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  1. ordered 2. one for me one for my brother as a christmas present. great deal, thanks
  2. No, he's not on ebay so he had me do it for him. Someone got a great deal!
  3. I just bid up to 450 for a friend but that's all he wants to go. It's worth 6-700 in this condition most likely and I hope you get that. It's one of if not the best CT documents.
  4. Nick DiGeronimo

    Does anyone have any info in Nick DiGeronimo? I was listening to a him on a Cyrille recording and a little bit of googling didn't turn up much. He's a fine player but seems to only have recorded with Maono and that's it. He's on a recording from the Willisau Jazz Festival 1978 and Cyrille introduces him and says he met him through Nick's brother, a drummer and that they are from New Jersey. Anyone? Thanks, carville
  5. ^^ Positive feedback generally equals positive experience on discogs. I've bought and sold hundreds of items there. With the dollar strong against the Euro there are some great deals to be had. I bought my copy of the Roscoe there several years ago. carville
  6. Henry Cow Box with Orckestra

    It's a great bonus cd! You could ask recommended if there are any left. I did and they sent me one. C Bonus CD A Cow Cabinet of Curiosities A limited edition[29] CD given to subscribers of the box set. The title alludes to the name of Bob Drake's band, Cabinet of Curiosities. "Pre Virgin Demo 1/2" include fragments that were later incorporated into tracks on Legend. "Lovers of Gold" is an alternate version of "Beginning: The Long March" from In Praise of Learning that was created by Chris Cutler.[30] "The Glove" is derived from raw material recorded during the Unrest sessions.[30] Track list "Pre Virgin Demo 1" (mostly Frith) – 3.55 "Pre Virgin Demo 2" (mostly Hodgkinson) – 1:02 "Unidentified Improvisation 1" (Cooper, Cutler, Frith, Greaves, Hodgkinson) – 1:30 "Unidentified Improvisation 2" (Cooper, Cutler, Frith, Greaves, Hodgkinson, Krause) – 5:37 "Unidentified late composition" (probably Cooper) – 2:04 "Exploded Amygdala/Teen Introduction" (Cutler, Frith, Greaves, Hodgkinson, Leigh) – 3:37 "Lovers of Gold" (Cooper, Cutler, Frith, Greaves, Hodgkinson, Krause) – 6:29 "Hamburg 6" (Cooper, Cutler, Frith, Greaves, Hodgkinson, Krause) – 5:33 "Ruins extract" (Cooper, Cutler, Frith, Greaves, Hodgkinson, Krause) – 8:24 "Hamburg 7" (Cooper, Cutler, Frith, Greaves, Hodgkinson, Krause) – 9:44 "Half the Sky" (Cooper) – 5:03 "Extract from The Glove" (Cooper, Cutler, Frith, Greaves, Hodgkinson) – 2:19 Personnel Chris Cutler – all tracks, piano (track 10), voice (track 12) Fred Frith – all tracks, voice (track 12) Tim Hodgkinson – all tracks, voice (track 12) John Greaves – tracks 1–10,12, voice (track 12) Geoff Leigh – tracks 1,2,6, voice (track 1) Lindsay Cooper – tracks 3–5,7–12, voice (track 12) Dagmar Krause – tracks 4,8–10 Peter Blegvad – clarinet (track 7) Anthony Moore – mounted and amplified tuning forks (track 7) Track notes Tracks 1,2 were recorded in Henry Cow's rehearsal space by Jack Balchin, probably 1972 Tracks 3–6 were extracted from a forgotten tape from 1975–77 which surfaced while this box set was being compiled[nb 2] Track 7 is an out-take from In Praise of Learning mixed by Tim Hodgkinson at Cold Storage in 1984; previously issued on the 1991 CD (remixed) edition of In Praise of Learning Tracks 8–10 were recorded at a public concert for NDR Jazz Workshop, Hamburg, 26 March 1976 Track 11 recorded at a public concert at Sendesaal, Studio F, Radio Bremen, 22 March 1978, produced by Bernd Meier Track 12 is an extract from an Unrest out-take mixed by Tim Hodgkinson at Cold Storage in 1984; previously issued in full (6:35) on the 1991 CD edition of Unrest
  7. Anthony Braxton

    I saw that box at the Braxton concert but didn't pull the trigger (now you have to be a member to get it). Anyway, would still like to get it. Would be interested in reactions to it. One question I had about it was whether Braxton played duos with each drummer, or with both drummers at the same time, since the album is called "Trio (New Haven) 2013," or both? I've not seen that clarified anywhere. It's a Trio. They al play together. I got the new 12 cd set a few days ago. That one is all duets. I'm truly a diehard Braxton fan, and for me his playing is my favorite aspect of his work. We get to hear lots of him on these smaller groupings. Carville
  8. creative music studio archival release

    And you can get 20% off with this code: innovadotmu I'm looking forward to more from this archive.
  9. I dare hardly say what this thread is about

    That's great! Let us know what you think of them.
  10. I dare hardly say what this thread is about

    That's too bad. I think you and I ordered them around the same time?
  11. I dare hardly say what this thread is about

    There were some cd issues of this series in japan circa 1990. http://www.discogs.com/label/303834-Fontana-New-Jazz-Series I would guess DMG used these CDs as their source. Perhaps this label too? I have Blood from that old series. I saw some of the others in Tower Records in NYC. Still kicking myself over not getting them.
  12. I dare hardly say what this thread is about

    Listening to Juba Lee. It sounds nice, I don't think it's a needle drop. I also really don't think these are Japanese. There is no bar code, address or any record company info other than on the obi. On there all it says is Cool Music and a catalog number. Also the cds themselves are in plain white cardboard sleeve in the mini lp (gatefolds by the way). Not usual for any japanese reissue I've gotten so far. I can't say I'm disappointed in these as I have been looking for them for years. Let's hope they reissue the rest. C
  13. Change user name

    Hi Is it possible to change one's user name here? I have one that's better for me and would be more recognizable from other forums where I post. Thanks, carville
  14. I dare hardly say what this thread is about

    I got mine from jazzmessengers today. All four. They have obi strips and are in mini lp sleeves. I'm thinking from the look of them they are Korean in origin as they remind me of some other Korean reissues I have in look and feel. I'll report back shortly on sound and anything else I find. Haven't opened them yet. carville