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  1. New Pops on the way

    #324 has landed. Looks like it is off to a nice start.
  2. as a seller !!

    I've had generally good experience with them. They use DHL and shipping is a little slow, but prices are good. They will pay postage for return of damaged product. They used to ship from Southern California but more recently shipping has been from Kentucky.
  3. Mosaic Teagarden Set

    It is a great set. Sadly, now OOP.
  4. New Pops on the way

    Congrats Ricky. Mosaic now has on website for pre-orders.
  5. I'll let the seller put a price on it.
  6. Please pm me if you have a set for sale. Bob
  7. Jazz Books for Sale

    pm sent on Birth of Bebop.
  8. Jazz Books for Sale

    I'll second that. Packaging was outstanding.
  9. Yusef Lateef RIP

    Thanks Yusef. RIP
  10. Odd. Something shows as last chance, then sold out, then a few months later reappears as last chance. Nice to have availability, but maybe last chance should be called penultimate chance.
  11. My Django arrived. Guess I was one of the few lucky ones. Still, if it was a glitch, it is odd that they did fulfill some orders. Mine was placed Friday night and not shipped until Tuesday. Bob
  12. Update -- It turns out it is legitimate and not a glitch. I Just got the shipment notice on Reinhardt's Classic Early Recordings in Chronological Order, showing price of $1 and $2.98 shipping. Would post an image if I knew how. Bob
  13. I think we are saying the same thing. For two nights, there was a window open for a couple of hours, then it closed in a couple of steps. For a while, you could actually place an order at the discounted price. Then, Amazon would show it was still available, but if you clicked on the seller you got nothing. You are skeptical, as am I. Amazon shows my order as accepted and awaiting shipment, but I don't expect to ever see it. One way or another, I'll update. Bob
  14. Seems to be a window that has opened for a few hours and then closed, twice in the last few days. Remains to be seen whether orders placed and accepted (I have one) will actually ship. Bob