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  1. these are very nice, cosmetically very good; sound is really excellent. They don't have a lot of hours on them, as I have upgraded to a higher end of the same brand, Omega (the guy lives in Connecticut and makes excellent speakers) - at this price there is very little out there that is comparable - $400 plus shipping in the USA. My paypal is allenlowe5@gmail.com
  2. "staggeringly glorious work" - Leo Murphy, KKUP (Cupertino, Ca) Order yours before this goes to my head and I do a Kafka thing and throw all the CDs in the fire.
  3. AllenLowe


    I have grave doubts that Dolphy, who I do believe was playing with those guys, really said that. It sounds too much like the kind of things that anti-modernists fantasize that avant gardists really say in private. Dolphy was too dedicated to what he was doing, IMHO, to act as though it was all a pose. I wonder if it was in his Chico Hamilton days. But I don't know if Hamilton worked for Granz.
  4. yeah, I figured that out and even watched a few minutes. I'll take the original Dead, stoned out of their minds and drinking Owsley's Kool-aid, over these guys any day.
  5. reminds me of a Nipsey Russell routine about working a tough joint in Harlem where they would take an intermission "to pull out the dead and wounded."
  6. "Joe Russo's Almost Dead"- this guy stole my moniker. Actually, it's bad writing - are they saying that Joe Russo is "almost dead;" or. are they saying that the name of Russo's band is "Almost Dead"? Seriously, this is how semi-literate people get themselves in trouble.
  7. well, it's an early idea of swing - interviews with early New Orleans players tend to describe the early idea of jazz as speeding things up - this is the best sounding Europe CD, I think: https://www.amazon.com/Product-Our-Souls-Europes-Orchestra/dp/B07DW38S4F/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2J9MB2PAZFTP5&keywords=james+reese+europe&qid=1679018445&s=music&sprefix=james+reese+europe%2Cpopular%2C93&sr=1-1
  8. great minds - I have been listening to this same CD this week for a New Orleans project I am working on. the difficulty in figuring all of this out is that there are so few true early black bands that recorded - and when they did record early on they usually could not use actual drums because of the limits of early technology - on the other hand (and this is probably an unpopular suggestion) listen the the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, which did have drums, and imagine, probably correctly, that they were doing what black bands were doing - or listen to James Reese Europe, whose drummer Buddy Gilmore was swinging like mad on some of those 1913 recordings. As for stride, yes, important, but notice how radically different James P.'s time is, compared to his playing before and after Armstrong. As for Patton and his ilk, these guys were regularly playing for dancers, and time was everything. And I agree they really swung, if in a somewhat different way than jazz musicians. Check this out: and:
  9. sorry I missed this; yes, ESP has it set up at: Allenloweesp.bandcamp.com
  10. American the Rough Cut ESPDISK single CD, $16 shipped media USA allenlowe5@gmail.com the book, Letter to Esperanza. $25 shipped media, USA allenlowe5@gmail.com In the Dark, 3 CDs $27.50 shipped media USA allenlowe5@gmail.com individual prices as marked - all 3 for $60 shipped media USA this will all be ready by April 1 allenlowe5@gmail.com email me with any questions
  11. I have three major projects coming out as I have mentioned here ad nauseum: In the Dark, a 3 CD set with every musician I know: Ken Peplowsi, Lewis Porter, Aaron Johnson, Kelin Hannas, Brian Simontacchi, Lisa Parrott, me, etc etc. I can say forthrightly that this set is, compositionally and playing wise, as good as anything that's been out of late; these musicians, maybe not poll-winners, are masterful at combining the arts of chord-based improvisation with open playing, and our fusion of same is completely unique. These are all originals. Anthony Braxton has said of me that "Allen Lowe is an American master. He is the tradition, and one of the few musicians doing anything new." Larry Gushee commented "Allen Lowe has reinvented free jazz," and Kalaparusha said "Allen Lowe is a great composer." And John Szwed commented: “Allen Lowe is a genius! His work is always full of wonder, the excitement of discovery, and humor. I’m amazed by the energy and intelligence it takes to do this quantity of work at this level while on the margins of media and music. Yes, I know that the best work has always been done at the margins, by the so-called underground - Poe, Whitman, Monk, Harvey Pekar, Herbie Nichols, James Joyce, Sun Ra - but it’s still a surprise and a revelation whenever you find it.” If I had the money I would hire a publicist to do all this; but this is all me, self-produced and co-financed with ESP Disk, which is issuing all of these. So, next: America: The Rough Cut: A single CD of mostly American song forms. Remember everybody got mad at me when I said Allison Miller's group, good as it was, was clueless about being bluesy and funky? Well, here's a real answer to a lot of the jazz world, which is usually over-qualified when it come to playing roots music. This recording includes the incredible Kresten Osgood on drums, and the man I nominate as the best guitarist on the planet, Ray Suhy. Letter to Esperanza, or: The Goyim Will Not Replace Me: Looking for Tenure in All the Wrong Places This is my new book, which will be available in about 2-3 weeks. It is a collection of commentary on jazz, cultural appropriation, being a Jew (and dealing with, among other things, anti-Semitism), minstrelsy, the arts in general, academia, white and black country music (in collision with Rhiannon Giddens), rock and roll, and any other thing that has troubled me these last ten years. To avoid confusion, I will post pics of the projects on a separate thread here (if that's all right with the moderators) with pricing and specials. Thanks all, I know we have had some conflicts in the past, but any support you can offer will be appreciated. Though about two years ago I did not expect to still be here by now, I live on.
  12. I agree with Larry, there are a lot of pieces of it in that, at least rhythmically, mirror Donna Lee.
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