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  1. Alan Barnes

    My favorite Alan Barnes cd is called "Cannonball" it is a killer!! but it is on the ASC label I also enjoy his cd with Tony Coe "Days of wine and roses" on the Zephir label. I had the pleasure of meeting Alan in South Africa, not only he is a great musician but what a comedian too!
  2. Lhasa de Sela (1972-2010)

    They should be enough video material around to produce a nice music DVD. I've just ordered her new cd. She was one of the few young singer that was able to emotionally move me. Maybe like Eva Cassidy her biggest successes will be after her death!! It is just so freaking unfair.
  3. Legion of Honor for René Urtreger

    As you said too many people get this reward these day, even Michel Leeb got it!! But I am glad for Mr Urtreger
  4. SACD/DVD A v. CD

    I have been asking myself the question many times, does SACD sound better than RBCD? My conclusions are that yes in most cases they do sound better, but the reason I could accept is that maybe more care is taken by the recording and mastering engineers because it is SACD?? I like SACD's but sometimes I find them a little bland, it seems less colorful than lp's for example. I also have quite a few RBCD's than sounds as good as most of my SACD's One evening I had a few audiophiles around and we played mostly SACD's except for 1 RBCD which everybody tought sounded the best, they did not know it was a RBCD! I certainly do not buy the music because it is on a SACD. My system is I would imagine quite "high end" (20000$)
  5. Need a new amp

    The tubes are only in the preamp section, from my experience these should last for at least 10 years and if you feel nervous about it just buy yourself a set for about 30$ and swop just to make sure the old ones sound as good as the new ones. As they are externally mounted the swop is as easy as pir. These tubes can be found basically anywhere. The big plus with this amp is the sound. It was a Class A stereophile component and being in the hifi business I am yet to hear an integrated that sounds as good in this price bracket. It is beautifully made and looks great. (I am not Pathos agent)
  6. Chris Connor

    Of the younger female singers, Dominique Eade comes closest. She did a very original 5/4 rendition of "Moon Ray" on her Christy/Connor tribute CD "When the wind was cool". Check her out, you'll like her.
  7. Need a new amp

    In the category you are looking for I do not know of any amp better than the Pathos Classic 1 Mk 3 70w/channel, a real classic, you maybe can find a mK2 at a lower price and not give up too much in performance. The Mk1 is not in the same league Good luck
  8. Thanks for the tip, I placed my order. The podcast was great and the Dorian recording sounds good.
  9. Widor symphonies for organ

    Thanks for the infos, I am relatively new to organ music but enjoy it very much, I ll check the Dupre and Reger works I do have the Cesar Frank which i also enjoy. BTW the Widor symphonies are played in different venues but all of them on Cavaille -Coll organs and as you said, unique and beautiful sounding.
  10. Widor symphonies for organ

    I actually enjoy all of them, sure 5 is the well known one! If I had to pick another maybe no 1?? On this particulare set each of the 10 symphonies is played at a different venue, and 1 maybe stands out because of the incredible recording quality. I bought this 5 cd's set on special from the FNAC for 10 Euros so if you shop around maybe you can find a reasonably priced set. Not too sure about other composers having written symphonies as such, obviously Poulenc, Frank, and Saint Seans did write symphonies for the organ but it always includes an orchestra. As far as organ only works I really enjoy Frank and Mendelssohn especially this recording http://www.amazon.com/Mendelssohn-Organ-So...7697&sr=1-3 BTW the seller includes shipping in his price.
  11. going through this 5 cd box, absolutely marvellous playing and recording http://www.solstice-music.com/caddie/detai...?id_art=50&
  12. Laura Izibor

    But but but, the drummer is killing me!!
  13. Melody Gardot - check her out.

    Got her latest cd, it sounds a little too pretty, sometimes she sounds a little like a very tame Amy Winehouse and on other tracks like Norah Jones. I would not buy it again!
  14. RIP Tina Marsh

    Tina Marsh, has left us. Tina was an extraordinary, inspiring person. . . vocalist, composer, orchestra leader, a singular presence and a powerhouse in her home of Austin, TX, and well beyond. She had a way of going straight to the emotional core of whatever she sang, expressing music with the greatest courage and generosity. She was too young to leave us. Honestly, I don't know if you knew Tina or her music. But here an article about her that went up only a couple hours after she died. http://www.austin360.com/blogs/content/sha...tina_marsh.html And here's a video that's just one example of her special kind of magic. If you didn't know Tina's work, well, it's ten minutes long, but I think if you watch it all the way through, you'll be glad you did. She could also sings jazz standards a good example is "When or when" which can be heard on http://www.myspace.com/tinamarshcreop
  15. Why audio quality matters

    Here is an interesting conversation about why good sound is important when listening to music. http://philoctetes.org/Past_Programs/Deep_...Quality_Matters