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  1. Chronological Classics

    Hi Swinging Swede, I can't add much to what you wrote. You put it all in a nutshell. Basically, it's very simple: How can you make ends meet when new issues of Classics (or any other CDs for that matter) pop up days (not weeks) after their release on notorious internet-sites where they can be downloaded for free ? With fully scanned booklets, of course... And yes, to the best of my knowledge, not even Gilles PĂ©tard knows exactly how to carry on. As I wrote here several times before, I'll let this forum know when there are NEWS not RUMOURS. Keep swinging !
  2. Chronological Classics

    Things with Classics are complicated - to say the least. It may be of interest that Abeille has an ongoing sale of older CDs at remarkably low prices: http://jazz.abeillemusique.com/result.php?...1&label=337 In case you missed the one or other early Classics - now's the time to fill gaps ! Since Classics 1380, the distributor is Nocturne - therefore the latest Classics issues are not on sale.
  3. Chronological Classics

    Jostber, Thanks for the useful list ! Just to avoid confusion: 1455 to 1459 have not yet been issued but were announced in the booklets of the previous batch.
  4. Chronological Classics

    1379 was the last CD of the "old school"-Classics
  5. Chronological Classics

    Is that 855 releases in the Jazz Chronological Classics series, or does it also include the Blues & Rhythm Series? The first batch of Classics-CDs (numbered 500-504) reached stores in December 1989. If my math is correct we're getting close to the 1000th issue ! And that's without the Blues&Rhythm-series, of course. I did not include the R'n'B series in my figures. The latest issued CD being #1455, and including the "Complementary Tracks" 3 CD-set that I had overlooked, I was nearly right. They issued a staggering 856 titles in the jazz series. More than 1000 issues if we include the R'n'B batch (I do not know what figure that series has reached.) Not that it matters much - but either you or me got that wrong: The first Classics was 500 - the latest 1454 (not 1455). That makes 955 issues in toto, doesn't it ? Not counting all B&R-issues. Not counting the single Classics -Sampler and the 3CD-Box with complimentary tracks.
  6. Chronological Classics

    Is that 855 releases in the Jazz Chronological Classics series, or does it also include the Blues & Rhythm Series? The first batch of Classics-CDs (numbered 500-504) reached stores in December 1989. If my math is correct we're getting close to the 1000th issue ! And that's without the Blues&Rhythm-series, of course.
  7. Keynote Discography

  8. Keynote Discography

    I have Keynote 665: Bill Darnell (vcl) acc. by Babe Russin (ts) Tommy Todd (p) Al Hendrickson (g) Jud De Naut (b) Jackie Mills (d), March 8, 1946. KWC10-5 Let's Fall in Love KWC11-3 Walkin' My Baby Back Home Was this really part of the Japanese LP-Box set ? Either way it's missing here.
  9. Chronological Classics

    I wonder how it's going with that. A number of OOP titles were reprinted quite some time ago, but has anything happened since then? By the way, even new Classics titles seem to be poorly distributed, unfortunately. Like many other labels, Classics is faced with THE threatening problem of the internet-age: Re-pressing CDs is a risky (if not foolish) task when more that a few of these show up on sites where they can be downloaded for free - booklets and all included... That's very frustrating - to say the least ! The same thing actually happened with several volumes of the Ellington- and Peterson-series which are still commercially available: The consequence is NOT that Classics stops business but things have to slow down a bit and changes will be made. As soon as I know more, I'll let you all know.
  10. Chronological Classics

    It's about time to let you all know the latest about Classics (Jazz Series): - 1425-1429 will be delivered within the next 7 days. - This info should be of interest: http://www.abeilleinfo.com/chronique.php?i...=5104&langue=fr Since it's in French - here's the essence: "Abeille"-music have bought Classics and will now act as distributor. They plan to make older CDs available again and eventually back-up the entire catalog ! As to what will be available when - discussions are on-going. But since distribution problems for new CDs are now resolved, Classics is able to return to its regular scheme of issuing 5 CDs a month. I hope this clarifies all sorts of rumors and is good news for those who feared the end of the label was near !
  11. Chronological Jazz Classics, are they ok?

    That Tom Archia-CD IS stunning: Extremely rare material - and (mostly) breathtaking music. One of Archia's most ardent admirers and among the first and foremost scholars researching his career was Otto Flueckiger who died on March 7, 2006. See http://hubcap.clemson.edu/~campber/rsrf.html for a lot of info on Archia as well as a humble tribute to Otto whom I've had the pleasure to know for many years. My thoughts are with his wife Trudy and family - and I am sure Otto would love to hear us all play that CD (loud !)
  12. Teagarden Presents record label

    Westy56, I've only got 11224 - and have never seen anything else on that label. Seems Big-T got involved with at least another short-lived and bizarre label: Viking - of which I have 104 (from January, '41) and I wonder whether any other jazz was recorded for this company that used a rather strange plastic(?)-based material for its semi-flexible pressings.
  13. Oscar Pettiford - Discoveries SJL 1172

    I don't know whether the LP was issued on American Savoy-CD but I have a copy of the French Vogue-Savoy Jazz VG 655 650142; issued in 1986.
  14. LPs that have never made it into CD

    I don't know if it's been mentioned - but one I just LOVE: Doc Horse (Al Pittman) with Sammy Price and his Bluesicians, Kapp-LP KS-3267. In case it's available on CD: Run and get it ! I think it's terrific from A to Z. Opinions anyone ?
  15. Al Casey dies

