read what I could call my personal western canon: Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Flaubert, Kafka, Conrad, Fitzgerald, Stevenson, Dickens, Mann, Melville, Musil, Simenon, Shakespeare and some more I forgot at the moment, plus some Italian writers. I read all of them in my youth. In general the more I get older better should be the novels. This is the fiction I can read now, that a part I read history.
  4. Yes, in my youth, but I think it had more to do with the fact I owned few records back then.
  5. Do you think it has something to do with the flu that stormed the team the last days? Griezmann and others, Dembele ecc, seemed out of gas .
  6. Yes , it would have needed the greatest screenwriter to imagine a story like this.
  7. I am a consumer, so I like the Ludwig Van’ Ninth in a consumer way: the second movement after the first and the choral after the third.
  8. Politic a part, I tend to think that boundaries, (producers, budgets, clients, market, ecc,) usually saved ART from self indulgent egotistic artists.
  9. Tal Farlow – The Swinging Guitar Of Tal Farlow Japan
  10. Great tune, can’t say it for the Martini Charlie Haden’s Always Says Goodbye is a noir tribute to noir movies
  11. Duke Pearson’s After The Rain is a perfect noir theme. Sorry I am unable to post the link from my cell.
  12. Yep, I bought a dozen of Jamal original pressings for almost nothing compared to BN, Prestige Riverside, ecc. . Argo’s Jazztett was ridiculous cheap as well.
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