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  1. yeah, this one is great. I have a few of the Ilhan Mimaroglus as well and can recommend them.
  2. Yeah, agree it's a shame Doyle's music is out of print for the most part. I have had Alabama Feeling a few times and the pressing isn't exactly great, but surely someone could clean up the audio from a vinyl copy. I don't know if the tapes still exist anywhere -- maybe with Doyle's family in Alabama, but hard to say. At least this one is available digitally, and legitimately: https://arthurdoyle.bandcamp.com/album/first-house-recorded-live-at-the-stone-july-11-2012 oh, and this one too: https://ayler-records.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-glenn-miller-caf-3
  3. Yeah, that is super -- got it from the WV website years ago. No idea who would have the rights. Would be great to see a little CD set of other New Thing at Newport recordings -- Cecil, Bill Dixon, Paul Bley, Joe Daley...
  4. Yup -- the quote referred to Burton's ESP records only. But I do have that Clean Feed disc.
  5. Sad news the other day about this. RIP.
  6. Too bad. His records with McGann are great.
  7. One hundred percent. And yes, Stephen, good point about Buckmaster -- fascinating individual!
  8. Reissue of Fifteen Saxophones will be repressed fairly soon, I think. The LPs of Solos, Four Cuts, and Having Been Built on Sand are out officially tomorrow (though I think pre-orders have landed most places).
  9. yes. the social media jazz cred thing is really exhausting. I don't want to hear anybody talking about it for a while. Luckily only true heads can deal with Steve Lacy!
  10. Glass Bead Games in its "original" form is a $500 record. It was pressed multiple times in the US and also given a Japanese reissue (not to mention recent reissues). I've had two different early pressings of the Shaw -- medium green labels with gold type, and yellow with black type. The yellow label sounds/sounded better than the green label. Both were about ten bucks (albeit many years ago). I cannot imagine paying $250 for it, though it's a good record (not a great one).
  11. I think it's in your three-dot toggle to the right. I too miss being whatever I was. Can I be something else?
  12. a fave. Had it but sold it finally -- just wasn't getting enough airtime. Nice record but as you say, the Bossa thing isn't really for me (even when done by Rouse or Sadao Watanabe). indeed he was and is. Glad I got to see him while he was still with us (and playing his butt off).
  13. Yes! I hope someday we all get to hear the Dave Burrell-Sam Woodyard duets, originally planned for Horo release but scuttled as the label folded.
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