    Saddened to read this - yet it's good to know Al Casey does not have to suffer any longer. I first met Al Casey around 1982 in Zurich (got to know him better through Johnny Simmen) and visited him twice at his home on St. Nicholas Ave. in the mid-80's. We have exchanged Christmas-cards quite regularly 'til the late 90's. I feel honored to have known and met this humble and dapper gentlemen ! It's time to spin Bluebird 11324 - "Buck Jumpin'" - possibly Al's greatest record; although he did not to consider it anything special himself.
  16. Chronological Classics

    Classics 5139 includes 6 tracks for Specialty from 10/27/53, 3 from 4/16/54 and 6 from 9/28/54 - but it opens with 4 tracks from May 51 (Imperial) and 2 from 1952 (J-B) that are NOT on the CD you mention. Don't ask me about the transfer quality as I only know the Classics-issue which is as it is given the extreme rarity of some of the material...
  17. Chronological Classics

    Finally ! Classics 1380 to 1384 are pressed, printed and packed: They will be available in France from next week (July 11) on and subsequently abroad - depending on how fast distributors and shops order. Classics now resumes its monthly issue of 5 CDs ! (I am currently preparing notes for issues up to 1419) Since the hiatus lasted way too long, here's a run-down of the 5 CDs that are ready for dispatch: 1380: Dizzy 1953 1381: Bille Coleman 1952/53 1382: Eddie Lockjaw Davis 1948-53 1383: Billy Taylor (p) 1952/53 1384: Bechet 1952 and - as a "teaser" - the August-batch will include Norvo, Basie, Moody...
  18. Don Byas on Dimeadozen

    Has anyone else downloaded the puzzling 1944 Byas live-recordings from dimeadozen ? Although parts were previously issued on Caete-LP 2 a lot is completely new to me ! Incidentally, I doubt the presence of Lucky Thompson on the opening pair. The two tracks from the "Three Deuces" are quite amazing ! Opinions anyone ?
  19. Don Byas on Dimeadozen

    Pete, I'm no expert on Newman, either - but the stuff I know; i.e. the material issued on various Xanadu and Onyx-LP's (albeit without checking all albums just now) was recorded at Minton's in 1941. One noteworthy exception: Xanadu-LP 186 collates (outstanding !!!) recordings featuring Roy Eldridge, Willie Smith and the inevitable Herbie Fields that were recorded at Newman's home in November 1940. Yes, I think it's more likely than not that all of your Byas-torrent IS from Rosenkrantz-material - not least because the Danish baron has always had a crush on Byas' playing; he recorded him more often that others, I gather.
  20. Don Byas on Dimeadozen

    Hi Pete, Of course I know that this is also from your collection and I once again would like to thank you very, very much for opening your treasure-chest to all "mid-forties maniacs" ! Well, I don't think the first two are from Jerry Newman's; the "sound" and "atmosphere" seem quite different and I assume they ARE from 1944/45; i.e. slightly later than Newman's recordings at "Minton's" - however they might have been recorded by Newman at his home. On the other hand, Rosenkrantz may also be the "culprit" for these - I haven't got a clue. To be honest, I am more interested in who is actually playing than who had originally recorded these gems. And yes, I fully agree that a comprehensive treatment of all Rosenkrantz-items is a wish - but I'm afraid there is so much material in different vaults that it would never be possible to produce a "complete" set - if that were intended. The Erroll Garner-stuff is available, fortunately !
  21. Don Byas on Dimeadozen

    Dimeadozen is free and well worth trying. I got access to the search/download part about the 5th time I tried (all within an evening). IMHO the first part of the Byas-torrent is historically remarkable and well worth getting and includes this: Don Byas, Lucky Thompson (?) ts; Kirk Bradford as; Ted Brannon (?) p; Al Hall b; unknown d. Unknown venue, December 1944 1.Body & Soul 11:33 2.Cherokee 10:25 Don Byas ts; possibly Ed Hall (very unlikely him) or Tony Scott (could be !) cl; others unknown. Three Deuces, NYC, 1944 3. Whispering 4:47 4. Stardust 5:31 Don Byas ts; John Mehegan p. Timme Rosenkrantz’ apartment, NYC, 2 Sept 1944 5.Stardust/Memories of You/I Can't Get Started 10:40 Same date, but (definitely !) Jimmy Jones p. 6. My Ideal/Sweet Lorraine/Sweet & Lovely/ Don't Blame Me 18:37 5/6 were on Caete-LP 2 ! Quite a few discographical things remain unclear, I think, which is why I started this thread. I do not not question the importance of the other set with Clifford Jordan yet I am not specially fond of either Byas' nor Jordan's playing there; I think Kenny Drew was in great form that night, though !
  22. Don Byas Recommendations

    Slightly off-topic - but Byas, nevertheless: Has anyone else downloaded the puzzling 1945 Byas live-recordings from dimeadozen ? Parts were previously issued on Caete-LP 2 - but a lot is completely new to me ! Incidentally, I doubt the presence of Lucky Thompson on the first batch. Opinions anyone ?
  23. Chronological Classics

    Yes - eventually ! It may take some time to get oop titles back to stores again since issuing new CDs is considered a priority at this time ! Chuck, you could always p.m. a list of the titles you (and freinds you know of) miss most; this might help decided where to begin with.
  24. Chronological Classics

    Kalo - I wonder what you'll say once you see the forthcoming issues...