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  1. It would have been nice to be able to keep a thread like this for funny or bizarre headlines, but it couldn't last.
  2. I see that she also recorded an album in the 1970s under the name Bettye Miller.
  3. Anyone have this album? It was reissued by Fresh Sound. My Dad had this LP. For decades, I remembered the album cover, but not the artist. Just curious. I can't find it on the InterTubes.
  4. I must about 25 of his albums - none of which I paid more than couple of bucks for - and Impressions of the Middle East is by far my favorite.
  5. I have it in the Latin section, but the Brazilian section may be more appropriate. I dunno, Brazilian tunes with Latin percussion. Kind of a toss-up.
  6. His Verve album Flautista includes a long (8+ minutes) track called "Amazon River." I curated a series called Buried Treasures, which included exotica tracks from otherwise non-exotica albums, and this appeared on one volume. If you like lengthy hypnotic and impressionistic tracks, you may like this one. And his album Today features a nice version of the Edu Lobo/Vinicius tune "Arrastao" which I included on my Bossa Nunca compilation.
  7. Always loved "Vision" kicking off McCoy Tyner's Expansions.
  8. I just learned that Angelo Badalamenti, under the name A. Badale, cowrote several of the tracks on Jean Jacques Perrey's Moog Indigo album!
  9. I amassed quite a Duke Ellington LP collection over the 1990s, when they would practically pay you to haul away records. I have original LPs, box sets, double album comps. Many CDs too. I regret not buying more of the French LP series back when Stereo Jack's sold them for $2.99 a throw.
  10. They are just awful. The fact that their greatest hits album is the greatest selling LP of all time really says something, though I'm not quite sure what.
  11. Thanks for your concern. I'll get by.
  12. Most of the musicians I listen to have already been dead for years if not decades. I'm surprised when I find out someone is still alive. There is a Gene Lees quote about growing up surrounded by all these towering figures, all of whom die one by one. He said it's like they are clear-cutting the forest of the your life.
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