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  1. Another Spam from Nessa

    My copy of Nonaah arrived last week along with Air - Air Time, Roscoe Mitchell - Snurdy McGurdy and Her Dancin' Shoes and LRG/The Maze/S II Examples. Very quick delivery, thanks Chuck. Been listening to these 4 CDs on and off all week. A lot to listen too. I think I'm liking Snurdy McGurdy and Her Dancin' Shoes the best so far. Maybe easier to get into then the others. All good stuff, happy me
  2. hard to pick one but Hustlin' is my favorite
  3. September 2008 RVGs

    does anyone know if Grachan III Moncur's Evolution is coming out this Sep/Oct too? see links
  4. New Post Views

    thanks Niko that worked for me
  5. New Post Views

    Happened to me yesterday (using firefox3 but not IE) seems back to normal today though strange
  6. Lee Morgan's T. Perchard biography

    noticed that Tom Perchard is on Jazz Library on BBC radio 3 this Friday talking about Lee
  7. *** SUN RA Corner***

    wonder how people rate Nuclear War. got this last week. very impressed. 7.oo AM at work, cup of coffee and title track through headphones puts me in a good place for the rest of the day. a song like Nuclear War and another like Smile on the same CD has to be (could only be?) a Sun Ra album. love June's voice on these tracks. a big thumbs up
  8. Who do you wish Lee Morgan had recorded more with?

    always wished Lee had play on Grachan Moncur III - New Africa from 1969. Lee and Roscoe Mitchell sounds good to me
  9. reading the thread - AotW - Sonny Clark - Cool Struttin' and thinking about the length of CD's compared to LPs. I'm glad to have the two extra tracks from that day's session but does the album lose or gain from the extra length? CDs can sometimes give a better/bigger picture, think Hank would have liked the CD of Friday/Saturday Night at the Blackhawk better. Also dont like alt takes in middle of Album. at the end please, think most CDs are like this now.
  10. Hi Do people think that there is a skill/art in deciding the track order for albums? Can it make or break an album? turn a great album into a classic. Do the Musicians have much say in track order or is it mainly the record producers? or does it depend who the Musician is. Miles picked his track order? Somebody like Sonny Clark would have less say? I was thinking about this listening to Lee Morgan's Sidewinder. Sidewinder is first track. does this overshadow the rest of the album? Same with Moanin'. Would it help the other tracks and the album as a whole if title track was the 3rd or 4th in the track order, Like The Gigolo? More of a whole album instead of 2 parts, title track then rest of album that could be a bit forgotten? (most people probably don't see it this way) Any album you wished the order was different? Any albums that you think order is just perfect? Balance is right.
  11. AotW - Hank Mobley - Soul Station

    definitely agree with that. Ike sounds fantastic on this to me
  12. AotW - Hank Mobley - Soul Station

    I'm a big Hank fan but can think of plenty of other albums by him that I listen to more. don't know why. like workout much better how do people think Soul Station compares to other tenor led bluenote albums around that time. I'm thinking mainly of Dexter Gordon's Go and Ike Quebec's Blue and Sentimental ?
  13. dont know if this has been discussed before but since i first heard Theme De Yoyo on Les Stances a Sophie from AEoC i could never figure out the lyrics. came across this interesting thread,6694,quote=1 i've always heard fork, anyone else? great album by the way
  14. Best video game system?

    get a wii, watch the GDC 2007 Trailer (March 8, 2007). can not wait