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  1. I have a complete run of Timeless Historical CBC, Jazz Oracle, Retrieval and Frog. There is not one I unrecommend. I love the 2 Benny Goodman issues. The single disc 1928-1931 With his Brunswick/Vocalion recordings and an assortment of dance band recordings and the 2 CD set 1931-1935 with the Columbia recordings. The 1931 Melotone recordings are on Jazz Oracle. Big Charlie Thomas 1925-1927. A forgotten cornetist. The California Ramblers Adrian Rollini withe the Golden Gate Orchestra (= California Ramblers)
  2. miles65

    Tiny Parham

    Tiny born 1900 Winnipeg Truck born 1911 Chicago The New Grove Dictionary does not mention a family relationship.
  3. The complete LP 'Modern Jazz Concert' was issued on a Gambit CD callled Bill Evans and orchestra
  4. miles65

    Tiny Parham

    This is the Timeless Historical 2 CD set. Sound restoration John R.T. Davies. It contains all master takes 1928-1930 and 12 alternates but misses the 1940 session. Classics has all the master takes including the 1940 session. Neatwork RP 2053 contains 14 alternates
  5. There is a bit more on the NJM website Benny Carter: The Princeton Concerts – National Jazz Museum in Harlem (jmih.org)
  6. I briefly spoke with Joe Medjuck at the 2016 New York Ellington conference.
  7. Tracklist 1. A Theme From The Threepenny Opera (mack The Knife) - Louis Armstrong 2. The Faithful Hussar - Louis Armstrong 3. When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along - Louis Armstrong 4. Six Foot Four - Louis Armstrong 5. Now You Has Jazz - Louis Armstrong 6. High Society Calypso - Louis Armstrong 7. Rain Rain - Louis Armstrong 8. I Never Saw A Better Day - Louis Armstrong 9. Can't We Be Friends - Louis Armstrong 10. Top Hat, White Tie And Tails - Louis Armstrong 11. East Of The Sun West Of The Moon - Louis Armstrong 12. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen - Louis Armstrong 13. A Woman Is A Sometime Thing - Louis Armstrong 14. I Love Jazz - Louis Armstrong 15. The Five Pennies Saints - Louis Armstrong 16. Just The Blues - Louis Armstrong 17. Battle Hymn Of The Republic - Louis Armstrong 18. The Beat Generation - Louis Armstrong 19. Some Day You'll Be Sorry - Louis Armstrong 20. The Formula For Love - Louis Armstrong 21. Struttin' With Some Barbecue - Louis Armstrong 22. Kisses In Der Nacht - Louis Armstrong 23. Onkel Satchmo's Lullaby - Louis Armstrong 24. Battle Royal - Louis Armstrong I'll have to check how uncolleced the tacks are. Maybe tonight.
  8. I saw him with The Metropole Orchestra in Amsterdam. A concert of Charles Mingus compositions. Sue Mingus introduced the music. (6) Charles Mingus Tribute - Metropole Orkest - Boogie Stop Shuffle - YouTube One of the best concerts I attended.
  9. Laura by David Raksin. Music only. Lyrics by Johnny Mercer.
  10. Looking on the website the forth extra title is: Scenes in the city Single edit 3:20. Not enough to tempt me. Lookin at the timing this LP reissue uses the mono edits for Scenes in the city, N.Y. Sketckbook and Nourog. The differ from the stereo edits. From the Onttonen Mingus website: Additional information by Uwe Weiler (September 4, 1997): Mingus re Bethlehem/Modern Jazz Symposium: I was working on the topic in July '97, at the time when I was happy to purchase the original mono release Bethlehem BCP-6026, maroon label, deep groove, BCP-12-6026-A-R1 (side 1) BCP-12-6026-B-R1 (side 2) on wax, which I was in search for more than 20 years. I compared the original release with the official US cd re-issue, edition 1997, Bethlehem 20-40092 stereo, which contents, by the way, also one alternate and two new tunes. Indeed, there are some different segments within the tracks SCENES IN THE CITY, NOUROOG and NEW YORK SKETCHBOOK if compared with the mono and stereo releases. Obviously, the mono release was the more satisfying edit for Mingus, but due to the relatively new and young stereo technique at the time in October 1957, the stereo tapes had some awful dropouts, either by the mike or/and by the tape itself. They had to make some re-recordings which had to fit to the timing of the mono