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  1. heared of Bob Downes, but not of Electric City, will check it out, thank you!
  2. Thank you so much, that’s exactly what I am looking for and did hope to find and to hear of: avant-garde, obscure, but also things with a rock or Classic flavour or anything else you could describe as a kind of cross-over.....John Surman did some beautiful „large-ensemble-recordings“ like „How many clouds can you see?“ or „Tales of the Algonquin“... unfortunately Bev Stapleton here in our community is lost, he sure could help us ... thank you!!!
  3. Hello sidewinder, thank you for your reply and your first recommendations..... „Just do a search using some of those names......“ 😀 I am just asking for some names to search for, and that I do not yet know or remember....😉 that’s what I meant, obviously bad asked.... but your kind of recommendations are already a big help, and profound as always, thank you!!!!
  4. Hello dear friends, can you help me with British Big Bands or large Ensembles of the sixties and seventies, or later, like for example these wonderful bands of Mike Westbrook, Mike Gibbs, Graham Collier, Chris McGregor or Centipede of Keith Tippet? I would like to discover some more... Thank you!!!!
  5. Hey, did anybody already listen to the new Miles Album??
  6. ...oh, sidewinder, you lucky guy!!!😀 Thanks for your post, nice to hear that!!
  7. manfred

    Akosh S Unit

    Hey, anybody familiar with the music of Akosh S Unit? What do you think of his Music? Thanks!
  8. Hi Bev, 

    perhaps we can continue talking a little bit about music....i have not been on organissimo for a very long time, except one post about Maekus Stockhausen..... i just found you as a patron on Mike‘s solo CD PARIS, i am now also a patron ;-) of the Lou-Gare-CD and also of  Catania, what a great project! 

    On organissimo some guys were talking about you, „where he is“, so i hope, you are  allright. 

    I am living in Hamburg, aged 61, married for 25 years !, two adult children, daughter (25) and a son (32), he marries  at the end of november, they have a little daughter, so i think i am a grandfather ???? 

    A week ago i have seen Pharoa Sanders, still fantastic, amazing and moving, very great moment, at the same festival i saw Stuff, Mocky, Neneh Cherry, Yazz Ahmed, Matthew Halsall and a lot of other Music, great! On the german jazz scene Michael Wollny i getting better and better....do you have some new interesting recommendations, in any genre, and how are you? Hope you are fine!

    i am just reading the new biography on the man in black, i love his music!!

    all the best


  9. Markus Stockhausen and his Quartett Quadrivium played at NDR-Jazz-Concert, „really a premium gig“, as je says. His music is really outstanding, every tune is a journey to an other world, so After one tune je said, looking a bit surprised and wondering, „hello“, as if je was just arrived....“far into the stars „ they has played.....but: his technique is completely unbelievable (!!!), you see and hear him playing, but you cannot believe, what he is playing and what you hear, je is doing everything on his trumpft, and it seems to be so very easy, completely without any(!) endeavour or effort or struggle, you sometimes have the impression as if you was listening to an angel, sorry, but i do not know any other or even better comparison, highly recommended!!
  10. ..his contributions on the wonderful suite "a genuine tong funeral" of Carla Bley and Gary Burton are also worth mentioning i think........
  11. yes, the same with me....rest in peace....unidentified cat......
  12. Hi Bev,

    i've got the Bigger Show today, and found you as a patron ;-)

    have not yet listened to it, always wait for the right moment, to listen to a new cd for the first time,

    sometimes that really lasts for years....for instance i have not yet heard the new cd of Colin Towns.....i'm still looking forward to it....

  13. rest in peace dear Lutz, one of the finest musicians of our NDR Big Band! https://www.ndr.de/orchester_chor/bigband/band/Trauer-um-Lutz-Buechner,buechner146.html
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