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  1. I agree. "Chick's Tune" is a winner! 👍 👍 👍
  2. We noticed a sharper, more "presentational" sound than we'd heard with Riverside - a step in the direction of Blue Note, though not so much, of course. (We were very critical of Blue Note at the time that their now classic albums were coming out. People used to say "They all sound the same.") In more recent times both Riverside and Columbia Monks had a prize place in my record collection. 👍 👍
  3. I remember it's arrival well. Would it be as good as Riverside? We weren't sure.
  4. I guess I was lucky. I got a used copy (condition perfect) for £30 from Abe Books. I, too, had passed over it many times when the price had been £52 and upwards.
  5. Glad to hear he's still around. Give him my best wishes.
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