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  1. Too bad, he does offer various lists for sale & at easonable prices. Maybe have a friend purchase them from him for you?
  2. Scott Yanow sounds like your man. http://www.scottyanow.com/index.html
  3. Black British Swing

    Sounds interesting...
  4. Sad news indeed. I wrote a peice about jazz in England for them when I was 24 years old! That was 30 years ago. My subscription is paid in full. I will miss it very much.
  5. Planet D Nonet on Tour

    Blowin' Away The Blues, Vol 2 Release Date: January 30, 2011 Label: Eastlawn Records Length: 23:17 Another rousing little big band blues party! Like Volume 1, it contains jump blues and other blues related party music! On loan from Detroit's Back Door Blues singer Dan Devins delivers four strong tracks by the likes of T-Bone Walker & Louis Jordan & our trombonist, T-Bone Paxton sings one by Mr. Jordan as well. A swinging R&B bari sax/ trombone instumental rounds out this fine set of music. If you dig Roomful of Blues, Kim Wilson and of course T-Bone & Louis Jordan, you'll enjoy this six song EP! 1 The Hustle is On (T-Bone) 2 Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby (Louis Jordan) 3 Canadian Ace (Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams) 4 Bluelight Boogie (Louis Jordan) 5 The Hardway (T-Bone) 6 She's the No-Sleepin'est Woman (T-Bone) Available next week at CDBaby.com http://eastlawnrecords.com/ Planet D Nonet on tour! January 28 Natasha's Cafe & Boutique, Lexington, KY January 29 Two Stick Sushi, Oxford, MS January 30 Snug Harbor, New Orleans January 31 Zeitgeist Arts Center (NOLA) February 1 Paradise Bar & Grill, Pennsacola Beach, FL February 2 Five Spot, Atlanta, GA February 3 Senior Center, Charleston, SC February 4 Arts Council Concert & Dance, Kiaweh Island, SC February 5 Low Country Blues Bash, Charleston, SC The Planet D Nonet: Justin Jozwiak / alto sax & cl, Jim Holden / tenor sax & cl, Joshua James / bari, alto & tenor sax & cl, James O'Donnell / trumpet, flügelhorn & vox, Ken Ferry / trumpet, flügelhorn, John "T-Bone" Paxton / trombone & vox, Dave Gadd / piano, Bill MacLeod / string bass, RJ Spangler / drums wsg Dan Devins / vox http://eastlawnrecords.com/ http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/PlanetDNonet
  6. We Travel The Spaceways: The Music of Sun Ra by the Planet D Nonet is now available at CDBaby.com: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/planetdnonet3 What the DJ's are saying: I wanted to let you know that the "We Travel The Spaceways" is one of the best things you've ever done! I was blown away by how great it is. I`ve already listened to it twice.... Once when I got home and then this morning at work. Willy Wilson CJAM-FM 91.1 Windsor, ON I finally got to Planet D Sun Ra CD set after jazzfest craziness - loving it! Pass congrats on to all the guys - well done. John Penney WRCJ-FM 90.9 Detroit, MI Hey everybody...check out RJ's Planet D Nonet Tribute To Sun Ra on a double CD "We Travel The Spaceways." Heartfelt, fully realized, potent, authentic, from Saturn, rooted on Earth, a recording you all should hear, Ra fan or not... Michael G. Nastos WEMU-FM, Ypsilanti, MI Planet D Nonet on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Planet-D-Nonet/125150970847305?ref=ts Planet D Nonet records for Eastlawn Records http://eastlawnrecords.com/
  7. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/planetdnonet3
  8. If you're reading this post, chances are you are at least somewhat familiar with Sun Ra and his music. Since his passing in 1993, his star has continued to shine brightly. As of this writing there is no shortage of Ra's music on compact disc and vinyl. There is also an underground movement of musicians around the globe performing his music live. With this recording, the members of Planet D Nonet document their love of Ra's music. We feature two wonderful guest artists: Salim Washington & Kenny Millions, both tenor sax players of great ability. Dr Washington is a dear old friend from Detroit's eastside & today he is a respected Professor of Jazz Studies at the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music and is co-author of “Clawing At The Limits Of Cool: Miles Davis, John Coltrane and the Greatest Jazz Collaboration Ever” and a two-time Fulbright Fellow. Kenny Millions (Keshavan Maslak), is native Detroiter who lived in NYC for 14 years and traveled the world as a leading avant-garde saxophonist. He's recorded extensively under his own name and as a member of the Instant Composers Pool (ICP). These days he owns and operates a bar/restaurant in Southern Florida where he plays regularly. This is a DOUBLE CD, released on the Eastlawn label and will soon be available at CDBaby.com. The Planet D Nonet will celebrate the release at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit on August 27, at 7 pm. http://eastlawnrecords.com/ http://www.tangentgallery.com/Tangent_Gallery/Tangent_HSB_Events/Entries/2010/8/27_Tribute_to_Sun_Ra_by_The_Planet_D_Nonet.html
  9. Planet D Nonet / pair of 6 song EP's

