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  1. The program for the 2023 conference in Paris is available: Duke Ellington International Meeting 2023 - La Maison du Duke (maison-du-duke.com) I'm looking forward to meeting friends again for the first time since 2016 in New York or the DESUK AGM in 2017. I could'n make it to the Birmingham meeting and the one in Washington was cancelled due to Covid. The Laurent Mingnard Duke Orchestra will perfom selections from Boola. Unearthed by Michael Killpatrick from the Smithsonian Duke Ellington archive.
  2. Reordered. My CC has been charged. No notification sofar.
  3. There are at least two copies. Steven Lasker showed his at the London conference in 2008. Everyone had a good chance to look at it. I had it in my hands for a few seconds before passing it on to my neighbor. It has the mono version on one side and the stereo on the other side. Photo of the mono label attached
  4. The Norman Granz Jam Sessions are studio dates. The New Mosaic set will contain live recordings. No duplication.
  5. The 1946 version is on the 1940's set. And there is a Lester Young LP called Carnegie Blues. The version of Carnegie blues on this set is he Buddy Rich trio. No Lester.
  6. Sony does not own this label. Maybe the culd be included as 'orphaned' recordings. Like a number of tracks on the Coleman Hawkins set. Archeophone did a very thorough 4 2 CD sets with it's complete output.
  7. I have a complete run of Timeless Historical CBC, Jazz Oracle, Retrieval and Frog. There is not one I unrecommend. I love the 2 Benny Goodman issues. The single disc 1928-1931 With his Brunswick/Vocalion recordings and an assortment of dance band recordings and the 2 CD set 1931-1935 with the Columbia recordings. The 1931 Melotone recordings are on Jazz Oracle. Big Charlie Thomas 1925-1927. A forgotten cornetist. The California Ramblers Adrian Rollini withe the Golden Gate Orchestra (= California Ramblers)
  8. miles65

    Tiny Parham

    Tiny born 1900 Winnipeg Truck born 1911 Chicago The New Grove Dictionary does not mention a family relationship.
  9. The complete LP 'Modern Jazz Concert' was issued on a Gambit CD callled Bill Evans and orchestra
  10. miles65

    Tiny Parham

    This is the Timeless Historical 2 CD set. Sound restoration John R.T. Davies. It contains all master takes 1928-1930 and 12 alternates but misses the 1940 session. Classics has all the master takes including the 1940 session. Neatwork RP 2053 contains 14 alternates
  11. There is a bit more on the NJM website Benny Carter: The Princeton Concerts – National Jazz Museum in Harlem (jmih.org)
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