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  1. Modern/Avant New Releases: A running thread

    Is the Kaja Draksler release available for lossless download somewhere yet? can't seem to find a familiar website selling them except flacit/flac2 (never heard of it before) with a ridiculous price of $3 for a double cd... isn't that suspicious? oh, right. now I found it on Qobuz filed under Various Artists with Bjork Nielsdottir (the first to be listed alphabetically), no mention of Kaja Draksler on the page. "It's fast women, slow horses, I'm reliable sources"... (c)
  2. Wes Montgomery and Clark Terry

    thanks, can't open the source, but alright. seems like the first four tracks also made it to a re-release under Wes + Billy Taylor's name gotta look for the inside booklet mentioned on there to see if the personnel listing is correct. is there another Wes session then, with Harold Mabern but without Clark Terry? and it's really weird with that Rhythm-a-Ning title listing, why Opus Caprice? the "incorrect" Jazz Door release lists that tune as "Wes Got Rhythm" with Montgomery as the composer
  3. Dominic Duval (1945-2016)

    an interesting story with the two different albums of similar Monk material in a sax/bass duo setting, looking forward to find Monkinus to check out and compare.