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  1. Joe Lovano - General discussion

    Picked this one up on the cheap and have really enjoyed it. Looks like the reviews are really mixed here, but I have to say that as someone that has never really gotten into Lovano despite his impressive chops, I find this one quite interesting and enjoyable. Not sure if it is Manny Albam's orchestration that should get the credit here or Lovano's ideas, but anyone that has had difficulty with Lovano might like to give this one a try. IMHO
  2. Blindfold Test 185--Link and Discussion

    Piano/ Singer............ Musician
  3. Blindfold Test 185--Link and Discussion

    Have seen her several times over the last couple of years in a quartet led by Julie Bonk. Fits in perfectly with Julie. Nice.
  4. Get this one and then all of the live recordings!!
  5. PM sent on The Complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions Verve 5 Cds $30
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Spent some time with Mr. Bob Dorough earlier this week: Now listening to:
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    My favorite Shorter I think, even though there are some really close seconds!!
  8. A Jumble of Jazz CDs for Sale (Modern, Avant)

    I would but I already have them!!! hahaha Great stuff.
  9. A Jumble of Jazz CDs for Sale (Modern, Avant)

    Hi Face, PM coming on these............ Thanks Sonny Clark -- Oakland, 1955 (Uptown) $8 Howard McGhee -- West Coast 1945-1947 (Uptown) $8 Charlie Parker -- Boston 1952 (Uptown) $8
  10. Hi Face, I'll take this one Charles Mingus -- Leader on Debut $25