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  1. On Dark Magus, Gaumont shows up for Sides 3 and 4 and while Cosey is mostly on percussion while Gaumont is playing, all three guitarists are playing at once during the wild rave-up at the end. There's some tracks with all three on Get Up with It plus the box set documenting that era.
  2. Nothing revelatory. Pretty sure some of them are repeated from the earlier sets. The music is excellent.
  3. I do recognize Track 12. Won't spoil the fun, other than to say the pianist wrote it and the saxophonist is a bit of a surprise. Don't know the rest, but digging each track and look forward to the reveal.
  4. Just picked up Vol. 3. Great stuff from 1966 to 1968, all with Jamil Nasser and Frank Gant.
  5. Andrew Hill's Black Fire had bad warbling to the point that it became unlistenable and sounded like Alvin Lucier remastered it. Passing Ships sounds fine on my setup, but I'm lo-fi. I did like the Blue Train reissue.
  6. Thanks for doing this again! I pick Winnipeg, 50.
  7. I really like this album. Nice solos from Tony Scott, Lucky Thompson and Stan Getz. Some great writing and arranging, but just enough jazz and swing not to scare everyone away. The Verve Elite Edition CD has some interesting alternates and extras.
  8. I've been able to get most of Coltrane's Impulse albums without really trying. I think non-jazz people buy them, get scared when things go all altissimo and sell them again. Ditto Archie Shepp, I've managed to pick up almost every Impulse album used in the past year. I remember when Ahmad Jamal albums were everywhere, but nowadays they get bought quickly. I work near two used record stores and I could pretty much buy Bob James entire non-ESP output in the next 15 minutes if needed.
  9. Was that Cry Young? If so, while it certainly has many breezy, easy listening moments, that version of "Nature Boy" is incredible. Also a big fan of Heat Wave on Cadet.
  10. Mostly Cadet. First few were on Argo and the last before the Impulse sides was on ABC-Paramount.
  11. Speaking of Jamal, I have a soft spot for the albums he recorded between the last by the Crosby-Fournier trio and the Impulse dates.
  12. Teddy Charles and Hall Overton, 3 for Duke with Oscar Pettiford. Excellent all-Ellington album. Walt Dickerson with Sun Ra, Impressions of a Patch of Blue
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