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  1. 43 minutes ago, HutchFan said:

    Now spinning:


    Stanley Turrentine - Jubilee Shouts (Blue Note, rel. 1978)
    Side 3 & 4 - with Tommy Turrentine, Kenny Burrell, Sonny Clark, Butch Warren, and Al Harewood

    Subsequently issued on CD as Jubilee Shout!!!  (minus the LP's final "s" on Shouts; plus 3 exclamation points). 

    One of Mr. T's finest BN sessions, I think. 


    The CD was issued as "Jubilee Shout!!!" because it had been given a catalog number (84122) and had album art made up back in 1963 but for some reason, it didn't get released until 1978 on this two-fer. I guess Cuscuna figured that he'd use the original title when he finally got the chance. :)

  2. 17 hours ago, mjazzg said:


    Julian Priester And Marine Intrusion - Polarization [ECM, Germany 1977]

    Revisiting this and I was prompted, maybe for the first time, to check who was playing saxophone - Ron Stallings, now I need to find out more about him.  So how did someone more used to playing with Elvin Bishop, Southern Comfort and later Huey Lewis get this gig I wonder?

    I wonder how Priester is doing these days? Both medically and financially, he's had it rough these past 20 or so years, from having no retirement funds, to requiring expensive medication due to his liver transplant, which caused kidney failure & dialysis and his wife dying unexpectedly last May.

  3. 17 hours ago, jazzbo said:

    I bought my wife a Bose CD player/radio unit as she can't figure out my stereo system(s) or care to. It actually fills a large living room area with decent sound, especially when you get the polarity of the power cord right (it wasn't in right for a while, it uses a "C" type connector to the unit and the one supplied was not polarity specific; when I reversed the connection to the original way the sound improved.)

    I would suggest that there is something else at play here.  Flipping the hot/neutral should not alter the sound. The AC hot/neutral wires go into a transformer on the other side of the back panel and by design, a transformer works with the neutral and hot on either pole.

    And in truth, AC is not technically polarized. The "polarity" on a polarized AC plug is there to indicate the hot & neutral feeds mainly as a safety feature. The wide blade is the neutral and the smaller blade is hot. Doing this allows the manufacturer to put their power switch in the hot feed. With a polarized plug, you open up the hot feed with the power switch when you turn it off. If the manufacturer shut the unit off using the neutral feed, there is a chance that the hot feed could still inside the unit and could cause a shock if someone was working inside and accidentally provided a ground path to that hot node.

  4. Larry - buy a pair of Klipsch powered speakers, either the R-41PM or the R-51PM. I have a pair of the R-41PMs that I am using for my computer speakers. I am using USB from my PC . It also has Bluetooth (to allow you to play music from your phone - try the Sirius/XM app if you subscribe) and two analog inputs (one RCA & one submini)  that can even be switched to a phono input, using the a built-in phono preamp.

    All of the inputs can be controlled from the remote, which also has a volume control.


  5. This was recorded live January 5, 6 & 7, 2018, at SMOKE Jazz and Supper Club, NYC. Smoke Sessions already released some of this material on CD last year:


    I'll have to pick up these two CDs. This is a great band.

    If you prefer to just hear the trio, there's this release from a few years ago:


  6. Nick Brignola - This Is It! (Priam). I have been looking for this very rare LP for many years but never came close. I never even saw the cover until a friend sent me a link to listen to it. It's pretty good for a private recording. There even seems to be some overdubbing (unless someone uncredited is playing bari alongside Nick). Nick is credited with Bari Sax, Alto Sax, Saxello, Flute & Acoustic Bass. The rhythm section is Reese Markewich on piano, Glen Moore on bass & Dick Berk on drums. Whoever needle-dropped this had a very clean record or access to the master. Ne'er a click to be heard.

    I wonder what happened to this tape? Wasn't Priam Brignola's private label? Maybe his estate has the tape?




  7. Eddie Daniels - First Prize! (Prestige mono). Daniels with Roland Hanna (p); Richard Davis (b) & Mel Lewis (d). This is a very nice date by Daniels, who surprisingly only plays clarinet on 3 of the 8 tracks. On the remainder of the tracks, he plays tenor sax and sounds pretty good doing it. As good as he is on the clarinet I'm surprised he didn't stick with it.


  8. George Benson/Jack McDuff (OJC/Prestige). A 1977 Prestige two-fer of "The New Boss Guitar Of George Benson" coupled with "Hot Barbeque" that would appear to have been designed to capitalize on Benson's recent popularity.




    While the Benson date has been issued as a standalone CD in the OJC series, this is the only way to get "Hot Barbeque" on CD unless you get one of the harder-to-find Japanese CDs.

  9. 9 hours ago, medjuck said:

    Why?  (I always think everything in Maine should be compared to the neighbouring province New Brunswick, where I'm from. )

    The numbers are going up everywhere due to the Delta variant. Also, the Northern part of Maine is very rural and due to a large right-leaning population up there, has a much lower vaccination rate than the Southern end of the state. As a result, they are seeing a lot more cases and a lot more cases requiring hospitalization, which is putting a strain on their hospitals as they have a lot less ICU beds up there to begin with. For instance, York County, the Southernmost county where I live, has a population of ~208,000 people and has had 721 cases from Sept. 16-29. Penobscot County, which has a population of 152,000 has had 1,541 cases during that same time period.

  10. I am so glad I got to see him live several times, once at the famed Village Vanguard, which was absolutely incredible. At the Vanguard, he told a joke that had most of us laughing pretty good. I wish I could remember it now.

    RIP Lonnie. You delivered the goods.

  11. On 6/15/2020 at 3:31 PM, bresna said:

    My old PC speakers died and I found a pair of Klipsch R-41PM speakers on sale at Best Buy for $249 (normally $399), so I grabbed a pair. They sound very nice and I'm glad I got them. I even like the dynamic bass boost that everyone complains about. :)

    Klipsch Reference R-41M Bookshelf speakers at Crutchfield

    I'm glad I bought these last year. The list price bumped up to $499 and there are not many discounts on them. My $249 purchase looks like a steal.

    The Klipsch Pro Media speakers still seem to getting decent reviews. The Klipsch website has them for $129:

  12. After reading Frank's comments about publishing rights, I was happy to read this article: I was also saddened that it happened shortly before he died and even sadder, after he had had a stroke rendering him unable to play. I didn't know he had a stroke in 2001. I used to wonder why he never seemed to tour in the late 90s/early 00s. Now I know.