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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Miles Davis Tribute to Jack Johnson What a great band on this record.
  2. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Song for Wounded Knee The Richard Davis Trio w/ Joe Beck and Jack DeJohnette
  3. Warne Marsh book Out of Nowhere

    First post in awhile. I picked up this book awhile ago and only now have picked it up again. At first I was put off by the novel format. I am sure that the author took liberties with details of his life, interactions with Tristano, Konitz et al, as well as specifics of Warne's personal life. I am hoping to find a book on Marsh that is more academic in scope. But this one is a good read nevertheless. Out of Nowhere The Musical Life of Warne Marsh A novel by Marcus M. Cornelius Aurora Nova publishing
  4. Bill Frisell--Valentine

    Yes. Beautiful music.
  5. 21st Century Schizoid Man big band chart

    A friend of mine gave me his big band arrangement of King Crimson's 21st Century Man. I've added to my big band book. I can't wait to call it up, but God only knows when a vaccine will be available and this pandemic will be in the rear view mirror.
  6. Things Written On Used LPs You've Picked Up

    In 1983 I bought a jazz lp collection from a retired trumpet player. First edition Blue Notes, Savoys, Pacific Jazz, etc. All told close to 100 records. He asked $3 each. I offered to buy the whole lot if he'd take $2 each. He accepted. The best record coup I have ever managed. The common thread being all of them had trumpet players on them. And he wrote his name on the back of every record jacket. NICE!
  7. Album Covers That Make You Say "Uhhhh...."

    Looks like Larry has it going on.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Last night I was listening to some tracks from Bill Frisell's newest CD "Valentine" I first heard him on the German import CD "Deep Dead Blue" - a duo with Elvis Costello. Stunningly gorgeous. And highly recommended. Frisell's music always takes me to a better place.
  9. Warne Marsh book Out of Nowhere

    Damn, copies are pricey as hell. Even kindle versions.
  10. everything SAM RIVERS - whacha got?? - and talk about 'em all!

    My first exposure to Sam Rivers was via Dave Holland's ECM Conference of the Birds. Since then I picked up several of his leader dates, including three on Blue Note. And I have the CBS release Miles in Tokyo. Terrific. It is only too bad that he didn't stay on the band longer. I had read that Miles didn't dig him, explaining his brief tenure.
  11. Jazz Police, University Jazz Program Nightmare Stories

    I returned to college after living in Germany for awhile. I had been playing trio and quartet "piano-less" groups. So when I was required to be in a small group in pursuit of my degrees I organized a quartet of me (trombone), soprano sax, bass and drums. I got immediate pushback at the organizational powwow from the prof in charge who told me that there were a lot of pianists needing to play. I defended the instrumentation of my group by pointing out historical precedence. Gerry Mulligan's small groups as well as the fantastic but underrecorded Lacy/Rudd quartet (School Days being their only documented recording....until decades later anyway) Kudos to the prof who accepted my argument, and my group was "accepted"
  12. Warne Marsh book Out of Nowhere

  13. Baby Face Willette

    I know this can't be the first thread on Baby Face Willette, but after riding to a gig and back with Sngrey and having heard BFW for the first time (courtesy of same co-passenger), I am now a convert! What a beautiful record..the one with Fred Jackson on tenor. Wow At any rate, Jim spoke of the mystery of Baby Face's fate. I did a google search this morning and stumbled across this "doodlin'" website. I certainly can't (and won't) vouch for the credibility of the author of this page, but he addresses this subject, and seems to have come to conclusions. For whatever it is worth, here is what I found (and, thanks Jim for the sounds! What Lola wants, Lola gets!)
  14. Marzette Watts

    Any history background etc on this free jazz tenor player from the late 60"s? I was tracking down trombonist Marty Cook whom I crossed paths with in Munich in the mid-80s when I found this link. Not for the faint of heart. Interesting. The female non textual voices are effective in this setting. Lonely Woman...different band different LP. Very nice.
  15. Lee Morgan bootlegs on Trip

    Is anyone knowledgeable about the label "Trip". I came across two Lee Morgan LPs on Trip at a used vinyl store yesterday. I have one of them already (released on Phoenix10). The recording quality on these sides is simply awful. They sound as if someone used a portable recorded held on their lap! The mastering is non-existing, and the balance is ridiculous. On the plus side, the fire and energy of these performances is off the charts, and I wouldn't be without them in my collection. The two I have: "Lee Morgan - Speedball" (Trip TLP 5020) also on Phoenix10 (PHX 316) songs: "Willow Weep for Me" - 20:27 "Peyote" - 13:10 "Speedball" - 6:17 "Lee Morgan - One of a Kind" (Trip 5029) songs: "Meo Felia" - 17:17) "C.P." (actually "Ceora") - 16:20 "Speedball" - 1:53 (From the dialogue on these releases, I concluded that Speedball was used as Lee's break tune during this period) Questions: 1) Can anyone confirm the personnel on these dates? They sound as if they are from the same recording. I always had assumed the tenor player from this period to be Bennie Maupin, but TLP 5029 has Billy Harper listed as the tenor player. There is no listing of personnel for TLP 5020, but the Phoenix release has it as follows: Lee Morgan w/ Bennie Maupin - tenor sax Harold Mabern - piano Jymie Merritt - bass Mickey Roker - drums 2) Was "Meo Felia" ever commercially released? (At least that is the name of the composition as listed on the LP). I have often wondered how many tunes that this group played were never documented due to Lee's death. This was a special band. 3) Were other releases on Trip better quality? Were they all bootleg?
  16. jazz musician pseudonyms

