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  1. I have both. The AAM is excellent, but even Hogwood became more daring over the years as his knowleadge on historical performance practice increased. The British ensembles were a bit restrained - noble British conservatism - and still are, that is why Hogwood played with L'Arte dell'Arco in his last years. So they kind of are now where Hogwood would have gone had he lived longer. They have the Italian temperament the British always admired over the centuries but simply cannot have. Give them a try.

  2. These bonus tracks are not mentioned in Lord and were not in the Mosaic. But they seem to stick to the original LPs instead of completing the sessions :rolleyes: - two more tracks were recorded at that session that were in the Mosaic and on a later fourh Candid CD.  

  3. :tup

    1 hour ago, Dmitry said:

    Well, I set up the Grado Me+ late yesterday night, and had time to play just 2 mono albums -

    Song For My Father, BLP 4185, New York USA  - right away noticed less surface noise than with the stereo cartridge. 

    The Modern Jazz Quartet, PRLP 160, 10" original from 1953 - there's no magic, record wear from a heavy 1950s needle can't be reversed.

    Like porcy62 said, the mono cartridge seems to track the grooves better than the stereo. I noticed that on the much more dynamic Horace Silver album. I'll do some fine tuning tonight.


  4. Got this yesterday. Excellent - the new reference in Lious Couperin recordings, great playing, elaborate liner notes. It completes the four volumes of the harpsichord works, and the notes mention in passing that the organ pieces will follow, as well as the few chamber music piecxes and newly attributed vocal compositions! Highly recommended!



    The label sells a bundle of all four volumes at reduced price, for those who don't have any of them: https://www.aeolus-music.com/Alle-Tontraeger/Bundles/AE80013-Louis-Couperin-Complete-works-for-harpsichord

    Revisiting the previous volumes. too:




  5. 4 hours ago, Dmitry said:

    Not in Europe. 

    Not in my living room.

    16 hours ago, chewy-chew-chew-bean-benitez said:

    why does the 12,000 one look not as good as the 100 one.  

    That's the surface texture of the hardwood from which they make the housing. The plastic of the cheaper cartridges has a smoother surface. But the hardwood resonates less.

  6. 4 hours ago, Dmitry said:

    Just purchased my first mono cartridge, a Grado Mono ME+.

    I have exactly that mono cartridge mounted on my second headshell of my Thorens turntable, and I'm very stisfied with the sound it creates. Much less noise compared to the same LP played back with a stereo cartridge.

    The difference in weight of both is the only inconvenience about changing the headshells. But I just got then idea of getting a precision scale and attaching some weight to the lighter headshell. That would make it a lot easier.

  7. 31 minutes ago, ghost of miles said:

    ... and you haven't even gotten to the Count Basie sides yet!!  :wub:


    Spinning these right now! They alone are worth the buy!

    27 minutes ago, Stereojack said:

     Looking forward to more gems in the coming days!

    Besides the Basie sides, my favourites are the Teddy Wilson big band tracks. The Glen Miller band swings much harder than in the studio.