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  1. Countryman, Rick: The First Bird

    Toyozumi, Sabu / Rick Countryman / Simon Tan / Isla Antinero / Stella Ignacio: The Search for the Fi

    Toyozumi, Sabu / Rick Countryman: I Am Village

    Toyozumi, Sabu / Rick Countryman: Misaki Castle Tower

    Parker, William: Voices Fall From The Sky [3 CD BOX SET]

    Bradford, Bobby / Frode Gjerstad / Kent Carter / John Stevens: Blue Cat [VINYL]

    Abe, Kaoru / Sabu Toyozumi: Mannyoka

    Ming Bau Set (feat Gerry Hemingway / Vera Baumann / Florestan Berset): Yakut's Gallop

    El'Zabar, Kahil Quartet: A Time for Healing

    Talmor, Ohad Trio (w/ Dan Weiss / Miles Okazaki): Mise en place


    squidco is having a 19th anniversary sale, and if you order 10 items you get 19% off. Filled in the gaps in my Rick Countryman collection finally got the Parker set and Bradford record. Most excited for the Ming Bau Set based on the samples. It sounds fascinating. 

  2. On 1/5/2022 at 6:29 AM, Dmitry said:

    What else is there to do, but break down completely, and stop functioning, like any other living creature? I bet Shatner makes death jokes every single day.


    My grandpa who’s 97 or 98 has been making the same death joke for 20 years. 

  3. 47 minutes ago, Dmitry said:

    Some are still available, but I bet not for long. I bought a couple. They only have had one or two silver gelatin prints of each. For instance, I bought Ornette on violin, and Clifford Brown with Jimmy Heath, and they are now marked as SOLD OUT. 

    I called Mosaic, and exchanged emails with M.C. The silver gelatin prints won't be available after these are gone. The ones they still have are 1994-1995 darkroom prints.

    The contact sheets are amazing, and are an intimate look into Wolff's process, but I didn't buy one. Maybe I should. $500 is steep, but they are unique. I doubt they'll be available again.

    Thanks! The images I got aren’t there anymore. The site is a bit archaic. I was finding everything under the sale link but they aren’t there anymore. I sprung from the large Kenny Dorham Una Mas contact sheet after hearing UMG will be the new owner. Probably the last chance to get these ever. 

  4. On 1/6/2022 at 6:19 PM, romualdo said:16 Dec 2021
    My first copy had a vinyl dimple on record, which made my needle bounce I work in a record store where we had a few copies. I returned it got a second copy. The second is the dirtiest new record I have ever seen. There is a lot of terrible junk all over these records. cleaned it, sounds good .... but this is awful Quality Control !!!
    It’s a mixed bag. Given these recordings started at 1945 it’s impressive to say the least. Just don’t go in thinking this a Audiophile Jazz recording. Some sections sound great, others not so much. The vinyl itself was dirty, after a cleaning it played fine with the normal amount of pops and clicks throughout. The box is pretty nice.
    Sounds good and a nice package but every LP was dirty/discolored and full of fingerprints. I was surprised it sounded as good as it does. Not sure where it was pressed (not on the shrink so it’s definitely not somewhere worth mentioning). Quality control is lacking

    People on discogs are funny. I actually have never gotten upset that a record is dirty. I clean every record before I spin it anyway. You would think someone spending the money they were asking for this set would know that’s the cost of buying vinyl. 

    I would expect a record from the Electric Recording company to be clean but that’s a $500 new record. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, Steve Reynolds said:

    I was at this show. Too bad it’s not on CD. 

    Black editions so sometimes releases cds in Japan. 

    edit: never mind. I got it backwards. Black editions released an album on vinyl after the cd issue in another label. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Dan Gould said:

    You're skipping over the part about him playing an instrument associated with jazz and getting acclaim as a jazz musician.

    If there existed a "smooth jazz" chart and recognition of "best selling smooth jazz artist" I wouldn't remotely give a shit about him and his music. 

    That’s my point. He isn’t claiming he’s a jazz musician. Others are and by giving merit to everyone’s opinion he’s being dragged by people who “don’t give a shit about Kenny G” but clearly do. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, Teasing the Korean said:

    Consumers don't have to be well-informed to exercise their buying power.  Perception is reality.  If a Kenny G fan thinks they are buying jazz, then they are buying jazz.  Same with listeners who think the Star Wars theme is classical. C'est la vie.  

    So it again comes back to people hate Kenny G because he is popular and gets the notoriety that people believe others should get. 

  8. 26 minutes ago, Ken Dryden said:

    This guy asked for the attention, it didn’t come by accident.

    How so? Because he made music that was marketed and made popular? My comment was in regards to being labelled jazz. Of course an artist wants to be popular. 

    6 minutes ago, Rooster_Ties said:

    It’s because his name has become synonymous with “jazz” for a relatively significant portion of the masses. Perhaps not a majority of a generation, but maybe a plurality.

    Absent that, nobody would really care.

    That is giving the masses a lot of credit since you don't expect the masses to be well informed.