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  1. I remember when I was even with JSngry in the early days of this Board. No... wait... that didn't happen. I never was even with him, even in the early days.
  2. This thread goes back to 2005. Cool.
  3. wesbed

    Hank Mobley

    Yessir! The G-Mobe.
  4. I even liked the 'horns' tunes. Not the first time through, but on repeated listenings. I agree with Lon about the black and silver digipak. It gives a feeling of being both austere and luxurious.
  5. Damn. I'm right there with you, sir. Most days, I feel the same way.
  6. I remember, back in the 1970s, there was an anti-static spray for records. Spray it on the record, wipe it down with a record cloth. The next several spins of the record an incredible amount of 'dust goop' would pile up on the needle. Causing the needle to need to be cleaned, sometimes, at the end of each track, till the record dust was fully removed. While the needle was stacked with the 'dust goop' material it would play with a sort of foggy & buzzing tone. Yessir. One of my memories from the 1970s.
  7. Ordered. My first Mosaic in about eight years. Yes, I do remember the excitement. Oh! And, Malcolm Addey too.
  8. I'm listing to Whistle Stop and trying to figure what's special about Kenny Dorham. What's 'his' sound? When I read the post by 'mjzee' and suddenly understood this is a major part of Mr. Dorham's sound... minimalist, precise, small yet large, and non effusive. Yessir, this is what makes him memorable & enjoyable.
  9. I can't remember. Was it Hank Mobley's 'Workout' RVG that was originally issued with misplaced text on the cover? I didn't purchase the RVG release at that time and just purchased it a few days ago. The out-of-place text, if it was ever there, has been removed. I realize, if it was there, the original release goes back to 2006.
  10. Because jazz isn't 'simple.' Jazz takes time and thought to learn appreciation. The music must flow over and through. Sometimes it's easy, warm and cool all at the same time. Sometimes it's a rough struggle and the appreciation takes longer. When the appreciaton and the understanding finally arrives, however, it's an incredible experience. The vast majority is not going to put forth the effort, doesn't want to put forth the effort. Jazz isn't simple and it cannot be 'simpled' down for the vast majority. Else, it's no longer jazz.
  11. Ha! I'm right there with you, my friend. I grew up with country music. However, where ever it has come is not where I have gone.
  12. I have enjoyed Randy's music off & on through the years. More 'off' in recent years. More 'on' in the late 1980s. However, the music stands apart from the man. He looks like trash, looks like he's not had a content life, mostly.
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