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  1. Listening to disk 3 of The Complete Roulette Live Recordings of Count Basie and His Orchestra. SWINGIN' Sadly, I don't think there will be another band like that. Bourbon in hand, and the new Armstrong set arriving tomorrow!
  2. Last night Mosaic charged my card, and I just got a Shipping Notification from Mosaic!!! Shipping in the next day or two. They got this out quickly! I too was expecting this a bit later in June. Can't wait!! I'll post impressions when I receive it. Hopefully this weekend.
  3. I'd have to say, the Complete Roulette Studio Recordings of Count Basie.
  4. AWESOME!!! Probably no word on the release date already. But hopefully sometime in 2013. I will certainly be ordering this!
  5. Those are great suggestions! I would love another Jacquet or Stitt set.
  6. If anyone gets this let me know if the "No Count Sarah" session is in better sound quality than the previous digital versions. I am interested. Thanks!
  7. I have updated the list, some sets have sold. Updated pricing. Thanks!
  8. I've added some updates!!! Check the list out. They will be eBay bound soon if I don't get any bites. HRS box is on hold right now.
  9. Thank you for the feedback on prices. I tried to check out several websites and closed eBay auctions for pricing. I am open to offers. I have others for sale that I just haven't listed yet as well.
  10. Up for sale are some of my prized Mosaic Sets. All are complete with booklet, box and all cd's, which are in NM+ condition. Please IM me if you would like pictures or have questions. Shipping is $15 for the lower 48 states (I will only ship UPS with tracking, and I will pay the difference above $15). For International buyers, I need to ship with a tracking number for my protection, but we can discuss options. FOR SALE: Stan Kenton: The Holman and Russo Charts SOLD The Complete Master Jazz Piano Series SOLD The Complete Blue Note Sam Rivers Sessions $75 SOLD Classic Capitol Jazz Sessions SOLD Kenton Presents Bob Cooper, Bill Holman and Frank Rosolino $75 (this box is peeling a bit, and booklet has minor writing in it, can send pics) STILL AVAILABLE The Complete H.R.S. Sessions on HOLD The Complete Verve Tal Farlow Sessions SOLD The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings of Gerald Wilson and His Orchestra SOLD The Complete J.J. Johnson Small Group Sessions $200 NEWLY LISTED The Complete Capitol Recordings of Gene Krupa and Harry James $175 NEWLY LISTED I do have additional Mosaic box sets and Selects that I would consider selling, please PM with questions. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the response, I am moving in a month and may need some funds, and will PM you if I decide to sell. I am not ready to sell, but I may be as time goes by. The set is very well mastered (much like the Basie Roulette Studio). Best luck in your search. Every now and then, a set goes up on Amazon for a more reasonable price.
  12. Listening to disk 2 of the Complete Blue Note Hank Mobley Fifties Sessions. This is a great box set. I cannot believe this hasn't sold out yet! Hank sounded great in the mid-late 50s.
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