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  1. Hey everyone--I'm selling this 4LP JMT lot. If interested please post in the ad then PM me. $30 shipped usps media Thanks for looking. -- Bob Stewart and the First Line Band - Goin’ Home JMT 834 427-1 (German import) Cover: nice but has a large radio sticker on front and a small saw cut Vinyl: NM Bob Stewart - First Line JMT 834 414-1 (German import) Cover: solid but has a large radio sticker on front, and small saw cut and tear on front Vinyl: NM Craig Harris and Tailgater’s Tales - Blackout in the Square Root of Soul JMT 834 415-1 (German import) Cover: solid but has a large radio sticker on front, and small saw cut and tear on front Vinyl: NM Craig Harris and Tailgater’s Tales - Shelter JMT 870 008 (German import) Cover: solid but has a large radio sticker on front and small corner cut Vinyl: VG+ (strong) has a tiny mark on A3 that made two tics, otherwise NM
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I only know or have other copies of a few of those. It'll be a good chance to check out some new ones--and sounding great too.
  3. Excellent--"Overseas" is one of the sessions I'd like to get along with "Taylor's Wailers". Any more suggestions?
  4. Thanks for the recommendations. I'm planning to buy some of these next month. Any more titles that sound particularly good?
  5. These are newly mastered versions and pressed at QRP. The covers are very nice and the vinyl is much heavier than OJC. I compared the titles I got to OJC versions, and the APs were better in every case. That said, the OJCs do sound good, and you can buy 4 of them used for the price of one of these new ones.
  6. sending PM Bob Coop! OJC Burrell, Kenny Quintet with John Coltrane Prestige Drew, Kenny This is New OJC Drew, Kenny Trio OJC Edwards, Teddy & McGhee, Howard Together Again Freeman, Von Doin' It Right Now Atlantic Harris, Bill and Friends OJC Johnson, Budd and the Four Brass Giants OJC Nichols, Herbie The Bethlehem Years Bethlehem Prestige Blues Swingers Outskirts of Town OJC Rouse, Charlie Hard Cookin' Prestige Two-lp Smith, Putter Lost and Found VJ International Totah, Nabil Double Bass Consolidated Artists Vinnegar, Leroy Leroy Walks Again Contemporary
  7. I have Miles "Cookin" and "Steamin", along with a couple Sonny Rollins titles, and they sound really excellent. I'd recommend them and am planning to pick up a few more. There is a stereo series coming out at some point as well that has some interesting titles.
  8. SOLD elsewhere If a moderator see this please delete thread--thanks a lot.
  9. One of my most beloved Blue Note`s.......... obtained this (what seems like ages ago) as new release of subject japanese pressing... One of my favourite jazz albums as well. No vinyl for me, but I have the Connoisseur, BN Works, and JRVG. JRVG is the best physical digital release. Same here--a real favorite. I have the Music Matters issue and it's excellent.
  10. Here is a list of some CDs I'm selling. Cases will show normal wear for a used CD. If they are particlarly worn or cracked--or particualrly nice--I'll note that. Discs are all in good condition and graded NM/EX/VG+ Add $3.50 shipping in the USA with no additional charge for combined purchases. Please post in the ad and send a message if interested. Thanks a lot. -- -- -- Andrew Hill - Lift Every Voice Blue Note (Connoisseur 2001) Disc: NM (promo sticker on disc) 10 -- -- Tim Berne Bloodcount - Unwound (3CD) SOLD Charles Gayle Trio - Look Up SOLD Sonore - Only the Devil Has No Dreams (Brotzmann/Gustafsson/Vandermark) SOLD Tribute to John Coltrane - Blues For Coltrane SOLD Herbie Hancock - Speak Like A Child SOLD
  11. As I mentioned in the Listening thread the other day, Conference of the Birds sounds like shit. But I suppose that was in the air at the time. Really? How so? I have a mint German vinyl issue and it sounds excellent to me... I admit I only have the CD, but the bass is the typical 70s sound: clear, thin, and rubbery. The drums are distant and tinny. Generally no depth with kind of an odd balance. Maybe I'd be happier with a German LP. But like I said, it comes off as typically terrible 70s production to me. I'd rather it were ECM'd! I have a US pressing that doesn't sound too great - fairly "dull" although the music is awesome - would prefer the German to compare the sound. Same here--US pressing--clear, but thin with little depth. It's listenable but I hope to find a better pressing one day.
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