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  1. Coltrane Jazz from the Heavyweight Champion Box ( Complete Atl Recordings)
  2. Classical music covered by jazz musicians

    By Mc Coy Tyner - Prelude in Em Opus 24 No 4 (Chopin) - Piano Sonata No 8 in Cm (Beethoven) By Gerad Badini ( French saxophonist and Big Band Leader ) - Children's Corner (Debussy) - Suite Bergamasque (Debussy) - La plus que Lente (Debussy) By Francy Boland - Frühlingsstimmen (Johann Strauss) - Kaiservalser (Johann Strauss) - Rosenkavalier (Richard Strauss)
  3. ebay madness re: vinyl

    Really? Where? On Ebay ! I 've got this Lp set for $58 , and the condition of the Box/LP is NM , Blue Note Sessions
  4. Vintage Cannonball Clip

    you can see here a cut version in b&w with a better sound enjoy ! gilles
  5. Thad Jones - Mel Lewis Big Band

    HOORAY for Cannonball !!! cannonball on video
  7. big deal oops , i think the final price will be .. $4000
  8. Hello , I Just want to know if i can find BLUE NOTE sessions issued on a MINIDISC (MD) thanks
  9. Andy Marsala

    hi i've got a video with Cannonball Live at the Newport Festival , june 1960 or my website The show included a Sax Battle , Cannonball vs Andy Marsala . Who know this young sax player ? still on stage ? gilles