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  1. Looka me! I'ma walking stereotype!
  2. Looka me! I'ma walking stereotype!
  3. In case you missed it yesterday.
  4. Tonight I finished writing lyrics on the last of the new songs for my next THEO release. This one was giving me fits; the music has been done for months but I just couldn't figure out how to tell the story. But it finally came together.

    I feel a huge weight off my shoulders.
  5. Bowie, George Martin, Maurice White, Emerson, Glen Frey, Haggard, and now Prince? Criminey. This has been a rough year for our musical legends. Prince was the funkiest of them all in the 80s... nobody funkier or more trailblazing. Wow.
  6. Could It Be I'm Falling In Love - organissimo - Live at the SpeakEZ Lounge: https://t.co/sRQ6sKacAc via @YouTube
  7. I made dinner tonight. It was rather tasty if I do say so myself.
  8. Posting again because I love this for so many reasons.
  9. Had a great day at Sweetwater Sound in Ft. Wayne, demonstrating a new product (can't wait to tell everyone more but I'm on hush-hush retainer right now) and hanging with my longtime sales guy David Mikautadze. If you need any audio gear, call Sweetwater and talk to David. He's the man.
  10. Happy birthday to my dear Stella Bear! She turns 8 years old today (wow!) Here's a picture of her when she was just 2. So sweet.
  11. How about we skip over the consideration part and just move directly to the education part?
  12. Just arrived in the mail. Full review coming soon.
  13. Tonight I'm at ONYX in Royal Oak with Jimmy Smith, Lawrence Barris, and Beth Stalker. 7pm.
  14. It's getting nutty in here.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WilPI1qAkZc
  16. Whoa. I had probably 30 messages in this folder, including some real humdingers from disgruntled conservatives. One guy back in December wrote "Who's the fascist now, asshole?" Uh... I don't know. Trump? Another sent me a screed against my posts about Scalia's faux intellectualism, essentially bestowing sainthood on the prick. My favorite? 'Stick to music'. Actually no. I'll write what I want, thank you very much. And the beauty is you don't have to read it. Amazing, isn't it?

    But most of the messages were groovy people asking for Hammond help. So that's cool.
  17. Happy birthday to "ophelia", who happens to be my wife Alison!!! She's the best thing that ever happened to me, that is for sure. A more beautiful, loving, and kind partner no man can hope for. I you wish a very happy birthday!
  18. Tonight I'm playing with Spoonful at Moriarty's Pub in Lansing starting at 9pm. Hope to see you there. We have Michael Smalley on bass, Will Rideoutt on guitar, and Geoff Ian Lewis on drums!
  19. The new Hammond XK5 at MusikMesse in Germany. I had the pleasure of playing it in Addison at Hammond HQ about two weeks ago. It is incredible. Can't wait to tell you more.