  10. Planet D Nonet / pair of 6 song EP's

    Planet D Nonet Reviews: (The Planet D Nonet) got an immediate emotional thumbs-up in the first eight bars of "Good Queen Bess," and not because it was a dead-on copy of a Hodges small group. Rather, Planet D Nonet knew the original thoroughly enough to be a little naughty, to make sure that each players idiosyncratic sensibility shone through. The CD isn't called Swing Goes Modern, which is a good thing -- each of those terms is so open to misreading these days -- but it feels as if Hilton Jefferson had secretly been listening to Phil Woods on his day off, as if Shorty Baker had had that third cup of coffee. This compact, hot little band is all about rocking momentum -- something they've got internally (as opposed to the ersatz "swing" some groups manifest) and about timbre -- coarse or purringly smooth. I apologize to the soloists for not praising them individually, but I was too busy enjoying the band (beautifully recorded) to care. And their "Saturn" is just as much fun. I was thoroughly sorry when this short CD was over. Michael Steinman / Cadence: The Independent Journal of Creative Improvised Music / Summer, 2010 http://www.cadencemagazine.com/about-cadence-magazine.html Recently, Planet D released two recordings, on Eastlawn Records, a label Spangler co-founded. The EPs capture the group's diverse roots. The ballads on Ballads, Blues & Beyond are so soothing you'd want to cuddle up with them. Those tunes will surely put you in a hypnotic state, but the Sun Ra ditty "Saturn" will snap you out of it, and prep you for the second album. Blowin' Away the Blues is a down-home, rip-snorting blowing session in which the horn players show off their chops, as do guests vocalists (Adams, Mario Rodriguez and Charles "Buddy" Smith) and instrumentalist guests (including saxophonists Johnny Evans and Keith Kaminski). Charles L. Latimer / Metro Times / 2/24/2010 http://www.metrotimes.com/news/story.asp?id=14834 oving back in time, if not in space we mention here two short CDs by the Planet D Nonet, co-led by drummer RJ Spangler and trumpeter James O'Donnell. This large combo is dedicated to preserving the music of the twenties through the fifties and on these recordings several instrumentalists and singers augment the group. The first release, Ballads, Blues & Beyond, features music by Ellington, Strayhorn, as well as the Motor City's own King Porter and Sun Ra! This is driving, exciting, unpretentious music; the solos are short and to the point and the accent is on swinging. The second one, Blowin' Away the Blues, lives up to its name, complete with vocals by Charles "Buddy" Smith, Alberta Adams, and Mario Rodriquez. From the opening bars of the "Honneydripper" you know this is joyful party music. Both are available from www.cdbaby.com/Artist/PlanetDNonet. By Piotr Michalowski / Southeastern Michigan Jazz Association / June, 2010 http://www.semja.org/jun2010/records.html
  11. Tough crowd here! I enjoyed it myself and I've seen Wild Man Blues and many of his films and he of course uses Dick Hyman and also Vince Giordano in his films. I say good for him. He states that he likes modern jazz but that he really digs the old stuff. I for one am glad that he cares. I noticed in reading this piece the fine young (African American)drummer Marion Felder seemed to "get" Woody's love of early jazz. He is not the great savior of moldy-fig jazz, but he does his little part. It was a well written article. I did look at Iverson's blog and he admits that he was "over the top" after reading the Voice.
  12. I'd love that Belgrave issue.
  13. Burton Greene

    I was curious about Paul Stocker and a quick google search yielded this: http://www.jazzloft.com/p-41847-maiden-voyage-jazz-orchestra.aspx I see his band covers Ntylo Ntylo a South Africa tune I've played in several bands for almost 30 years. He is the the 1st non- S.African to cover this tune besides my crew here in Detroit, at least that I know of.
  14. Treme

    Detroit ME TOO!