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  1. 14 hours ago, jazztrain said:


    No need to bury you yet.  The Giants and Dodgers were both gone before I arrived in NY (1960).  The Mets played their first two years in the Polo Grounds, so I had a chance to see a few games there.  It seemed absolutely ancient.  

    Very envious that you saw the Polo Grounds. I read a lot of baseball history, especially growing up, and I also thought "how foreign those stadiums back east are." Fenway, Yankee Stadium, Polo Grounds, Ebbets Field, Shibe Park, et. al., they were so different than the modern world, I loved it whenever I could see a picture of them (this was way back in the pre-computer Stone Age), always blank-and-white, always mysterious. I still love to look at pictures of them.

  2. 2 hours ago, jazztrain said:

    Sigh.  All my boyhood heroes are passing on.

    I just pulled out a few scorecards from my files.  One is from a Braves game vs. the Mets at the Polo Grounds.  Sept. 1, 1963.  What memories!

    I am insanely, and I mean INSANELY, jealous that you saw a game at the Polo Grounds. Just bury me now and tell me you also went to Ebbets Field.

  3. It's confusing here in NoCal, I keep hearing two age limits: +65 go first. And reports that anyone +55 can get a shot. Either way, the latest word I received from John Muir Medical is +65 and three weeks are already booked. So this 62 year old has no idea when I'm getting the call, I figure toward summer. I was hesitant, but I just read the Boris Johnson says the new strain is 30% more lethal, that's scary.

  4. On 11/25/2020 at 7:50 AM, Dan Gould said:

    I don't think that last bit is scuttlebutt, I think Theo has said directly that he's interested in an ownership stake. the rest of it is just silly guessing.  And the Yankees should be about 100-1 they aren't hiring Theo to make baseball decisions.

    So what are the odds current ownership puts their team on the market, for the Rangers or Indians?  

    Theo Epstein to MLB was not on my card. It seems like a placeholder job to me. This way, he can get a good look at all the teams, and maybe invest in a group to take over a franchise. If before that, he can help speed up games and add some common sense to things, good for him.

  5. Last month a close friend died from covid that he contracted at his assisted living facility. He was the contact person who I met that introduced me into the organization that I'm still in now, knew him for forty years.

    Maybe because I'm in California, but I see 2021 as a year that will be in a continual stay-at-home mode, off and on, throughout the year. It's impossible to plan anything. I'm responsible for planning a big, five hundred person hotel conference event; had to cancel 2020 and forget 2021. I've postponed it to 2025, but even then, who knows if that kind of event is possible even then given the new reality.  

    I'm trying my best to be responsible and attentive to others. I always wear a mask outside or in a public area. When I have to go to in-person large group meetings with others from out of state, I always test afterward (there's a good, accessible program in Napa). My big fear is what the present situation is doing to our society, it seems as if a generation of students are being lost with the shut downs. Even when schools open, who knows what the quality of their eduction will be, and I don't mean this as a criticism of teachers or school administrations, it's a difficult situation and there's no easy way out. The elderly have it bad, a lot of people out of work, despair is getting more prevalent, who knows where it all lead.  

    Still, I'm hopeful that things will work out for the good, and eventually, some kind of normalcy will return, hopefully by the summer of 2022.