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  1. It's impossible to hear even a tiny fraction of what music exists on the planet. I buy a lot of things unheard/unseen/unfamiliar, but usually one has some parameters within which to work. Does the format of the band or tunes interest me? Track lengths? If it's an LP, what does the cover art look like? Not everything is gonna be one's cuppa, either. I saw Argue's Secret Society a couple of times. I appreciated what he was/they were working on but did not buy the CDs.
  2. Thanks! The trio is really wonderful. Their set at Vision this summer was extraordinary.
  3. oh yeah, there's a massive amount of music out there, and it often takes time to really get more than passing acquaintance with a lot of it. I'd say that this board has helped me become more egalitarian in my approach to the music. If we're talking denominations, traditional jazz, swing, "cool" jazz, and fusion to me are on par with bop and the avant-garde.
  4. 25 or so years ago when I started getting interested in the Pentangle, I had gone to the WFMU record fair and a perfect Canadian stereo of their debut album, which I'd heard and loved, was staring me in the face at the first table, first record. Definitely was hoping to pick up their records at the fair. Of course now I know they are a dime a dozen. A buddy of mine around the same time or a few years earlier apparently woke up one day thinking "it would be cool if I found the Ric Colbeck in a store" and walked into a shop and found one for like $6.
  5. Not my gig, but passing the word along. It will be great. Also I'll be bringing a stack of books along if anyone needs a copy of Singularity Codex.
  6. Adjacent are collectors who don't seem to know or care to know anything about the music and its context.
  7. agreed, fantastic album. I have my father's copy bought new in the late 60s. It still has the Bob Hyatt's Stereo Center (Rochester, NY) price code sticker affixed.
  8. I will definitely be scooping this up. It is sure to be an education.
  9. yeah, that is excellent. I've seen that band (or a version of it) live, and was blown away.
  10. Excellent session, sound quality is fine.
  11. There's some sort of poster or flyer with the 200 copy version as per 'scogs, though that could've just been with the copy someone uploaded.
  12. I have the second 70s pressing, not silkscreened but early labels. No poster. It is a fascinating album.
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