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    • Takin' Off
    • My Point of View
    • Inventions and Dimensions
    • Empyrean Isles
    • Maiden Voyage
    • Speak Like a Child
    • The Prisoner

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56 minutes ago, Guy Berger said:

Also, as this book describes in detail, improvisation on the quintet's studio recordings were almost universally form-based.  So the claim that the quintet was discarding tunes on albums like MILES SMILES, SORCERER, and NEFERTITI isn't a matter of taste - it's *factually incorrect*.

Yeah, I read that book, and found it interesting that when things started getting more truly "free", but only relatively (like on Filles in particular), the analysis backed down considerably, which I felt disappointed by. But still and all, yeah, the claims of that band playing "free", as in just blowing with no structure or relation to the composition, are not only "factually incorrect", they're straight-up wrong! :g.       

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