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  1. Is Henri Shea correct name

    Thanks guys.Don't be too harsh Big Beat. I think I heard it as Shay and I would still tend to pronounce Chaix that way.
  2. Is Henri Shea correct name

    I got a nice piano trio track from the radio playing Undecided, recorded from a live performance. I heard it as Henri Shea but I cannot find it on Lordisco so the spelling is probably way out. Can anyone identify please?
  3.     Here is another one! Nice piano trio playing 'Undecided' live. Pianist sounds like but probably does not spell like Henri Shea.

    1. itforsenior


          Should have added....can anyone identify please?

  4. Danish tenor sax

    Thanks Dan, hard to believe I mis heard it from the radio that badly! Ann Farholt obviously does the brilliant parallel vocal of the melody.
  5. Danish tenor sax

    Anyone heard of Jes Batillo (spelling very suspect)? I have got a great track of Flying Home but cannot find him on Lordisco (which does require accurate spelling).
  6. Ellington A Train

    On the 1941 recording there are two trumpet solos,one muted, one open. We know the trumpet section was Rex Stewart, Wallace Jones and Ray Nance Who plays which please?
  7. Bobby Hackett

    This looks good, how do I access Blue Lake and can I see music title on screen?
  8. Benny Goodman discog

    Thanks guys, I do not have the album but this sounds right, the track is live. May be worth getting, the band is in top form!
  9. Benny Goodman discog

    Who is the trumpet soloist on Willow Weep for Me? We have a guy in Australia who plays at a similar level---James Morrison.
  10. Kenwood RXD-G2 Stereo

    Thanks for response. I am listening with 32 0hm AKG headphones at #2 - #3, not much fine adjustment there but I suppose that is OK? Obviously a simple system but I like a user handbook for a few finer points and specs, I have chased this quite a a bit but one does not appear to be available.
  11. Kenwood RXD-G2 Stereo

    Does anyone have one of these? I do not like the stepped volume control, I suppose that was to keep it all digital, cannot figure if there is an intermediate level between steps.Can anyone sell me a copy of the user handbook?
  12. Louis Armstrong recommendation needed

    I find the balance is often poor on live tracks but it must be vastly more encouraging for the musicians.
  13. Louis Armstrong recommendation needed

    Thanks for promt reply Jazzbo, I did have a look at Album of the Week and the Handy looks to be the go to Album.
  14. I need a Louis Armstrong CD in my collection. Studio not live. Not many vocals, great though they are. I like All Stars groups from Teagarden to Trummy Young. Any suggestions please?