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  1. Hope to hear that at some point. https://digital.grinnell.edu/islandora/object/grinnell:26803
  2. yeah, it depends on the band/concept. He had very discrete approaches within his musical universe, discarding what was no longer useful. Jeff Parker seems to me to have distilled the Bauer/Tristano approach and the drone music Takayanagi was making on Action Direct into a pretty unique sound, especially as a solo player. I can't think of too many other artists who've picked up on Takayanagi's worlds so clearly and taken them into another direction. And yeah, Independence: Tread on Sure Ground is a great record. I have the 1980s Union pressing which used to be fairly cheap... not sure whether Cinedelic is legit but at least if it sounds good that's something. I know Jeff has an original 1970 pressing of that record, which is very tough to come by.
  3. Wonderful. Looking forward to reading this; I wish I'd had the chance to interview Mars, but I'm glad Howard got in there.
  4. I don't care for his schlock though I did grow up around his albums. So a few cuts are kind of nostalgic for me, even if it is music that doesn't appeal overall. The singing is a bridge too far, which is kinda funny because normally an off-key vocal is hardly a deal-breaker.
  5. For those into the more experimental range of things: I wanted to let you know about the final improvised music show of the year at Tubby's. Initially because December can be a rather slow month I figured we'd wind down "So What Do You Think?" in November, and of course that was a blast -- Empathy Gene (Yanda/Robertson/Haynes) and Jef Brown really brought the sonic goods. But when Lisa Cameron, a comrade from my Austin days, asked about a weekday gig early in December we put our heads together and are happy to report that there is *at least* one more opportunity to have your mind expanded in the Tub this year. When? Tuesday, December 5, doors at 7 music 8ish Where? Tubby's in Kingston, NY How much? Sliding scale, $5-$10, all proceeds go to the musicians. Advance tix available here for a low cost: https://tubbyskingston.lyte.com/3707719 Lisa Cameron (ST37, Jandek, many other collaborations) is a percussionist and improviser based in Austin and I first became aware of her work through activities at the Church of the Friendly Ghost and other East Austin haunts back in the day. Guitarist Sandy Ewen has collaborated frequently with Cameron (their See Creatures double cassette on Astral Spirits is a scorcher) and is also someone I first encountered in Austin, mostly through her activities in the uncategorizable band The Weird Weeds, and have been following ever since. Electronic musician and visual artist Jo Saucier (Midnight Dental; Throne Down) is a Kingston local and I'm excited to have her setting the energy levels for this Texas-New York encounter.
  6. yeah, some of Lonely Woman gets into the Bauer zone, and it's certainly present on his earlier straight-ahead albums (although his phrasing to me seems a bit less pronounced/didactic on those). I also assume that this approach crops up in spots on later Takayanagi CD-Rs though some of those I have not heard.
  7. yeah, Takayanagi's Tristano moves owe a lot of debt to Bauer's playing here.
  8. need to get this on LP one of these days. Reminds me so much of Masayuki Takayanagi.
  9. Excellent piece. That Hal Russell Story with Michael Shannon, wow.
  10. yup, and then The Psychedelic Furs. IIRC he replaced Gary Windo in the Furs...
  11. Really, really sad to hear this. He was a hell of a musician and a kind man. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
  12. oh, yeah, I see what you mean. Sometimes I use records like that as packing material if there's literally no way to move 'em otherwise.
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