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  1. Caiman on Amazon

    Down with Caiman.
  2. Bill Evans-Complete Village Vanguard 1961

    No, that was Damo Suzuki of Can. Same "rarified" emotions. Just listen to "Halleluwah" or "Soup".
  3. Tony Scott on Philology

    All of Tony Scott's Philology releases are available from Cadence.
  4. Top Ten Free Jazz Underground Records

    How about Joel Futterman- Cafeteria? Any further underground- and you may hit the Earth core.
  5. Top Ten Free Jazz Underground Records

    Yup. Neither could Charles Tyler, who issued the record. I should correct that to say Charles said (when I asked him about the record) "Arthur has some problems". Charles Tyler is one of my all time favorites, he really tells stories with his music. I wonder if there's any possibility of releasing some of his live material from 70's & 80's, something like Ayler Records did with Jimmy Lyons box. As for Mr Doyle- once I happened to stumble upon him playing (he opened for Charles Gayle)- that was quite an experience. I think Dmitry from this forum may still have that stuff on tape.
  6. sale

    Beside Mosaic Selects it can be a good deal on CDs from Criss Cross & Steeplechase. You could buy them for $9-10 a pop, shipping & all. There're some names worth mentioning: Walt Dickerson, Johnny Dyani, Louis Hayes, Stanley Cowell- Steeplechase; Ted Brown, Kenny Barron, John Swana- Criss Cross Jimmy Raney- both labels.
  7. Name Three People...

    Henry Higgins Eliza Doolittle Colonel Pickering Pickering Warf Warf Rat Rat Now
  8. leroy vinagar solo lp

    That's because when I bought my copy of this record at a secondhand record store a couple of years ago I took the car to get home, not the bus! Yeah, if you carry Leroy's side in your bag, you don't want to take chances.
  9. I believe there was a similar topic already, but coudn't find it, so I open a new one. Look at the following links & try to find any reasonable explanation to it.
  10. More of Ebay weirdness

    How about 5% kick back for the idea?
  11. what are you drinking right now?

    Little Penguin Shiraz 2005 with my diner. Australian Reds rule!
  12. Top Ten from the 70s

    In no particular order: Jan Garbarek- Afric Pepperbird Paul Bley- Open To Love Keith Jarrett- Bremen/Lousanne Solo Concerts Vinny Golia- Spirits in Fellowship Abdullah Ibrahim- Children Of Africa Billy Harper- Black Saint Charles Tyler- Voyage From Jericho Dave Holland- Conference Of The Birds Ganelin Trio- Catalogue (though most of their output is 80's legacy). John Klemmer- Nexus (knowing Klemmer's kinda lame reputation of late this one is gotta be heard to be believed, but it's a killer).
  13. Greatest Album Title Of All Time?

    Jimmy Raney- A Hard to beat that one.
  14. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Spinning today's fresh catch. Right now- Guido Manusardi- Downtown. Up next- Fred Hersh- Sarabande, Bill Evans- At Town Hall. Yeah, gonna make it a night of piano trios.
  15. Thanks. I've been there but wasn't that impressed. I think Nice Books & Records is better, especially for vinyl. They have stores in Carrboro, Durham & Raleigh. Also CD Alley in Carrboro/Chapel Hill is the one I'm about to check. Have you been there? Do they sell any vinyl? If you go to Nice Price Books be sure to say hello to Boardmember sjarrell.....Sandy is a regular contributor and a nice guy. He could probably help you out concerning the local jazz scene.Regards, Which store is it? The one in Chapel Hill or the one in Raleigh? I second that!
  16. Thanks. I've been there but wasn't that impressed. I think Nice Books & Records is better, especially for vinyl. They have stores in Carrboro, Durham & Raleigh. Also CD Alley in Carrboro/Chapel Hill is the one I'm about to check. Have you been there? Do they sell any vinyl?
  17. jazz standards we dont like

    Here are suggested substitutes (or should I say antidotes) for some "jazz standards we don't like". For all you Jitterbug Waltz haters here is Jitterbug Boy from this album And then there is Stella By Barlite on that one.
  18. A bit late perhaps, but canadian Verge probably has the best prices for Ogun. They also carry gazillions of other rare titles of jazz, avantgarde & experimental music. Harry Miller box is $36 (canadian dollars!)
  19. Ornette's Lonely Woman- your favorite version

    Beside original version on "The Shape Of Jazz To Come", the one from this album is one of the best IMO. It is a trio with John Lindberg on bass and Thurman Barker on drums. Also Lester Bowie has a hilarious rendition on this album. I also second the Naked City one. That whole album is a classic Zorn, cover and all.

    On CLOSE YOUR EYES, THERE'S NO GREATER LOVE, BROTHER JOHN'S BLUES & I GOT IT BAD Ben is with a trio of Kenny Drew- piano Nils O. Pedersen- bass Alex Riel- drums The rest of the album is the pick-up band of Danish musicians. Here are their names: Arnved Meyer- trumpet John Darville- trombone Ole Konsted- tenor Niels Jorgen Steen- piano Hugo Rasmussen or Henrik Hartman- bass Hans Nymand- drums Now that I dug that baby up I might give it a spin.
  21. Ebay craziness

    Mosaic sets still have long way to go to reach these heights.
  22. Liberty's is definitely an original US release. As for Pathe I've done a quick research just out of curiosity. Here is the link FYU. [url=] Could that hefty price tag indicate that you're dealing with original French release here or is it just the gullibility of jazz newbies?
  23. Sexiest album covers

    A few more. Those were the days.
  24. Sexiest album covers

    Could be a repost. I haven't checked all 154 pages yet.