    Forwarded to me. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of these, but they are interesting nonetheless....slide_advantage Hi All.... Below is correspondence between George Avakian and his son, Greg...if you forgot G. Avakian's importance to the jazz and record industry, go to: Enjoy the comments at the end of the grid. Alan K. Subject: Jazz players' pseudonyms - Great fun! Dear Greg: (and I will send this also to some friends who may enjoy the added comments) Thank you for emailing me the print-out of the Jazz Musician Pseudonyms that I couldn't download. Great fun indeed! They were forwarded to me by Wayne Wright, Woody Herman's guitarist for decades, who is a delightful wit - as was Woody himself. Love from Mom also - Dad P. S. - You might enjoy knowing about how some of them came about, so I added some comments at the end about those names that I numbered in bold type within the chart itself. ============================= Jazz Musician Pseudonyms compiled by Jack Woker ------------------------------------------------------------------------ __________________________________ Pseudonym Real Name Album ------------------------------------------------------------ Shoeless Henry Aaron Harry Allen Bob Wilber "Budafora Blowup", Arbors 1996 ---------------------------------------------------------- Gabriel Armstrong Jon Faddis Al Grey "Live At The Floating Jazz Festival", Chiaroscuro, 1990 --------------------------------------------------------- Bill Bailey Count Basie Joe Newman & the Boys in the Band, Storyville, 1954 ---------------------------------------------------------- Barbecue Joe Wingy Manone Champion, 1930 ------------------------------------------------------------ (1) Kunst Bauer Art Farmer Teo Macero "What's New?", Columbia, 1955 ----------------------------------------------------------- Buzzy Bavarian Al Gafa Kai Winding, "Dirty Dog", Verve, 1966 ------------------------------------------------------------ Johnny Beecher Plas Johnson "Sax Fifth Avenue", Charter, 1962 ----------------------------------------------------------- Sam Beethoven Jimmy Raney Cohn-Perkins-Kamuca "The Brothers", RCA, 1955 --------------------------------------------------------- Blue Bells Louie Bellson Sam Most, Debut, 1953 ------------------------------------------------------- Ferris Bender Jackie McLean Art Blakey "Night in Tunisia", Vik, 1957 -------------------------------------------------------- Ralph & Bert Berg Reinhold Svensson & Charles Norman Metronome, 1950 ------------------------------------------------------- (2) John Berks Dizzy Gillespie Slim Gaillard, Bel-Tone, 1945 ------------------------------------------------------ Dju Berry Stan Getz Jimmy Gourley "No More", Musica, 1981 ---------------------------------------------------------- (2) John Birks Dizzy Gillespie Jazz At The Philharmonic, Disc, 1946 ------------------------------------------------------------- Blockbuster Cannonball Adderley Jon Hendricks "A Good Git Together", Pacific Jazz, 1959 ---------------------------------------------------------------- B. Bopstein Dizzy Gillespie Tony Scott, Gotham, 1946 --------------------------------------------------------------- Jud Brotherly Cannonball Adderley "Ray Brown With The All-Star Big Band", Verve, 1962 --------------------------------------------------------------- Pat Brotherly Nat Adderley "Ray Brown With The All-Star Big Band", Verve, 1962 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Boots Brown Shorty Rogers "Rock That Beat", Groove, 1952-53 RCA Victor singles, 1958 --------------------------------------------------------------- Tiger Brown Maynard Ferguson Ben Webster, Mercury, 1951 "Jazz Studio 4", Decca, 1955 ---------------------------------------------------------- (2) John Burk Dizzy Gillespie Wilbert Baranco, Black & White, 1946 ------------------------------------------------------------ Joe Callaghan AndrC) Ekyan Ducretet-Thomson, c. 1954 -------------------------------------------------------------- Lord Calvert Nat King Cole The Keynoters, Keynote, 1946 --------------------------------------------------------------- Steve Canyon Stan Kenton -------------------------------------------------------------- Billy Carton Benny Carter Varsity Seven, Varsity, 1939 ---------------------------------------------------------- Unidentified Cat Gato Barbieri Carla Bley, Watt -------------------------------------------------------------- Pete Cera Pete Jolly Jon Eardley "Quartet", Prestige, 1955 Shorty Rogers "The Swinging Mr. Rogers", Atlantic, 1955 ------------------------------------------------------------ (3) Charlie Chan Charlie Parker "Jazz At Massey Hall", Debut, 1953; Miles Davis "Collector's Items", Prestige, 1953 ------------------------------------------------------------ Friendly Chap Buddy Guy Junior Wells "Hoodoo Man Blues, Delmark ---------------------------------------------------------------- Prince Charming Count Basie Kansas City Seven, Keynote, 1944 -------------------------------------------------------------- Cootie Chesterfield Pete Candoli Peggy Lee "Black Coffee", Decca, 1953 ----------------------------------------------------------- Joe Chevrolet Joe Dodge Paul Desmond "Quartet Featuring Don Elliott", Fantasy, 1956 -------------------------------------------------------- Chicago Flash Gene Krupa --------------------------------------------------------- I Ching Freddie Redd Howard McGhee "The Connection", Felsted, 1960 -------------------------------------------------------------- Ronnie Clark Herbie Hancock Roy Ayers bVirgo Vibesb, Atlantic, 1968 -------------------------------------------------------------- Clarence Clump Benny Carter Capitol, 1948 ------------------------------------------------------------ Sven Coolson Stan Getz Jimmy Raney "Plays", Prestige, 1953 ------------------------------------------------------------ Little Miss Cott Shirley Scott Stanley Turrentine "Dearly Beloved", Blue Note, 1961 ---------------------------------------------------------- G. Reat Dane Kai Winding Tony Scott bSeptetb, RCA Victor, 1955 ----------------------------------------------------------- E. Dankworth Wynton Marsalis Marcus Roberts "Deep In The Shed", RCA Eric Reed "It's Alright To Swing" ---------------------------------------------------------- Guy Denis Guy Lafitte Trummy Young, Ducretet-Thomson, 1955 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Guy Denys Guy Lafitte Jean-Pierre Sasson, Ducretet-Thomson, 1954 ------------------------------------------------------------- John Doe Howard Lucraft Howard Lucraft "Showcase For Modern Jazz", Decca, 1957 -------------------------------------------------------------- bBig Jebb Dooley Pee Wee Erwin bThe Dixie Rebelsb, Command, 1961 -------------------------------------------------------------- J. Dough Johnny Guarnieri Louis Armstrong, RCA Victor, 1946 -------------------------------------------------------------- Lonesome Dragon Bob Moses Gary Burton "A Genuine Tong Funeral", RCA, 1967 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Dan Drew Elliot Lawrence "Rock That Beat", Groove, 1952-53 --------------------------------------------------------------- Blind Willie Dunn Eddie Lang w/ Lonnie Johnson, 1928-29 -------------------------------------------------------------- Jules Dupont AndrC) Persiany Guy Lafitte, Club FranC'ais du Disque, 1954 ------------------------------------------------------------ John Durante Buck Clayton Benny Goodman bPlays Selections Featured in the BG Storyb, Capitol, 1955) ------------------------------------------------------------- Sir Edward Harold Vick "The Power of Feeling", Encounter ------------------------------------------------------------ (4) Darlene Edwards Jo Stafford "The Piano Artistry Of Jonathan Edwards", Columbia --------------------------------------------------------------- (4) Jonathan Edwards Paul Weston ----------------------------------------------------------------- Ly N. Ell Lionel Hampton Eddie Condon, Commodore, 1938 -------------------------------------------------------------- Swede Enlovely Charlie Shavers George Williams "Rhythm Was His Business", RCA ------------------------------------------------------------------ Keats Ennam Shelly Manne -------------------------------------------------------------- Maggsi Evonce Howard McGhee Leo Parker, Savoy, 1947 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Gib Fender Howard Roberts June Christy "The Cool School", Capitol, 1959 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Homer Fields Ray Bryant Clark Terry bTread Ye Lightlyb, Cameo, 1963 Charlie Shavers, Jazz Vault, 1962 ------------------------------------------------------------------ "Baron" Fingus Charles Mingus George Wallington Trio, Prestige, 1952 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Chicago Flash Gene Krupa JATP, Asch, 1944 Town Hall Concert, Disc, 1945 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Art Flickreiter Andre Previn Dave Pell "The Big Small Bands", Capitol, 1959 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Phil Forest Phil Woods Nat Pierce "Jazz Romp", Keynote, 1955 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Billy Franklin Don Goldie "Golden Horn", Design ------------------------------------------------------------ "Wild Bill" Funaro Wild Bill Davison George Wettling "Jazz Trios", Kapp, 1956 ------------------------------------------------------------ Phil Funk Phil Woods ------------------------------------------------------------ Ernst Von Funkenstein Ernie Freeman Jimmy Witherspoon "Baby Baby Baby", Prestige, 1963 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Gabriel Dizzy Gillespie Tempo Jazz Men, Dial, 1946 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Irving Garner Paul Smith "The Best Of Irving Garner", Verve, 1956 Buddy DeFranco "Plays Artie Shaw", Verve, 1957 ------------------------------------------------------------ Sir Jonathan Gasser Johnny Smith "Jazz Studio 1", Decca, 1953 -------------------------------------------------------- Hen Gates Jimmy Forman Al Steele, Hi-Lite, 1947 James Moody, Blue Note, 1948 ---------------------------------------------------------- Hen Gates Dizzy Gillespie Charlie Parker, Savoy, 1945 ------------------------------------------------------------ Jimmy Gloomy James Moody Tubby Hayes "Tubby's Back In Town", Smash, 1962 ------------------------------------------------------------ (5) Doc Goldberg Milt Hinton George Williams "We Could Make Such Beautiful Music", RCA ---------------------------------------------------------- Izzie Goldberg Dizzy Gillespie Be Bop Boys, Savoy, 1946 ---------------------------------------------------------- Izzy Goldberg Dizzy Gillespie Joe Marsala, Black & White, 1945 ---------------------------------------------------------- Goliath Lou Bennett Jack Sels, Delahay, 1961 ------------------------------------------------------------ DaWilli Gonga George Duke Cal Tjader "Amazonas", Fantasy; Joe Henderson "Black Miracle", Milestone, 1975; Tom Waits "Blue Valentine", 1978; others. ------------------------------------------------------- George Goodwin Coleridge Goode Ray Nance, Esquire, 1948 ------------------------------------------------------ Blue Grant Grant Green Don Patterson "Tune Up", Prestige, 1971 --------------------------------------------------------- Roy Green Ray Brown Joyce Collins "Girl Here Plays Mean Piano", Jazzland, 1960 ---------------------------------------------------------- Rod Gregory Dick Hyman "Holiday For Lovers", Waldorf, c. 1955 ----------------------------------------------------------- Earl Grey Lou Levy Shorty Rogers "Martians Come Back", Atlantic, 1955 ------------------------------------------------------------ Zane Grudge Don Lamond Guss Hoo "New York Land Dixie", RCA, 1956 ------------------------------------------------------------- Deorge Guke George Duke John Klemmer "Touch", ABC, 1975 ------------------------------------------------------------- Aye Guy Nat King Cole "Lester Young Trio", Mercury, 1946 ---------------------------------------------------------- (6) Ruth Haag Betty Grable Harry James, Columbia, 1945 ------------------------------------------------------------- Sir Osbert Haberdasher Jimmy Raney Al Cohn, "Mr. Music", RCA, 1954 ------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) Half-Valve Rex Stewart Brick Fleaglebs Rhythmakers, HRS, 1947 --------------------------------------------------------------------- J. Harjes Johnny Hodges Earl Hines, Apollo, 1944 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Carleton Harkins Coleman Hawkins Varsity Seven, Varsity, 1939 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bunny Harris Jimmy Raney Dick Collins "King Richard...", RCA, 1954 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bernie Hart Milt Bernhart Jerry Fielding "Swingin' In Hi Fi", Decca, 1956 ----------------------------------------------------- Harvey Johnny Hodges Billy Taylor, Keynote, 1944 ----------------------------------------------------- Bert Herbert Herb Geller "Jazz Studio 4", Decca, 1955 ------------------------------------------------------- Junior Hifitz Milt Hinton Gus Hoo "New York Land Dixie", RCA 1956 ------------------------------------------------------ Honeyboy Homer Ray Bryant Gotham, 1955 ------------------------------------------------------ Gus Hoo Billy Butterfield "New York Land Dixie", RCA, 1956 ----------------------------------------------------- Ike Horowitz Al Cohn Urbie Green "East Coast Jazz", Bethlehem, 1955 ------------------------------------------------------- Shoeless Joe Jackson Mel Powell JATP, Disc, 1946 ------------------------------------------------------- Shoeless John Jackson Benny Goodman Mel Powell, Commodore, 1942 ------------------------------------------------------- John Jackson Benny Goodman Teddy Wilson, Brunswick, 1936 -------------------------------------------------------- L. Jackson GC)o Daly Michel de Villers, Decca, 1954 ------ Sonny Jackson King Curtis Sue, 1961 ---- Jo Jaguar Martial Solal Vogue EPs, 1956 ---------- T-Bone Jefferson Chris Barber Cecil Scott, Columbia, 1959 ---------- Jinx Jingles Teddy Charles Donald Byrd & Pepper Adams, Warwick, 1961 ---------- Phil Johnson George Shearing Night Blooming Jazzmen, Mainstream, 1973 ---------- Spider Johnson Cannonball Adderley Riverside single, 1962 ---------- Little Jazz Roy Eldridge Little Jazz Ensemble, Keynote ---------- Jug Gene Ammons Bennie Green "Soul Stirrin'", Blue Note, 1958 ---------- Stix Kahn Teddy Charles "Mundell Lowe Quintet", RCA Victor, 1954 ---------- Joe Kalamazoo Hubert Rostaing Pretoria ---------- Ken Kenney Red Norvo "Jazz Studio 4", Decca, 1955 ---------- Chuck Kidde Charlie Shavers Coleman Hawkins "Hawk in Hi Fi, RCA Victor, 1956 ----------- John Kildare Dizzy Gillespie Albinia Jones, National, 1945 --------- Oliver King Thad Jones Charles Mingus/John LaPorta "Jazzical Moods", Period, 1954 ---------- Willie "The Rock" Knox Dick Hyman "Ragtime Piano", Waldorf, c. 1955 ---------- Kokomo Jimmy Wisner "Asia Minor", Felsted ---------- Felix Krull Horace Parlan Booker Ervin "That's It", Candid, 1961 ---------- Buckshot La Funque Cannonball Adderley "Here Comes Louis Smith", Blue Note, 1958 ---------------------- Eddie Laguna Nat King Cole Herbie Haymer, Sunset, 1945 ---------- Bob Landy Bob Dylan "The Blues Project", Elektra --- George Lane Eric Dolphy John Coltrane "Ole", Atlantic, 1961 ----- Vera Lane Helen Ward Teddy Wilson, Brunswick, 1936 ---------- Claude Laurence AndrC) Hodeir Swing, 1942 ---------- Kansas Lawrence Carmell Jones Vi Redd "Bird Call", United Artists, 1962 ---------- Bengt Laxeau Bengt Hallberg Monica Zetterlund "Swedish Sensation", Columbia, 1958 ---------- L. Lee Benny Carter Lionel Hampton, Victor, 1939 ---------- Bud Legge Bud Shank June Christy "The Intimate June Christy", Capitol, 1963 ---------- Often LePow Seldon Powell George Williams "We Could Make Such Beautiful Music", RCA ----------- Paul Leslie Les Paul Red Callendar, Sunset, 1945 ---------- Hey Lewis Louis Hayes Pepper Adams & Donald Byrd "Motor City Scene", Bethlehem ---------- Jelly Roll Lipschitz Leonard Feather Leo Watson, Signature, 1946 ---------- Little Brother Nat Adderley King Curtis "The New Scene Of King Curtis", New Jazz, 1960 ---------- Red Loring Red Nichols Julia Lee, Capitol, 1947 ---------- Francis Lowe Ben Webster Mildred Bailey, Vocalion, 1936 ---------- Richard Lowman Dick Hyman Barbara Lea, Prestige, 1956 ---------- Jack Mack Jack McVea Slim Gaillard, Bel-Tone, 1945 ---------- (8) Maurice Fats Waller Eddie Condon, Commodore, 1940 ---------- Buddy Maynard Maynard Ferguson Jerry Fielding "Swingin' In Hi Fi", Decca, 1956 ---------- Henry McDode Hampton Hawes Jimmy Witherspoon "Singin' The Blues", World Pacific, 1958 ---------- Susan Melton Peggy Lee Mel Torme "California Suite", Capitol, 1949 ---------- Moe and Joe J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding Tony Aless "Long Island Suite", Roost, 1956 ---------- Lex Mond Billy Byers Tony Scott, RCA Victor, 1956 ---------- Wilmer Mosby Don Patterson Sonny Stitt bDeuces Wildb, Atlantic, 1966 ---------- El Muchacho Mahlon Clark Ray Linnbs Hollywood Swing Stars, Atomic, 1946 ---------- Rock Murphy Barney Kessel Verve 45's ---------- Shorty Nadine Nat King Cole Jazz At The Philharmonic, Disc, 1944 ---------- Virgil Nameless Johnny Dankworth Cleo Laine, MGM, 1957 ---------- Virgil Nameless Tommy Whittle Cleo Laine, Nixa, 1955 ---------- Nature Boy Nat "King" Cole Stan Getz "Groovin' High", Crown, 1947 ---------- Lord Nelson Sonny Stitt Sensation, 1948 ---------- Geo Noby George Daly Trummy Young, Ducretet-Thomson, 1955 ---------- Jimmy O'Heigho Jimmy Cleveland George Williams "Rhythm Was His Business", RCA, 1956; Manny Albam/Ernie Wilkins "Drum Suite", RCA, 1956 ---------- Derek Olphy Allan Chase John McNeil bFortuityb, Steeplechase, 2001 ---------- Hammond Olson Reinhold Svensson Metronome, 1952 ---------- Olson Brothers Reinhold Svensson & Charles Norman Esquire?, 1950 ---------- A. N. Other Allen Eager --------- Knuckles O'Toole Dick Hyman Waldorf and other labels, 1950s ---------- (9) Pete Pesci Bobby Hackett Eddie Condon, "Bixieland", Columbia, 