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  1. Last week's Night Lights show--an attempt to fill out the story of the so-called "Bad Day At Black Rock," in which Ornette Coleman, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, and Charles Mingus were all supposedly dropped from the label in a single day--now up for online listening: The Great Columbia Jazz Purge: Coleman, Evans, Jarrett and Mingus Some more information and links at the bottom of the post, including a long quote from Clive Davis included in Chris Albertson's 1971 Saturday Review article about Miles Davis.
  2. This past week’s Night Lights show explores pianist Bill Evans’ brief but significant stay with Miles Davis’ group in 1958-59, including some non-Kind Of Blue live and studio recordings: Kind Of Two: Miles Davis And Bill Evans
  3. This week's Night Lights show, which explores Bill Evans' early recordings (almost exclusively as a sideman), is now posted for online listening. Featuring the music of Charles Mingus, Hal McKusick, Tony Scott, George Russell and others, it shows Evans' playing in a different light from the later style for which he'd gain fame: Very Early: Bill Evans, 1956-58
  4. Fascinating essay in Believer Magazine about Bill Evans and “Nardis.” It may take awhile to load but it’s worth the wait. Broken Time
  5. Has anyone heard this new offering from BE trio recorded in '76 in Madison,Wisconsin ?
  6. Zev Feldman just announced another forthcoming Bill Evans release--a concert recorded just a couple of days after the 1968 Black Forest sessions with Eddie Gomez and Jack DeJohnette: Bill Evans: Another Time
  7. Are The Tokyo Concert and Live in Tokyo the same album? Same cover image. One's on Sony, one's on Fantasy/OJC. Same track list but slightly different track times. I might have read it wrong but the Penguin Guide lists them separately and notes that the Sony has a slightly better version of Up With The Lark (unless there is a third Tokyo album that they're referring to). Anyone able to help clear this up for me?
  8. More info, plus two videos of the 1962 Evans trio playing "Nardis" and "Blue in Green," here: After The Vanguard: The Return Of Bill Evans