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  1. I ate at the Patsy's up in Spanish Harlem today. Pretty good... probably about as good as you can do in Manhattan without having to wait in line. Just $11 for a large pie!
  2. "Every time I jog nude it should be an historic occassion for you."
  3. Albert Ayler ESP CDs

    The wife has mentioned on many occasions what we could buy if I sold off my cd's Hope she isn't on ebay...
  4. Albert Ayler ESP CDs

    The ESP stuff seems to always be around, but that may be a misperception on my part (or a product of my location).
  5. Squirrel mini-emergency

    Not to worry - my new place has storm windows. The squirrel incident was sort of the last straw for my old apartment.
  6. OK, so I have one of those window air conditioners with the flimsy expanding plastic accordion guards that fills up the window space, as shown in the link below: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...6lr%3D%26sa%3DN There is now a big squirrel on the ledge of my air conditioner window hell bent on getting into my apartment, and he's getting pretty close. I live in an open apartment with a cat, so if he gets in I'm going to have a very ugly episode of Wild Kingdom playing itself out in my living room. Any ideas on getting rid of the squirrel? I obviously can't take the air conditioner out to close the window. I've tried making a lot of noise (roaring, stomping my feet), but that just gets him to stop pushing on the accordian guard for a little while... it doesn't make him go away. I'd prefer to avoid hurting the squirrel, but if I have to I will (the risk of rabies, bites, and injuries to my cat are all larger concerns to me than the wellfare of the squirrel, but I'm not completely heartless). Thanks for any ideas.
  7. Like it or not, I think this is the future... If I could stream entire major label archives in cd-quality sound legally and for free, I would be happy.
  8. Squirrel mini-emergency

    It chewed through the wood window frame upstairs (and most of the way through mine). But the nonprofit upstairs is still stuck with a hole chewed straight through the window (the landlord never fixes anything regardless of severity or urgency). Now that makes more sense....I've seen some crazy squirrels including one that ate himself to death and died next to a consumed 40 lb. bag of sunflower seeds in my garage dead with all fours in the air!....but not one that could eat through glass! m~ At 1:17AM I tend to fogive myself for saying "the window" when I mean more specifically "the window frame".
  9. Squirrel mini-emergency

    It chewed through the wood window frame upstairs (and most of the way through mine).
  10. Makes sense to me (although a quarter bil still seems high - what could the total value of their assets have been?) Obviously we're not going to reach a conclusion, but the fact that they had all that cash is really what leaped out at me about this story, so it is hard not to conjecture.
  11. Pretty odd for a supposed honest private bank, pretty normal for unclear business. And don't forget that in a war, everything is paid by cash, from food to kalashnikov. I agree with your first point, and that's sort of what was going through my mind. I also "get" your second point, to an extent, but it still doesn't make sense to me. How can a bank (assuming it really is just an honest bank) possibly be making money by keeping that much in CASH??? Almost by definition their equity would have to be depreciating. I think the answer goes back to your original point - it sounds like something shadey was going on at this "bank".
  12. I'm not surprised that they are keeping their funds in dollars (though I personally would choose a different currency for that amount), but I am surprised they were holding that much actual cash on hand. I would think the typical bank holds at most a few million on hand, with the rest in liquid investments; I mean, it is a float driven business, right? What use could they possibly have for over a quarter billion under the proverbial mattress? Seems pretty odd to me.
  13. In 1979, at the age of four, I was listening to metal and punk tapes that a ten year old in an upstairs apartment made for me. I wish to god I still had those, just for kicks. BTW, that upstairs neighbor went on to be a death metal musician of some small measure of notoriety. He recently commited suicide.
  14. Custom fit musician's earplugs are one of the best investments I have ever made. Anyone cranking their ipods loud enough to hear them on the subway is asking for trouble.
  15. Attention New Yorkers

  16. My office is just a few blocks from the Grace Building on 43rd Street. Passing by on my way to the subway this evening, I noticed a banner for a free lunchtime concert series. I read looked over the schedule with very low expectations, and boy was I surprised! July 10 | Tuesday SambaSunda July 11 | Wednesday, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm Strange Fruit July 17 | Tuesday Henry Grimes July 24 | Tuesday Vieux Farka Touré July 31 | Tuesday Somi August 7 | Tuesday Terry Radigan August 14 | Tuesday Marie Knight Looks like I will have to figure a way to step out of the office on a Tuesday or two this summer...
  17. Jean Sibelius

    I don't know his music, but that is one stern looking dude.
  18. Attention New Yorkers

    Damnit, I just found out that I'm going to have to miss the Grimes set, even though it is only a couple blocks from my office.
  19. Charlie Parker Live Savoy Box Disc 4
  20. Fair prices

    Not too long ago I bought the Fuller from a board member for $85. I'm not sure how typical that price is, but I can tell you that the thread had been started about an hour or so before I agreed to buy it.
  21. Cecil Taylor box FS

    Thanks. Sorry to be a pain, but I actually just recalled that my girlfriend hinted a couple weeks ago that she might pick this up for my birthday - when I see her (in an hour or so) I will mention that I can get this for $175 and take note of her reaction - if it looks like I am getting something else from her I will certainly buy this from you, assuming it is still available.
  22. Cecil Taylor box FS

    Is this the Feel Trio box? If so, I am interested.
  23. Kenny G Dispels Supergroup Rumor

    Sounds like the house band in hell.
  24. Albert Ayler ESP CDs

    The box doesn't appear on the ESP website, which while not conclusive is clearly very highly suspicious.
  25. I undestand. I was just getting nitpicky. Anyway, I never really thought that MG literally meant "always" in his original post - I took that as a colloquial "always" since the literal interpretation is obviously false. If you read his statement as a colloquial always, then I absolutely think the statement is correct.