1955 ---------- Hunt Peters J.J. Johnson Elvin Jones "And Then Again", Atlantic, 1965 ---------- Ronnie Peters Cannonball Adderley Milt Jackson "Plenty Plenty Soul", Atlantic, 1957 ---------- Fefe Phophum Hal McKusick Gus Hoo "New York Land Dixie", RCA 1956 ---------- Mac Pierce Hugh McCracken King Curtis "Trouble In Mind", Tru-Sound, 1961 ---------- Reggie Pitts Ray Ellington Ray Nance, Esquire, 1948 ---------- Buddy Poor Buddy Rich Harry James "Wild About Harry", Capitol, 1957 ----------- Al Portch Laurindo Almeida Pete Rugolo "Percussion At Work", Mercury, 1957 ---------- Al Portch James Stagliano Max Roach bBoston Percussion Ensembleb, Mercury, 1958 ---------- (10) Cue Porter Johnny Hodges Billy Strayhorn "Cue For Saxophone", Felsted, 1958 Booty Wood, English Columbia, 1960 ---------- Brother Powell David Bee Jazz Club, 1965 ---------- Al Price Bill Berry ------ Bubber Prince Sammy Price Albinia Jones, National, 1945 ------------ The Prince Shorty Rogers "Jazz Studio 4", Decca, 1955 ---------- Amanda B. Reckondwith Ruth Underwood George Duke ---------- Manhattan Red Urbie Green Jimmy McPartland, Design, 1960 ---------- Low Reed Michel de Villers Guy Lafitte, PathC), 1954 Jean-Pierre Sasson, Columbia, 1955 Guy Lafitte, Columbia, 1956 ---------- Ragtime Reinhold Reinhold Svensson Metronome, 1953 & 1955 ---------- Bill Richard Dick Katz Ray Nance, Esquire, 1948 ---------- Dirty Rivers Muddy Waters Otis Spann "The Blues Never Die", Prestige, 1964 ---------- (11) James Rivers Jimmy Giuffre John Lewis bWonderful World Of Jazzb, Atlantic, 1960 ---------- Lawrence Rix Lauderic Caton Ray Nance, Esquire, 1948 ---------- Little Rock Pharoah Sanders Leon Thomas "Spirits Known and Unknown", Flying Dutchman, 1969 ---------- Jolly Roger Shorty Rogers Teddy Charles "New Directions", Prestige, 1953 ---------- Slim Romero Fats Navarro Illinois Jacquet, Aladdin, 1947 ---------- Swing Roo Cozy Cole Teddy Wilson, Brunswick, 1937 ---------- Frankie Ross Frank Rosolino Gene Krupa "Lemon Drop", Columbia, 1949 ---------- Martial Royal Martial Solal Jean-Pierre Sasson, Ducretet-Thomson, 1954 ---------- Art Salt Art Pepper Shorty Rogers "Cool & Crazy", RCA Victor, 1954 Shelly Manne & His Men, Contemporary, 1953 ---------- Steve Sax Steve Lacy Joe Lee Wilson "Secrets From the Sun", Sun, c. 1976 ---------- Joe Schmaltz Charlie Shavers Herbie Haymer, Sunset, 1945 ---------- Joe Scott Wynton Kelly Sonny Criss "At The Crossroads", Peacock, 1959 ---------- Sonny Scott Hubert Rostaing Odeon EPs, 1962 ---------- Little Miss Sharecropper Lavern Baker National, c. 1950 ---------- Manny Shell Shelly Manne "Wild One" soundtrack, Decca, 1954 ---------- Roger Short Shorty Rogers "Wild One" soundtrack, Decca, 1954 ---------- C.C. Siegel J.J. Johnson Charlie Parker 10th Memorial Concert", Limelight, 1965 ---------- Big Skol Sonny Boy Williamson Roland Kirk "Kirk in Copenhagen", Mercury, 1963 ---------- Al Smith Teddy Wilson Timme Rosenkrantz, Jazz Star, 1945 ---------- Brother Soul Milt Jackson Quincy Jones "This Is How I Feel About Jazz", ABC, 1956 ---------- (12) George Spelvin Bud Shank June Christy "Junebs Got Rhythm", Capitol, 1958 ---------- Joe Splink Clifford Scott Richard Groove Holmes "Somethin' Special", Pacific Jazz; Carmell Jones "Business Meeting" Pacific Jazz ---------- Kant Standhim Stan Kenton ------------ Ken Stanton Stan Kenton -------- (13) Cinderella G. Stump Jo Stafford Red Ingle, Capitol, 1947 ------------ Mad Milt Summerblouse Boomie Richman Gus Hoo "New York Land Dixie", RCA 1956 ---------- Theoshis Tannis Roland Kirk Eddie Baccus "Feel Real", Smash, 1962 ---------- Erskine Tearblotter Lou McGarity Gus Hoo "New York Land Dixie", RCA 1956 ---------- A Tenorman Ben Webster Carmen McRae "Birds Of A Feather", Decca, 1958 ---------- Ed Theodore Prob. Teddy Edwards Mel Torme "I Dig The Duke, I Dig The Count", Verve, 1960-61 ----------- Chuck Thomas Woody Herman Woody Herman, Capitol, 1949 ---------- Zeke Tolin (anagram of Lee Konitz) Lee Konitz "Gil Evans +10", Prestige, 1957 ---------- Blue Train John Coltrane Cecil Taylor "Stereo Drive", United Artists, 1958 ---------- Bernard Trapps Buddy Rich George Freeman "Man & Woman ", Groove Merchant, 1974 ---------- Fanfan la Tulipe AndrC) Persiany Trummy Young, Ducretet-Thomson, 1955 ---------- Flip Turner Flip Phillips Jazz At The Philharmonic, Mercury, 1947 ---------- Shad Turner Joe Joe Johnson Boots Brown & His Blockbusters, Groove, 1952 ---------- Stan Turner Stanley Turrentine Shirley Scott, bHip Soulb, Prestige, 1961 ---------- Whelan Tyme Hal Schaefer b8 To The