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The Metronomes

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Has anybody here ever heard this? I'm curious .......




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Not familiar, but some rummaging on Discogs founf this:



Lee/Leroy Levitt IS a name I have in my collection, albiet only within the last few years, and only with this record:



It's a nice, "regional" record. Butch Ballard!

It's interesting to compare this group to the Dells from a few years later

There's a very few other African-American vocal groups of this vintage over the years I've heard doing things like this, so perhaps it was more common in practice than on record. Maybe. Maybe groups who had aspirations to a different level of gigs went about doing this, but those harmonies are not for slackers, ok?

What cats were into and capable of doing and what was allowed to come to market,,, let's believe The Dells when they say:


Here's another one, from an album on Verve(!):



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