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  1. Thrasher Sisters with Gerald Wilson

    Thanks, Paul, for your interesting lead. I don't know if there is a link to the Drifters but who knows ? Billboard (October 31, 1942; easily searchable like all early Billboard-magazines through books.google) mentions a radio show from Cincinnati with "the Three Thrasher Sisters (Mary, Betty and Dolores), who swing out harmoniously on a sound arrangement of Idaho." I am quite sure these ARE the vocalists heard on the Wilson-recordings.
  2. While gathering some information on the fascinating sessions issued on Maury Rappoport's Rex-Hollywood label (not Roger Kay's New York "Rex" label), I stumbled over a really puzzling entry in Jan Evensmo "History of the Tenor Sax, 1945-49": 4 tracks by Ray Vazquez and his Be-Boppers on Rex 25099 (Snake Ron / Clutching Hand) and Rex 26000 (Jinnies Packard / Home Run) - allegedly with Lucky Thompson (or, unlikely, Walter Benton) on ts. Has anyone ever heard these ? Were they ever re-issued on LP / CD ? Any info sheding light on this enigmatic date is very welcome !
  3. Ray Vazquez and his Be-Boppers

    Thanks, Niko ! Great source I wasn't aware of at all. Things get clearer - and, in addition, it confirms and adds to the liner-notes on the Onyx-LP about the kind of crook that Maury Rappoport must have been - albeit a crook also running that fascinating fly-by-night Rex-Hollywood label besides his other shadier jobs ...
  4. Ray Vazquez and his Be-Boppers

    Good luck with your turntable, Chuck ! Ortega would have been around 20 - he may well have been with the band - rather than Walter Benton who was some 3 years younger.
  5. Ray Vazquez and his Be-Boppers

    Thanks, Chuck, for the quick reply ! If you ever play it again, I wonder how BIG the band approximately is. Could there be any link to Roy Porter's session for Rex since both Dolphy and Ortega had the same teachers ? If it's Ortega this would be (possibly) his first records ! Makes it even more fascinating !
  6. Chronological Classics

    Anyone with a dime to spare - and an empty store-room - might be interested in this e-bay item 380133246426
  7. Found a near mint copy of Mel Lewis' "Got' cha", (San Francisco) Jazz Records 2 today for 15 bucks. Wow - what a great LP. Sounds WAY superior compared with the blurred sounds from the Spanish hack-job CD I bought years ago...
  8. Arnold Ross

    ... you're not living in the past - but you're listening to some truly fine pianists that deserve to be better known ! There are lots of GREAT Arnold Ross solos - just try his session with Benny Carter for Keynote to mention ONE of my favorites !
  9. Clarence Profit: Early Bebopper and Great Pianist

    Did you find the Merritt-LP ? If you did: Lucky you ! If that's not the one, I wonder which LP you refer to
  10. Clarence Profit: Early Bebopper and Great Pianist

    My Dad loved Nat Cole, Tatum, etc. and always told me about Clarence and how ahead of his time he was. I think I may have something on a comp but that's it. How much is available? Besides the Merritt-LP (produced by Jerry Valburn) and the CD on Memoir (which I had never seen) Profit recorded with Teddy Bunn and several Washboard Bands in the early 30's; see discographies - and these tracks are on various CDs. In addition, Profit composed "Lullaby in Rhythm" with his buddy Edgar Sampson in 1938.
  11. Clarence Profit: Early Bebopper and Great Pianist

    As much as I like Profit - I would not label him "early bebopper". Clyde Hart sure was ! Profit's playing (based on the few records he made) reminds a bit of the solos Jimmy Jones made for Wax - albeit almost a decade later !
  12. Clarence Profit: Early Bebopper and Great Pianist

    I also love him very much ! Actually, I like the two solos on Columbia 35378 (specially "I Didn't Know...") even better than his extraordinary trio recordings. Great records that hardly anyone bought at the time - it took me several years to find all four 78's from 1939/40 - and Profit is unduly forgotten today !
  13. Chronological Classics

    Unfortunately no: I wish I knew more. From what I gather there are law cases pending. I reiterate what I wrote here before: Buy the Classics you see and like now !
  14. Chronological Classics

  15. Walter Strerath

    His "Trio-Quartet-Quintet"-LP from 1969 sold on German e-bay for the measly sum of Euros 1412.- on January 9, 2009 This should also go into "E-bay Madness"...
  16. Chronological Classics

  17. Can anyone help ?

    A few days ago, I picked this 78 up at a rummage sale for free. It's no jazz - but a fairly pleasant female cabaret singer accompanied by a small combo. Matrix in wax is B-1211-1 and B-1251-1; embossed "Made in China". Can anyone tell me what the labels say so I may search the internet ? Thank you all !
  18. Can anyone help ?

    Niko, Thanks for your kind reply ! The song title (as translated by your colleague) makes me wonder whether the singer in question was some sort of Eastern Mae West Well, the hint to the page from the Philippines may be helpful - but yet another language to learn...
  19. Can anyone help ?

    Thanks for the tip ! Brian Rust's very useful "American Record Label Book" (1978) mentions Pathé and it's American & British companies controlled thorugh subsidiaries in detail on pp. 236-243 - but again no further clue as to a Chinese branch (which it was as the record seems to have been pressed in China).
  20. Can anyone help ?

    Thanks for the hint: Have tried it before - same here
  21. Can anyone help ?

    Thanks for all replies ! So far - so sketchy: It is now clear that the record in question is indeed a Chinese Pathé; found the info in the blog http://hajimaji.wordpress.com/ - I never even knew there WERE Chinese Pathés Does anyone know of a Pathé-label discography similar to the works of Ruppli ? Obviously, that would solve my little mystery.
  22. *****Lester Young Corner*****

    I am sure it's Flip Phillips: Both, in the first bit alongside Prez and Willie Smith as well as in the short segment with Krupa.
  23. Carmen McRae

    I have always loved the two sessions Carmen McRae's made for Bethlehem in 1954. Recently, I picked up a CD which includes several alternate-takes that were new to me. The alternates of "You Made Me Care" and " Last Time For Love" differ considerably from the takes on the 10''-inch LP: Who plays the wonderful and impressive (Harmon-muted) trumpet legatos ? Influenced by Dizzy - but it's not him. Does anyone know who it is ?
  24. Carmen McRae

    Ted, Thank you very much for asking Ted Ono: This makes sense as Bethlehem (nor any other record-company) recorded in "real" Stereo in 1954. If the trumpet parts were indeed dubbed in at a later date, this was done in a very clever manner. And yes: The question remains unanswered...
  25. Carmen McRae

    Ted, Thanks for your response. I ask here because Lord/Bruyninckx are definitely not precise here: There IS a trumpet on the alt.-takes. Incidentally, I'd say the "unknwon" vbs is Joe Roland (who also played clarinet) - but did he play trumpet ? I doubt it's him on the alt.-takes mentioned.