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  1. More GOOD shows in South Florida!

    Is it my imagination or is the Golson show no long listed? I saw this and went "huh?" cuz I already bought tickets! If you were looking at the South Florida Jazz Society website, that would be the wrong one. Its the Gold Coast Jazz Society that's hosting this one. Click. Whew! Thanks!
  2. More GOOD shows in South Florida!

    Is it my imagination or is the Golson show no long listed?
  3. Going to see the McCoy Tyner trio Jan. 22nd

    Have seen him twice in the last 13 months. First was 11/04 in Hollywood, FL with Stanley Clarke and found him somewhat disappointing. The second time was in Chicago about 6 weeks ago with Charnett Moffett and Eric Gravatt, and they were AMAZING. Played a few of his older songs as well as a Ellington tune. If it's the same band, you're in for a treat.
  4. More GOOD shows in South Florida!

    Thanks for the link. Great lineup this year. Would love to see Joanne Brackeen as well.
  5. More GOOD shows in South Florida!

    I definitely am doing Zeitlin & Hayes in November. Play to attend a few of the others, schedule permitting. The Henderson-Hicks is of particular interest to me. Are they through the South Florida Jazz Society?
  6. Chicago Jazz Showcase question

    Their voice mail and flyers always say 4:00, 8:00 and 10:00. They will start at 4:30, 8:30 and 10:30!!!! Joe always starts the shows 30 minutes after he says he will......always!!!! Mark ← Thanks Mark.
  7. Am heading up to Chicago mid-October and hope to catch McCoy Tyner at the Showcase the Sunday nite I'm there. Anyone know what time their Sunday shows are? Website doesn't give times other than the matinee.
  8. What was your first Mosaic?

    My first was the Woody Shaw. Heard some of it on the radio in NYC while up there on business in the early 90s. Went into J&R and asked about it, at which time I found about Mosaic. Ordered it before I went home and have been buying them ever since. Still have them all.
  9. Amazing Coltrane discovery

    You know that's not going to happen. Coltrane is Impulse's cash cow. Start saving for the 3 disc "Super Ultimate Edition" of ALS along with the 2 disc "Coltrane/Hartman" set. I'll complain but will buy them both.
  10. Amazing Coltrane discovery

    Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but I just read about it this AM. What an exciting find. http://www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/b/d/bdk4/aop.htm Start reading at the section titled "John Coltrane in Rudy Van Gelder's Studio".
  11. L A Times article about Tape Trading

    Good article. Have downloaded hundreds of shows over the past 9-10 months. Now if I only had the time to listen to them all!
  12. Live jazz in Chicago

    Thanks to everyone for their recommendations. Ended up at the Jazz Showcase earlier this evening (despite Uli's tempting post) to see Eric Reed's trio who played a very nice set of standards, the highlight being "Well, You Needn't". On Mon. nite I also managed to catch an excellent local act, the Ryan Cohan Trio at a restaurant in Evanston, where I am staying. Played a great cover of Randy Weston's "Little Niles".
  13. San Francisco jazz spots??

    If you have access to a car, I'd recommend Yoshi's in Oakland.
  14. Live jazz in Chicago

    Thanks for all the info. Will try to get to either JRM and/or DG while in town. Managed to spend some quality time at Amoeba Records while in San Fran last summer so maybe I'll be just as fortunate this year.
  15. Live jazz in Chicago

    Hey, if it were up to me I'd go with the "characters". Next trip perhaps. Tell me more about the Jazz Record Mart.