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  1. hey deejay ma you hear me?

    that reminds me on a tune called "Sorry Elton" by Branford Marsalis (released on "Buckshot LeFonque) @scottb: thanks for keep it up!
  2. terror madness? ....mmmh....ok finally got the licence to kill! ........houba!
  3. Bruzzel Casanoverdrive Mk2 has arrived!

  4. The guitar corner

  5. The guitar corner

    great haircut
  6. dedicated to all my friends!

    wow...too much honor -_- thankyouverymuch -_- all the best & greetings Paco
  7. this is the pure nightmare....i still can't believe what's happend *feeling sad*
  8. Funky Marsupilami (MP3 inside)

    i have is new live CD....killer! He is amazing!!! hey thanks for your replays! I'll lead them directly to Marsupilami....
  9. Funky Marsupilami (MP3 inside)

    -_- backing by Journo @ geetar? Played by MARSUPILAMI!!! Houba!
  10. Funky Marsupilami (MP3 inside)

    @David: i used my gibson and the line6 AX2-212 combo for the clip....recorded with my Rode NT2 mikrophone in front of the AX2... -_- this AX2 has a funny history! I received it from a friend for free, cause the amp was lights, no signal but the voltages and the poweramp were still working! So...after a while i figured out how to fix the prob (it was a non-function CMOS circuit, needed for reset the cpu-unit)....i quickly made a workaround on the board (as you can see below)....and welcome back AX2!!!! i more into analog gear, but be would take it if you could have for more than less (mean "nothing" ) greetz Paco
  11. Happy birthday, Soul Stream!

    Happy Houba Birthday!!!! greetz and all the best! Paco
  12. My Mom died Tuesday.......

    now i'm feeling sad My deepest condolence & best wishes to you and your family Conrad!
  13. Happy birthday Gary!

    a little gift from my great country!
  14. Happy birthday Gary!

    Happy Birthday Gary! Hope you had a good one...mine was pretty cool (the best since 10yrs!!) all the best from switzerland! greetz Paco
  15. dedicated to all my friends!

    many thanks to my friends!!! And thanks to Joe, Randy & Jim for their great music and this wonderful place on the web!
  16. Jared Gold-killin' young organist

    Great!!!! Thanks....great band!
  17. Musical Preferences

    My Marsupilami listen to almost every song i play..... :mrgreen:
  18. Jazz Vocalists

    Anita o' fav! -_- ever saw her legendary newport gig?
  19. Happy Birthday!!!! Viel Glück zum Geburtstag! -_- Have fun and enjoy your day!!! greetz & all the best from Paco
  20. Any comic book fans in here?

    remind me on "Buck Danny".....
  21. If I buy this, will I sound like Clapton?

    specially if you stencil "organissimo" on it! @ Jim: don't forget the eric-clapton-signatured tea.....with special guitar-magic-powder! lol
  22. Bought a Yamaha i88X (firewire)

    I did look into the MOTU 828 and the new MOTU Traveler. THe Yamaha was half the price of either, 828 going for $750 and the Traveler for $850. I think I read somewhere that MOTU's warranty was only 90 days? Anyway, the Yamaha looked pretty good for $400. When introduced last year, its list was $1300, street price around $800. Should be a good one, better than the old 20 bit Echo Gina I had been using since 1998. ← only 90 days?.....must be a joke....i had one year and no problem since two years! Of corse....400$ is cheaper! And you know best what you really need....have fun with your new interface! btw. i use it with 24bit /44.1kHz most.....more is not necessary....192khz is more for those high-fidelity freaks who have 80000$-worth loadspeakers and a special designed room to hear all those differences between the notes! (hifi-freaks kill me!) all the best & greeetz Paco
  23. They've done it again!!!

    what a great name for another herbie-album! Hard as a cock!
  24. Any comic book fans in here?

    I love the Marsupilami! Andrè Franquin's masterpiece!!!!
  25. Cool Item: Bellari Rolls VP129

    I think you just answered your own question. ←