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  1. 1 hour ago, Big Beat Steve said:

    (Yes, that sets the yardstick high, but that is normal for this kind of documentary work and this only increases my admiration for Jepsen - the FIRST who ever had the stamina to get the entire alphabet covered for the post-war years. Quite a feat in those typewriter and file card days)

    Fully agreed.

    On all counts.

  2. Beautiful! I love Schobert's music more than Haydn or Mozart (who loved Schobert's pieces, much to his father's dismay, as Schobert was a competitor to Leopold Mozart's old friend from Augsburg, Johann Gottfried Eckard). Chamber music centered around the keyboard, with some lovely slow movements, and melodically superb menuets.

    20 minutes ago, soulpope said:

    How is this .... ?


  3. I pay $ 9.95 a month for access to Lord's database. The starting point definitely was Bruyninckx' disco. Considering the sheer number of jazz records, errors and omissions are inevitable. He would have to employ a whole staff of discographers to keep it updated, He must have volunteers, but there is no information on his site as to how this works. 

    He used some information from my discos; as long as he cites the source it is okay. If you want more detailed infor including composers etc, you will have to look for better sources, anyway.

    If you send him updates you should get at least a discount.

  4. Track 1: Northern Scandinavia, or inspired by choirs from this area?

    Track 2: Should be a Diz big band live track, with Chano Pozo? From 1948 then. Big Nick? Oop-Pap-A-Da. Wild.

    Track 3: Love it. No idea who it is, but I love this kind of singing.

    Track 4: Good, but not my thing. Nice guitarist. But the rhythm is boring.

    Track 5: I liked that kind of music when it was new, but in retrospect the rhythms/grooves have not aged well. In that type of music, Vince Montana should be the vibes player.

    Track 6: Girl Talk. Great way to play that tune. I'm curious who conceived that arrangement. California scene, I'd say. They should have given the bass player some room for variations.

    Track 7: Nice interlude. More, please.

    Track 8. No idea. Again: More, please. 


    re # 2: There are two live recordings from the 1948 European tour with that tune, Stockholm and Paris. Don't have the time to spin the LPs.

  5. I listened to Jimmy Smith's "Softly As A Summer Breeze" this morning, Connoisseur CD version from 1998. The sixth track is credited to Smith and titled "One For Philly Joe", but what is heard clearly is Horace Silver's "Home Cookin'". Strangely, the LP label of the original LP issue has it right. What went wrong here?



    Now this other CD issue has both titles:


    Comparing track lists of all issues listed on discogs shows that the Connoisseur CD is the only issue with the wrong title. Later issues had both. Who was messin' up?

  6. R-13423494-1553931604-8215.jpeg.jpgR-13423494-1553931605-3612.jpeg.jpg

    Probably a misattribution. The article that was to be published in 2005 still is pending, as is the sheet music. Experts say the style is from a later period than when Louis Marchand lived. The compser named is one "Monsieur de Charman(t)" ...... nothing is known of him. Still, good music, and excellently played.