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  1. 12 hours ago, bresna said:

    Nice CD but horribly packaged. Whoever thought that this would be work as a CD carrier, never tried using it repeatedly. Hey, cool, it opens like a Christmas present. Hmm... how do you put it back together and stick it onto a shelf? That little tip of cardboard doesn't seem to hold it closed.... better get it in a plastic sleeve. As an engineer, I don't like it when an art director foists such a poorly thought out package on us.

    My copy has a normal jewel case, but golden tinged. Seems they avoided the US packing extravagance.

  2. On 11.12.2020 at 9:20 PM, bertrand said:

    Do we have composer credits for the record on Palladium?


    That's all I could find out:


    Date: late 1960 to early 1961
    Location: New York City
    Label: United Artists
    The Latin Jazz Quintet

    Phil (Felipe) Diaz, The Latin Jazz Quintet (ldr), Eric Dolphy (f, bcl, as), Phil (Felipe) Diaz (vib), Arthur Jenkins (p), Bobby Rodriguez (b), Louie Ramirez (tim), Tommy Lopez (cga)

    a.   You're The Cutest One - 3:42(Composer Unknown)
    Blue Moon CDBMCD 3057 — Hot, Cool & Latin
    b.   Speak Low - 4:54(Kurt Weill, Ogden Nash)
    Blue Moon CDBMCD 3057 — Hot, Cool & Latin
    c.   I Got Rhythm - 2:37(George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin)
    Blue Moon CDBMCD 3057 — Hot, Cool & Latin
    d.   A Night In Tunisia - 3:51(Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Paparelli)
    e.   Cha Cha King - 2:34(Edvard Grieg)
    f.   I Wish I Were In Love Again - 3:03(Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart)
    Blue Moon CDBMCD 3057 — Hot, Cool & Latin
    g.   You Don't Know What Love Is - 4:04(Don Raye, Gene DePaul)
    Blue Moon CDBMCD 3057 — Hot, Cool & Latin
    h.   Lover - 2:46(Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart)
    i.   Mangolina - 2:08(Composer Unknown)
    j.   April Rain - 6:27(Felipe Diaz)
    Blue Moon CDBMCD 3057 — Hot, Cool & Latin
    All titles on: United Artists LP 12"UAL4071 — The Latin Jazz Quintet
    United Artists LP 12"UAS5071 — The Latin Jazz Quintet
    Mercury LP 12"(Jap) BT-5016 — Oh! Pharoah Speak
    Palladium LP 12"PLP-145 — The Latin Jazz Quintet
    Palladium CDPCD-145 — The Latin Jazz Quintet
    Bomba Records CDBOM 21005 — The Latin Jazz Quintet
    Gambit CD69315 — The Complete Latin Jazz Sides
    Phono Records CD870223 — The Complete Latin Jazz Sides

    Eric Dolphy (f) on b, d-f, h-j, (bcl) on a, c, f, (as) on d.

    Composer credits for three tracks on this album are spurious. Cha Cha King and Mangolina are credited to one Ford Knox, but the former clearly is an arrangement of In the Hall of the Mountain King (Norwegian: I Dovregubbens hall) by Edvard Grieg; the composer of the latter is unknown. You're the Cutest One is credited to Charles Darwin, which must be a put-on; one issue credits it to Conway Darwin, but this has to be confirmed; a Berdahl composition of the same name recorded by Fats Waller is a different tune.

    On 25.7.2013 at 0:02 AM, Al in NYC said:

    ..... the unknown Juan Amalbert .....

    Amalbert had quite a reputation besides the handful of record dates he played on. He was an important part of an Ellington broadway shown and was always mentioned with respect by his peers.

  3. On 9.12.2020 at 5:09 PM, GA Russell said:

    I get emails from oldies.com about those 10-CD sets weekly.  How is the sound?  Are we talking cheap junk here?

    This box does not contain anything that wasn't previously released on OJC or Verve CDs. Seems to be copied from these, sound is slighly inferior to them. But if you do not have any of it, it is a great bargain. I bought it for playing in the car.

    According to US law it shouldn't be sold there. Cardboard slipcases, no liner notes, partly wrong credits (as on the original issues).

  4. I wish Cuscuna would have reissued this Scott LP back to back with the Grrove Holmes LP with McCann, Pass, and Scott:



  5. 1 hour ago, porcy62 said:

    BTW it seems to me that even the more recent mono reissues sounds better with my mono cartridge, and my mono is less expensive by far then stereo. And sometimes I play stereo LPs with mono and it’s fun.

    Without damage to the smaller stereo grooves?

    I have some Japanese reissues cut with mono grooves, and it works fine with them, but these are marked on the label. Most may sound mono but are cut for stereo cartridges.

    Notice the mono signb in this Japanse reissue: