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  1. Used buyee for a couple Masabumi Kikuchi albums I wanted and it was very pricey.
  2. Pat Patrick and the Baritone Saxophone Retinue - Sound Advice
  3. Whoa that's a huge set. Never knew about it until now but I actually could see myself buying that and then questioning why I did it. There have been many times where I have been on the verge of buying one of those large Ken Vandermark sets and not pulling the trigger. I like Vandermark but not that much and I know I would not devote the time to it I should. Same reason I have stayed away from the Braxton sets aside for the Charlie Parker one.
  4. I didn’t know decluttr had a website. I’ve on bought from them on eBay
  5. I could see that as an advantage over Apple Music but the fact that my library is uploaded to the cloud and accessible through Apple Music still makes it the best option for me
  6. the Hoffman board had surpassed 1000 pages on this topic.
  7. I ordered from Bandcamp a couple months ago. It arrived two weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to listen. Hopefully will I get it spun tomorrow or Sunday.
  8. Bandcamp Friday is back for the rest of the year. Picked up a couple releases.
  9. That’s a great question. I’ve only got a few Venus releases and don’t find any of them particularly interesting.
  10. On the contrary, governmental work is so slow to change it is more likely we’re all gone off this blue marble before a change is ever made. Even that tool DeJoy was only able to temporarily damage the already poor service of the usps, and that was his only objective.
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