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Greetings --

I'm looking for Ornette's "Lenox School of Jazz Concert", which may or may not be available on a legitimate CD. Basically trying to find this for a friend, who offers this description:

"WKCR does an annual Ornette full day birthday broadcast and they play it every year, but I've missed burning a CDR of this concert every time. It's really great music with a great band, consisting of students and a bunch of mainstream musicians of the early 60s who were on faculty there."

If anyone has this, please PM me ...


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Here's the complete program from the concert:




August 29, 1959, 8:30 P.M.




Straight No Chaser (Thelonious Monk)

Aristocracy (Sandy Schmidt)

Lone Ranger and the Great Horace Silver (David Baker)

Song For Gunther (David Baker)

Gunther Schuller Ensemble: Perry Robinson-cl; John Eckert-tpt; Don Stewart-tsx; David Baker-btbn;

Gunther Schuller-fr hn; Sandy Schmidt, Nico Bunink-p; Mona Neves-b; Bob Fuhlrodt-d

Monk's Sphere (Gary McFarland)

Summer Day (Gary McFarland)

Relaxin' At Music Inn (Dizzy Sal)

Jingles (Wes Montgomery, arr. Al Kiger)

Bill Evans, Jim Hall, Connie Kay Ensemble: Al Kiger-tpt; Ted Casher-tsx; Dick Wright-tbn;

Gary McFarland-vbs; Attilla Zoller-g; Dizzy Sal-p; Doug McLaughlin-b; Bill Sharfman-d

Vanguard (Ran Blake)

Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise (Oscar Hammerstein & Sigmund Romberg)

Milano (John Lewis)

D. C. Special (Kenny Dorham)

Kenny Dorham Ensemble: Peter Farmer, Kenny Dorham-tpt; Sture Swenson-bsx, tsx;

Paul Dunyhower-tbn; David Lahm, Ran Blake-p; Walter Bernard-b; John Bergamo-d

The Sphinx (Ornette Coleman)

Compassion (Ornette Coleman)

Giggin' (Ornette Coleman)

Inn Tune (Margo Guryan)

Max Roach, John Lewis Ensemble: Don Cherry-tpt; Ornette Coleman-asx; Kent McGarity-tbn, btpt;

Steve Kuhn, Ron Brown-p; Larry Ridley-b; Barry Greenspan-d


Red (Jimmy Giuffre)

Stratusphunk (George Russell)

Come Rain or Come Shine (Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer)

Ray's Time (Jimmy Giuffre)

Jimmy Giuffre F. & M. Schaefer Scholarship Ensemble: Tony Greenwald-tpt;

Jimmy Giuffre-ww; Ian Underwood-f; Lenny Popkin-asx; Herb Gardner-tbn;

David Mackay-p; John Keyser-b; Paul Cohen-d

To Thee, O Asphodel (Bobby Freedman)

Domingo (Benny Golson)

Take The A Train (Billy Strayhorn)

Sweet And Lovely

Paul's Pal (Sonny Rollins)

Blue Grass (Danny Kent)

Herb Pomeroy Ensemble: Tony Greenwald, Al Kiger, 2 unknown-tpt; Ornette Coleman, Lenny Popkin-asx;

Ian Underwood-f, asx; Ted Casher-tsx; Sture Swenson-bsx?; Herb Gardner, Paul Dunyhower?-tbn;

David Baker-btbn; Gary McFarland-vibes; David Mackay-p; John Keyser-b; Paul Cohen-d; Herb Pomeroy-cond

Selections from the concert were released on Lenox School Of Jazz Concert 1959 (Royal Jazz RJD 513).


1. The sphinx - (O.Coleman) - 6:21*

2. Inn tune - (M.Guryan) - 3:13*

3. D. C. Special - (K.Dorham) - 4:44

4. Monk's Sphere - (G. McFarland) - 4:18

5. Jingles - (J.Johnson) - 3:24

6. Stratusphunk - (G.Evans/G.Russell) - 4:34

7. Ray's Time - (J.Giuffre) - 5:07

8. Lone Ranger and the Great Horace Silver - (D.Baker) - 5:11

9. To Thee, O Asphodel - (B. Freedman) - 2:06

10. Paul's Pal - (S.Rollins) - 4:04

11. Blue Grass - (D.Kent) - 5:38

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I haven't even seen a boot of that... :(

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This is one instance where I wish the Andorrans would act.

Is the entire concert circulating somewhere?

And thanks, jazzshrink, for posting the concert program. That CD that circulated was pretty scant on personnel details.

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The Royal Jazz catalog has gone OOP a long time ago!

It was launched by French jazz afficionados.

The Lenox School CD was one of their most interesting releases.

Very hard to find nowadays!

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I do have the Royal Jazz CD. I forgot what the protocol is here. Can we offer a CD-R copy if the CD is OOP?

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not openly. it's probably best to delete your post and offer "something" via pm or email. ;)

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