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  1. Teddy Charles and Hall Overton, 3 for Duke with Oscar Pettiford. Excellent all-Ellington album. Walt Dickerson with Sun Ra, Impressions of a Patch of Blue
  2. From Bitches Brew to On the Corner, Davis' sessions featured all or part of his working band with a lot of extra musicians, most of whom didn't play live with Davis during that period (John McLaughlin sat in a few times live and Maupin did once).
  3. Master of the Art, with Bobby Hutcherson. That is indeed a great one.
  4. My favourites: Plugged Nickel Fillmore East box Cellar Door box In Concert Agharta/Pangea Bootlegs: 1969: Rome, Paris Nov. 3 where Corea and DeJohnette swap places on a track, Stockholm Nov. 5 with a nice version of "Nefertiti" and Chick switching to acoustic 1973: Tokyo and Belgrade. Both are in good sound. Belgrade has some nasty Cosey rhythm guitar and Lucas takes the first solo. 1975: Every single Japan date. Fascinating to hear this band reinvent the material every night. You might get compositions superimposed on each other. For Dave can be a dirge one day and a rocker the next. Maiysha gets stretched out to half an hour on later dates, incorporating more of the Honky Tonk riff. There's one night where Lucas takes a wild solo on Funk instead of Cosey. Jan. 22 is in excellent sound, plus you get Cosey playing drums on the final track.
  5. I haven't listened to enough of these, but two of my favourites are JATP 1946 and 1949, which both feature Bird and Lester Young.
  6. Sad news. Really enjoyed his contributions. RIP. My condolences to his family and friends.
  7. I've had good experiences with the blue Trident pressings. The hissy, recycled vinyl pressings I think are from an earlier period. I will say the Analogue Productions reissues are excellent and I'm generally not a fan of a lot of the modern vinyl reissues.
  8. That's a neat story about Holloway. He was a great quarterback in the CFL--he could throw the ball like a rocket!
  9. Winnipeg - 40. Go Bombers! Thank you Russell for organizing this again.
  10. Note that the band was concentrating on the new tunes while they were being recorded. Listening to the Both/And stuff, they had a much bigger repertoire, including "Ceora," "Willow Weep for Me," and Mabern's "The Chieftain" and "Rakin' and Scrapin'."
  11. There's a few Volume 1s on eBay. As per above message, the label still has the remaining volumes in stock. It was a great series.
  12. It may have been, but I can't remember. I do remember it was a running gag that Letterman played out for a long time.
  13. I owned this record at one point. When I bought it at the record store, the clerk was talking about how cool Heino is, but I quickly realized he was mixed him up with Haino, as in Keiji Haino, the equally distinct looking Japanese loud guitarist. Letterman used to have these funny segments about Heino.
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