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  1. Thought I did that but it didn't work for me (perhaps because I was replying to something?). Anyways, I got it now. Thanks Hutchfan. Wish it was for a more noble cause...
  2. Yes, I'm aware. I said a cover of a cover. I wish I knew how to embed videos here though....
  3. Sorry, I don't know how to embed the video. Some say they are the future of Jazz but they are doing a cover of a cover and the pianist is reading the chart.....
  4. How about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVelbi4D99Q
  5. This (along with Acoustic Masters II with Bobby Hutcherson) are youmustbe projects.
  6. My memory might be a little fuzzy but I thought the saw solo was edited out completely and that the reasoning was that they needed to cut some time for the 2 LP set to fit onto one CD. Belden was definitely not a fan of the saw solo and I remember him being happy about it being removed. The consensus at the time was that the saw was played by Waits.
  7. As a trumpet player, I believe Freddie was still well on top of his game in the '80s. Perhaps one could argue he didn't make his best albums as a leader during this time period but his playing was still stellar in my opinion. I think the playing on this date is very strong. As for the tunes, they're mostly McCoy's. This is the original list of tunes. I'm not sure they all made it onto the release though. Inner Glimpse McCoy Tyner Latino Suite McCoy Tyner Body and Soul Neo-Terra Freddie Hubbard Island Birdie McCoy Tyner Round Midnight Blues for Basie McCoy Tyner What is This Thing Called Love Cole Porter
  8. I have a series of photos with Rein de Graaf and Kenny Dorham on the street in the East Village (Avenue A and 6th Street) and one photo he took of KD performing with Louis Hayes and Chick Corea. I don't have them on this computer though, I'll have to dig through some stuff to find them....
  9. I spoke to James maybe 6 months or so ago. He seems to be doing fine but unfortunately, he lost his wife recently. I don't think he is playing anymore and I don't know of any public performances for a few years now. It's a shame, he's great. In 2008, he did a number of gigs with a Freddie Hubbard All-Star 70th Birthday tour. He emerged as the star of the show to me in pretty heady company. He was also in the Cookers at the beginning. I think I helped James a little with Round to It. If I recall correctly, I bought them to my mastering guy to master the CD. I'm on the road now but I will look for it when I get home and if I have a 2nd copy, I'll gladly give it to you.... Well... the Sun Ra stuff was fairly straight ahead in that time period if I recall correctly. I'll have to give this a listen, it's been a while. I just relayed what James told me, I didn't say I agreed and was pretty surprised he told me this (and then called something like Satin Doll on the gig). Over the years I've been surprised about how conservative (comparatively) a few musicians who are on all those adventurous are. I wondered if they always were like that and just going with the flow or they developed into that as they got older. A few don't speak kindly of the some the (great) electric stuff they did in the '70s either. You never know I guess....
  10. The place card on the table certainly looks like it bears the Slugs logo.
  11. I've worked with James a decent amount and don't recall if we ever talked about this. I remember doing a gig with him and suggesting he play a few of the tunes from those Blue Note albums he was associated with like Minor League or D Minor Mint. Every gig people were coming up to him asking him to sign Wayne Shorter and Freddie Hubbard albums and still he was skeptical. It wasn't a matter of not wanting to look back but more that he thought the music was a little too adventurous for the audience. I'm just a be-bopper he would say. I would say, I think some people might not totally agree with you on that one. I do remember reading an interview with him where he was asked this question and he said he didn't want to do it because he would have had to do a Sidewinder type of tune. He never was signed. Sidemen are hired for each specific record date but if you are liked and do well, you get called more.... Most labels do have their go to guys that are not signed to the label. It does put you in a better position to be considered for a contract though....
  12. I'm pretty certain there are no overdubs. Faddis does stick out a bit at times when screaming though. Mind Reader's is the other tune with an insert (and it is around the 20 minute mark so whatever you might have heard there is probably gone). After the announcements at the beginning of the 2nd set, Mingus announces that before we get started, we have to do an insert, gives the band direction and they give it a shot. It's a bit messy so they do a 2nd take. This is the part that was a train wreck. They essentially miss a chunk of a written interlude so perhaps you don't even know what's missing. It's there now though. It's a difficult passage. Once they finish these two takes, Mingus thanks the audience for their patience and they begin the set in earnest. I did this work at least 6 months ago so I don't remember the exact details of the edits but Orange was a more traditional insert. They picked it up at a certain point and played it to the end. I believe it had something to do with part of the head missing or something like that. I would have to go back and listen to be sure. Not a blatant train wreck perhaps but something Mingus felt strongly about fixing obviously.
  13. They did it on stage at Ronnie Scott's. If I recall correctly, they do it at the beginning of the next set.
  14. How shall I put it. The edits on the Rollins set were based on the artist's comments or wishes. He is in the habit of wanting to put out the best product possible and approached his feedback to us in this way. I don't think he has an appreciation for the keep it complete blemishes and all school of thought. As for this set, I came on board a little later than usual for this one. I did not hear any dropouts but I'm not sure if it was because the tapes were clean or the dropouts were addressed in mastering. However, there are edits on this set as well but it is for the opposite reason this time and quite fascinating to me. Since this was a live set and there were a few ensemble train wrecks, Mingus actually rerecorded the sections in question to be edited into the tracks as needed. I think one of the inserts they recorded was actually included on the bootleg of this music. It was pretty ambitious thinking for the time and with the tools they had then, essentially a razor blade, the edits probably would have been impossible at the time but with modern technology, the edits are possible and the train wrecks were edited out and replaced by the rerecorded inserts. It made my job more interesting at least.... I have nothing to do with this aspect of things of course but it does annoy me. Perhaps not as much as new releases being called instant classics or groundbreaking or musicians being called the most important of their generation or innovative or something. Perhaps not as easily provable as a blatant misrepresentation but for whatever reason, it annoys me more at times.... But hey, they got to sell records....
  15. I knew Bob a little from the late '80s and had the Bay Area guys invite him to this gig based on that memory. As I stated above, I played with Fuku, the drummer quite a bit back then as well, sitting in on his gig. I have heard the whole Joe Henderson show, it's great of course. I thought we had a path towards releasing it with another Joe Henderson show but that didn't come to fruition. If the other show is ever released (it's a monster but I can't talk about it at all) you'll see what I mean. Hopefully there will be another way someday..... All the Monterey tapes are housed at Stanford University and I believe are available to listen to....
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