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  1. I enjoyed this article in Harper's about the Watts Towers. (You know the towers from the cover of Don Cherry's "Brown Rice" (mentioned in the article) and Harold Land's "In the Land of Jazz" (not).)
  2. http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/music/reich/ct-jazz-delmark-store-ent-0504-20160503-column.html
  3. Mundell Lowe at 94

    Nice little article and interview with Lowe in yesterday's San Diego Union-Tribune...including information on the upcoming 94th birthday concert. Not many people left that recorded with Bird.
  4. Underrated? Not sure just what that means, but I think these are worth a listen: Wardell Gray - Memorial Vol 1 and 2 James Moody - Swedish Crowns/Sextet sides (1949) Sonny Stitt and Bud Powell Possibly the only vocal records you'll ever hear me recommend: King Pleasure and Eddie Jefferson - I wanted to choose Letter from Home, but that's a Riverside. So Body and Soul or either of the mid-fifties sessions with James Moody. Oddly, as much as I love Hampton Hawes, his Prestige stuff is - to my ears - far from his best.
  5. ...and, of course, that's why we had to use our employers' servers to post; virtually no other form of access to the internets. I'd venture a guess that the people who posted "carelessly" back then wouldn't ever do so now. It's the newer people who don't really understand/appreciate how the internet and Web work.
  6. Farewell Robin Williams

    So sorry to hear this. RIP Robin Williams. I saw him a several shows in small San Francisco clubs while I was growing up. Great man.
  7. Former Member bill barton

    in fairness to our board members, i started this thread wondering if anyone had heard from bill barton, wondering if he was ok. had i known where it would have led us, i would not have begun it. Nor would I have posted the news I did. And yet I know that someone would have "found out" anyway. Ah, life in the Google era.
  8. I believe it's limied to those stores that choose to belong to the (relevant) organization. I just think of it (in the context of record stores) as a complement to the http://www.recordstoreday.com list
  9. Did you click on the thumb? Looks like it's U.S.- and Canada-only.
  10. Hertz discount code

    Try here or, for the British, here. No guarantees. Good luck.
  11. Another (mostly?) half-priced extravaganza. "Making Room For Fall New Releases! It's time to clear the shelves to make room for fall releases. We've marked down over 50 HatHut titles - most of them have never been on sale! Regularly $16.95-32.95. Now $8.48-16.49! Paul Bley - Anthony Braxton - John Cage - John Carter & Bobby Bradford - Ellery Eskelin - Morton Feldman - Charles Ives - Theo Jorgensmann - Steve Lacy - Oliver Lake - Daniel Levin - David Liebman - Joe McPhee - Russ Lossing - Anthony Ortega - Max Roach - Mike Westbrook - Many More! TWO WEEKS ONLY! ORDERS FILLED IN ORDER RECEIVED. " ONLY AT: JAZZLOFT.COM
  12. Former Member bill barton

    All in favor of letting this thread die, say nothing. I'm being facetious. But seeing it pop up isn't helping me stay in a state of denial. I'm remembering (our) Bill as a friend of jazz and a guy who was nice in his interactions with me. That Bill lives. The other is innocent until proven guilty.