Barb, United Artists, 1958 ---------- Peter Urban Art Farmer Teddy Charles "Tentet", Atlantic, 1956 ---------- James Van Dyke Jimmy Cleveland Gigi Gryce, "Orchestra/Quartet", Signal, 1955 ---------- Luke "The Wailer" Danny Bank George Handy "Handyland, U.S.A.", 1954 ---------- Wally Wales Bobby Hackett George Wein, "George Wein Sings", Atlantic, 1955 ---------- Herb Walsh Herb Geller "Best From The West", Blue Note, 1954-55 ---------- Billy Ward Buster Bailey Oriole, 1925 ---------- (14) Roderick Ward Branford Marsalis Kenny Kirkland, GRP, 1991 ---------- Jim Whatsmyname Jimmy Cleveland Lucky Thompson's ABC Paramount Lps, 1956 ---------- Papa Snow White Hot Lips Page Mezzrow-Bechet Septet, King Jazz, 1945 ---------- The Wizzard Raymond Cheng Frank Lowe, "Black Beings", ESP ---------- Eddie Wood Eddie Heywood Rex Stewart, Capitol, 1945 ------ Lion Wrong Leo Wright Lalo Schifrin, 1960s -------------------- Baldy Wynn Moe Wechsler Gus Hoo "New York Land Dixie", RCA 1956 ---------- Drummer X Chico Hamilton John Pisano/Billy Bean "Makin' It, Decca, 1958 ---------- Trumpeter X Harry Edison Manny Albam "Jazz Greats...", Coral, 1957 ---------- Ennam Yllehs Shelly Manne Dave Pell, "The Big Small Bands" Capitol, 1959 ---------- Ashby de la Zooch Irving Ashby Charles Mingus, Four Star, 1946 ---------- Jack Zoot Zoot Sims Ernie Wilkins, RCA, 1955 ---------- Greg: Here are the comments. The numbers are keyed to the numbers in the list above: (1) Kunst Bauer is an exact German translation of Art Farmer's name; he was under contract to Prestige, but assured me it was OK if his name was not used. The album, "What's New," didn't sell much but was an extraordinary success for the two completely unknown composers of its contents, Teo Macero and Bob Prince. I asked them each to create and conduct a suite of about 20 minutes - the length of an LP side at that time. Although both were completely unknown, Teo's side caught the attention of Leonard Bernstein, who commissioned him to write a concerto for jazz sextet and symphony orchestra, which was premiered by the New York Philharmonic. Bob's side caught the ear of Jerome Robbins, who commissioned him add two new movements to three of the compositions for a ballet which Robbins called NY Export: Op. Jazz, that was a long-running smash on Broadway, followed by two world tours, with Bob conducting. A kind of pseudonymic reverse happened on Teo's session. For the personnel credits, I simply told my secretary to take the information on the W-4 slips (which musicians filled out on each date, from which the AFM Form B was prepared and a copy sent to the accounting department for payments). When the album appeared, I was startled to find that one musician, Lanny DiJay, had signed his real name as it appeared on his Social Security card, which is why his album credit read "Orlando DiGirolamo." That was the last time I failed to proof-read liner copy myself. (2) Note the three variations on John Birks Gillespie (Dizzy's full name). . (3) Charlie Chan: Remember your music teacher at the Solebury School? She was Mrs.Chan Parker (Bird's common-law wife). (4) Jonathan Edwards is a convoluted story that goes back to my college days. Around 1957, at a sales and promotion meeting at Columbia spread over 2 or 3 days, Paul Weston sat down at the piano after dinner, demonstrating how he and his wife Jo Stafford had been entertaining at parties with a spoof - Jo as Darlene Edwards, a housewife who had "sacrificed a singing career for marriage," accompanied by her husband - both of them incredibly inept. Jo, a great singer with dead-on pitch and time, mastered the difficult feat of singing sharp at all times (flat is easier), while Paul dropped and added bars, created dreadful harmonies and missed notes magnificently -always out of time with Jo. So we persuaded Paul to prepare an LP (first of a series of perhaps 4 or 5, which are still available on CD). "Mr. Edwards" did not have a first name, so I proposed "Jonathan," and here's why. Kapp Records had successfully launched a pop pianist named Roger Williams, to rival our entry in the field, Liberace. Roger Williams was also the name of a Revolutionary era New England preacher, who with his followers founded the state of Rhode Island. Jonathan Edwards was another clerical leader (in Connecticut) of the time, and my residential college at Yale was named after him. And so the careers of Darlene and Jonathan Edwards was launched. Speaking of Paul and Liberace, here's how we signed Liberace. Paul was in charge of A&R on the coast, and one