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  1. https://londonjazznews.com/2023/02/01/rip-alan-bates-black-lion-candid-records/ Complicated legacy given that a lot of musicians feel they were not paid or properly compensated via the labels he helmed -- Black Lion, Freedom, certain sectors of the Fontana/Philips and Polydor imprints, and later a revamped Candid. He sold a lot of the tapes from prior exploits to DA Music. I don't know whether his departure from the earthly realm will mean more material surfaces and in better packages but I hope so. Still waiting for that planned double Spontaneous Music Ensemble album slated for Polydor to come out.
  2. I had the old, old CD of Flare Up (Jazzprint?) at one point and thought it sounded terrible. Scooped a NM original a few years later and was blown away. I'd bet the reissue LP also sounds good. It's an excellent session but needs to be heard properly from a decent source.
  3. They probably weren't on commercial radio in the 80s, but they were on a major label (Verlaine and Lloyd solo as well) and geared toward the college market. I first heard Marquee Moon in college in the 90s, but didn't get hugely into it until later. And yes, Verlaine was punk. Punk means a lot of things (as does jazz) and if you stay away from the corny-ass versions of either you'll be fine.
  4. I probably gave it away when I got a copy of Parabolic a short time later.
  5. The only one I had in the series was the Alan Shorter. At that point (1998) I didn't grasp how free Lee was!
  6. I also was bummed I missed that Konitz set. I have a rip of the tracks, as well as the original Verve LP, but would love to have a copy of the full banana.
  7. you are correct. Sometimes they price using the wrong edition, as you have noted.
  8. Anybody ever find that 66 footage? Would be interested to see/hear it. Count me in as a BH fan too.
  9. All the Things You Could Be Right Now if Gunter Hampel Was Your Neighbor Some of my favorite Hampels from the early years haven't been properly issued -- the recording with School, Tchicai, John Stevens a.o.; Hampel/Schlippenbach/AMM...
  10. Gunter Hampel + Jeanne Lee (Wergo) 8th of July 1969 (Birth) Espace (Birth) Music from Europe (ESP) People Symphony (Birth) Oasis (Horo) Heartplants (SABA) looks like I have 15 or so kicking around here, but those are some favorites... Journey to the Song Within is really strong. I have it with a white cover & pics of Hampel and Murray among others... The Traveler is a beaut as well.
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