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  1. Shorty Rogers disc 1 I'm working at home this morning, and so I have the chance to listen to some favorites.
  2. Another considerations when thinking about buying from a set from Mosaic or Universal is Mosaic's excellent after sales service. Once I misplaced/lost a Hank Mobley CD, despair turned to relief when Mosaic provided a replacement. Then I went shopping, my Stanley Turrentine jewel case was at the bottom of the bag, and the paper insets were damaged by meat juice leaking from a packet, again Mosaic had the replacement. (I suppose a case could be made that I am a careless and therefore an unworthy owner of Mosaic sets, in the best of worlds they would be confiscated and redisitiibuted to people who know how take care of them. My only defence is that I have reformed) I have a few European "Mosaic" sets, I don't care really that much about resale value, but should anything happen to these sets, a lost CD or damaged booklet, then I'm stranded. The difference in price is also not really that great, particularly when considering the value of the dollar right now. Also, the past deluge of Universal/Mosaic sets on the cheap may be a thing of the past. Instead of the earlier 10.000 sets, only 7.500 sets have been made of the Buddy Rich and the Oliver Nelson sets. Of course, if I find a set at sale price here in Europe, I'll probably buy it, but there are all the same definite advantages to buying directly from Mosaic.
  3. The box is enjoyable, good fun rather than prfound, but generally of a very high quality. If it has a lot of Oscar Peterson in it, it also has more than his sometimes overpowering pianoplaying. The other musicians, and all the different settings add considerable variety. The one track where he plays cembalo is... well interesting. Possibly, the idea behind it was that a complete picture of an artist also should include the weird and the awful. It could be that the box is as much Oscar Peterson anyone would need, but it could also well be that someone after listening to these tracks would want more, ie check out some of his recordings for Verve and MPS. In the end, I suppose it comes down to how much you have & how much you want of Oscar Peterson, but at that price you could try him out..
  4. I had most if not all on vinyl once, if memory serves med right I would on the whole regard them higher than the Columbia Small Group Swing Sessions. Possibly the difference being that Stanley Dance had a personal vision of in which contexts the musicians would perform best.
  5. To repeat what already has been said. If you are interested in piano jazz, and exploring pianists each with a unique style, some of whom recorded very sparsely if at all as solo pianists, then there is very much to enjoy. In other words, defintely recommended Sackville and Chiarosuco also recorded a few of the pianists recorded by Master Jazz and these reissues are of course available at a more reasonable price.
  6. Some upcoming Verve releases

    Several of the latest sets, beginning with the Gerry Mulligan Concert Jazz Band, and drawing on Verve material have been issued both by Mosaic and Verve. The Verve edition is unnumbered, and might well primarily have been intended for release outside the US. The number of sets made,i 10 000, is more than Mosaic would usually do on their own. So I suppose some kind of deal has been made, probably that Mosaic gets to mine the Verve vaults, in return, Verve gets to make some money by selling the set outside the US, where the sales won't hurt Mosaic too much.
  7. The set is very good, definitetly recommended. About the sound, and there is an earlier thread about this, CDI is in mono.
  8. From black to blue. Any comments?
  9. I got a free Mosaic!

    Well, I got two mosaic sets free, sort of... It happened just a few days ago I got a note saying that I could collect a parcel from the US. It was Mosaic, but alas, not something I had ordered, I think it was the parcel that was mailed end of July, reported lost and for which I received a replacement. (It could also be the parcel from Mosaic that was ordered and never arrived in June (it also never arrived and a replacement sent). Never happened before, they have always arrived, and with it happenenig twice in a row, I was beginning to wonder it somewhere a mosaic addict had found a new, rather unorthdox, way of supporting his habit. As to which parcel was lost and now has been found, I don't really know, I haven't in fact opened it, so as not to mess up the packing before returning it.
  10. Art Hodes

    Quite a lot of Art Hodes out on CD, rightly so. Much of it, solo and in different combinations, can be found on the Jazzology/GHB/Solo Art labels; which can be ordered directly from Jazzology.
  11. Running low / Last chance

    I used to ask for surface, but then made the discovery that it was easier for the parcels to slip through customs without VAT being added if going airmail. (At least sometimes) Now, I usually receive the CDs before the Mosiac invoices arrives.
  12. If I remember correctly, the last disc in the Proper box has a few of the Capitol transcriptions.
  13. Same here. Strange, if the site is down, it should be the same for everyone, but all answers so far are from Europe.
  14. The CDON (Swedish) price is about 120 Euro, which is the cost of 7 normal priced CDs in Sweden. If VAT wouldn't be charged, (sometimes happens) then buying straight from Mosaic would be cheaper, otherwise, taking p & p into consideraton, CDON would ship an order for that amount for free, it comes to much about the same.
  15. The Farlow box is scheduled for release in Sweden (according to CDON) on September 27.