day he called me to say he was going to sign a pianist who used only his surname, but before he sent any tapes to New York, Paul wanted me to know why he was sold on the guy. An artist manager whose name I can't remember at the moment (he handled folk groups including a very successful singing group we had just signed called the Hi-Lo's) had asked Paul to tune in on a small Los Angeles TV station at 12 noon to catch another client he thought Paul should sign up. Paul naturally wondered why a guy playing piano for 15 minutes on a one-lung TV station in the middle of the day should interest Columbia Records. "At the start of every broadcast," Paul was told, "he lights a candlebra on the piano top, talks to the listeners between songs, tells them how happy he is that they tuned in, asks them to tune in again tomorrow and blows them a kiss" "So?" asked Paul. "Well, since he started broadcasting a few weeks ago, the bank that sponsors him says they've had about a thousand little old tennis-shoe ladies come in to transfer their savings accounts from other banks." (5) When he needed a nom-de-disque, Milt Hinton remembered the real Doc Goldberg who played bass with the Hudson-Delange Orchestra, a very good swing band of the middle thirties. Doc was good enough to be invited to round out the Metronome Magazine All-Stars session of 1941. (6) Ruth Haag was the maiden name of Mrs. Harry James, and her one recording establishes that Betty Grable should have sung more often in her films. (7) "Half-Valve" is an apt pseudonym that describes one of the techniques by which Rex Stewart, a great cornetist, created new sounds on his horn, to the extent that 70 years ago I saw him onstage with Duke Ellington, carrying on a very understandable telephone conversation with vocalist Ivie Anderson - "Hello, John, is that you?" "Yes," etc., ending with them having a spat, and then Ivie goes into Duke's song, "I'm Checkin' Out, Goombye." (8) Maurice was the name of Fats Waller's son. (9) Pete Pesci was the manager of Eddie Condon's first jazz club on West 3rd Street in the Village. Bobby Hackett, one of Condon's regulars, was under contract with capital as featured solist inn Jackie Gleason's enormously successful "mood" albums. Gleason agreed to let me used the pseudonym - and a Down Beat reviewer hailed my discovery of a great new trumpet player. On another Condon LP, I commented in the annotation that a Mr. Chivas was a great help in getting the results of the session, and another Down Beat reviewer (obviously not a connoisseur of Scotch whiskeys) wanted to know what instrument he had played. (10) Cue Porter was the maiden name of Mrs. Johnny Hodges. (11) There is a real James Rivers, who also plays saxophone (as does Jimmy Guiffre). He is a later-generation New Orleans musician. (12) George Spelvin is a generic pseudonym established about 150 years ago in the American theater, to be used whenever an actor doubles in a second role. (13) Cinderella G. Stump is a pre-Darlene Jo Stafford incarnation, spoofing a screechy country singer of dubious pitch and a mistress of the missing bar at the end of a phrase. (14) Roderick Ward was (and may still be) Branford Marsalis's offstage right-hand man.>
  17. Archie Shepp on french television I wish that the performance was uninterrupted. Too much talking, but at least you get to hear Archie speaking French! This site is worth exploring. There is also a rare clip of a young JJ Johnson in trio, playing Like Someone in Love. that Ted Curson?
  18. Name Three People...

    Basketball Jones Johnny Football Johnny Unitas
  19. Name Three People...

    Quincy Jones John Adams Madame Bovary
  20. Name Three People...

    Bruce Jenner Bruce Wayne Wayne Webb
  21. My quintet (aka the jazz refugees) is back at The Meridian Room / Dallas (where mr sangrey and friends held court last week). Of course, Jim shares the front line with me most of the time. (he's a busy guy doncha know) We'd like to be able to hit every Thursday, but pay gigs keep getting in the way. Damn! Next month it should steady up and we'll be there every week for the foreseeable future. We play from 9-12. Great food (and i mean GREAT...just ask Jim; he agrees), a wide selection of beers (micro brews, imports etc), and generally a good time to be had. The staff is nice (and Dana is cute) Give us a holler if you pop in!
  22. Name Three People...

    Slim Pickens Lenny Pickett Lenny Dee
  23. Name Three People...

    Cam Newton Isaac Hayes Bullet Bob Hayes
  24. Name Three People...

    Jan Hammer Nutty Buddy Usain Bolt