edition. Anyhow, there's no complete new take of the three mentioned tracks but there are sometimes very long alternate take segments within the tracks which are different to the more known stereo releases. NEW YORK SKETCHBOOK mono-8:48 stereo-8:51 The mono take has a 4:52 "middle part" which is a different take insert compared with the stereo take's middle part 4:33 a. mono 0:00-1:17 same take insert b. stereo 0:00-1:17 same take insert a. mono 1:17-6:09 different take insert b. stereo 1:17-5:50 different take insert a. mono 6:09-8:48 same take insert, but ChinaTown interlude: 0:30 b. stereo 5:50-8:51 same take insert, but ChinaTown interlude: 0:52 ChinaTown interlude a. 0:22 cut from b. NOUROOG mono-5:02 stereo 4:49 The mono take uses a different take insert 1:27 during Hadi's ts solo compared with the stereo take's insert 1:14 a. mono 0:00-2:20 same take insert, Hadi solo starts at 1:51 b. stereo 0:00-2:20 same take insert, Hadi solo starts at 1:51 a. mono 2:20-3:47 different take insert, different Hadi solo b. stereo 2:20-3:34 different take insert, different Hadi solo a. mono 3:47-5:02 same take insert 1:15 b. stereo 3:34-4:49 same take insert 1:15 Hadi's solo at the very end of the tune is the same edit... SCENES IN THE CITY mono-11:23 stereo-11:49 The mono release uses both a different take insert in the beginning 2:49 and the end 2:14 compared with the stereo take's beginning 3:05 and end 2:24, whereas the "middle part" 6:20 has the same take insert in mono and stereo releases. a. mono 0:00-2:49 different take insert b. stereo 0:00-3:05 different take insert a. mono 2:49-9:09 same take insert, 1), Knepper solo starts at 8:38 b. stereo 3:05-9:25 same take insert, 1), Knepper solo starts at 8:53 a. mono 9:09-11:23 different take insert, Knepper solo different b. stereo 9:25-11:49 different take insert, Knepper solo different 1) "...Now, here I am standing at my window in my old building..." The original mono release has a far more superior sound compared with the stereo recordings. Yet some additional information by Uwe Weiler (December 28, 1997): Meanwhile, to come back to the subject MODERN JAZZ SYMPOSIUM, I've bought quite a lot of various LP and CD pressings in order to check as to which extent the individual pressings are using stereo or mono versions of SCENES OF THE CITY, NY SKETCHBOOK and NOUROOG. Available at my file are now: 1. Bethlehem(US) BCP6026 MONO Orig. LP 2. Bethlehem(US) SBCP6026 STEREO (Orig. LP only on cassette copy) 3. Polydor Special(GB) 545111 STEREO LP (p '60s): Duke's Choice 4. Polydor(D) 2335 079 MONO 2 LP (p '70s): Jazz History Vol.19 5. Affinity(GB) AFF 105 MONO LP (p 1983): Scenes In The City 6. Affinity(F) CHARLY 19 MONO CD (p 1986): New York Sketchbook 7. Bethlehem/ZYX(D) BET6015-2 MONO CD (p '90s): A Mod.Jazz Symp... 8. Bethlehem(US) 20-40092 STEREO CD (p 1994):A Mod.Jazz Symp... 9. Giants of Jazz(I) 53161 MONO CD (p 1995): Fables of Faubus 10. Charly(D) CDGR 131 SEREO CD (p 1997): A Mod. Jazz Symp...
  11. I have a slightly diffrent look on a Pops Okeh/Columbia/Victor set From a previous post: Louis Armstrong Okeh, Columbia and Victor 1925-1933 sessions. Off course this material is not difficult to obtain. Most of it anyway. But at the moment these recordings are not available in away that is legal everywhere. Including only the leader sessions it would amount to 8 CD’s. But in this period Armstrong was also a side man in 9 vocalist sessions (21 tracks). This would mean an extra CD. But on the one hand I would not like the vocalist sessions intertwined with the leader sessions but on the other hand I would not like to miss Hociel Thomas’ ‘Sunshine Baby’ Just listen to Armstrong and Dodds play as if their lives depend on in. If Universal would cooperate and allow a CD with the Erskine Tate, Lil Armstrong, Johnny Dodds, Jimmy Bertrant and the Louis Armstrong 1934 Paris sessions to be included than together with the 1935-1946 Decca set we would have 21 consecutive years of Armstrong studio recordings complete.
  12. Mine arrived today after an other delay yesterday. I’ll be spinning disc 1 This evening.
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